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When the rankings had changed this time, everyone didnt even have the heart to exclaim.

After all, after so many times, they were all a little tired.

At this time, Chu Feng slowly walked out of the Beast Tamer Tower.

He didnt intend to continue challenging the 26th floor because he was quite aware of the Wild Bears strength.

The Wild Bear originally had no way of passing the 25th floor.

It was just that the limitations of the Thousand-transforming Beast had been countered by Chu Fengs SSS-rank beast tamer talent of “unlimited growth”.

Although both beasts had the same race, talent, and skill, the levels of the Wild Bears skills were very high, and great strength was even maxed out.

The Thousand-transforming Beasts mastery of the skills might only be at level two.

With such a huge difference in skill level, especially when the Thousand-transforming Beast had turned into a Wild Bear and thus could only engage in close combat, the Wild Bears maxed-out great strength was of great use.

It could be said that the maxed-out great strength was invincible in close combat, it was purely a suppression of physical strength.

Facing a king-level 6 Thousand-transforming Beast in the Beast Tamer Tower meant a huge disparity in strength, which was why Chu Feng had given up temporarily.

“With the suppression of skills from the same race, after the Wild Bear reaches the commander-level, will it be able to suppress Principal Gaos king-level Wild Bear” Thinking of this, Chu Feng laughed, “Though, I should be able to come and challenge the tower again after the Mirage Butterfly reaches the sovereign level 10.”

If the Mirage Butterfly was at the same level as the Wild Bear, it would be stronger than the latter.

It was just that its level was a little lower, otherwise the sovereign level 10 Mirage Butterfly wouldve been able to clear the 27th floor at least.

After all, the space-type and spirit-type were more challenging to the beasts mastery of the skills compared to close combat.

The system of the Beast Tamer Tower seemed fair, but to Chu Feng, it was an advantage.

If he were to face other beasts, such as the Mirage Dragon, the Wild Bear would probably lose when the opponent was at the king level 2.

[Student: Chu Feng]

[Level: Sovereign]

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[Beast Tamer Tower Ranking: 280th, 26th floor.]

[Secret Technique Pavilion Ranking: None.]

[Ruins Hall Ranking: None.]

[Overall Ranking: 298th]

[Points: 710,000]

Currently, Chu Feng had 710000 points.

After clearing the 25th floor of the Beast Tamer Tower, he obtained 610000 points.

For clearing the 1st to 10th floors, he obtained 10000 points; For the 11th to 20th floors, 100,000 points; For the 21st to 25th floors, 500,000 points.

Adding to his initial 100000 points, he had 710000 points now, which was equivalent to 7.1 billion alliance dollars.

With so much money, he could exchange for many good things in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Chu Feng was quite delighted.

He glanced around and realized that he was being watched by a crowd.

He immediately teleported away.

wanting to return and exchange for treasures, as well as to give some points to the Mirage Butterfly.

The Mythical Tree had sprouted, so he could use the precious wood source crystal on it too.

In a day, Chu Fengs name had spread throughout the entire Overlord Reserve Camp.

Even many overlord-level instructors had heard of his name.

“Did you know Chu Feng cleared the 25th level of the Beast Tamer Tower while just being in the sovereign level!”

“Has his beasts reached the commander or king level, while he himself is at the sovereign level”

“How is that possible Tianyu City is of the totem level.

Theres no way, with its computing power, that it would make a mistake.”

“Holy **, isnt that too terrifying then Hes crossed one too many levels, hasnt he I heard that Chu Feng has just advanced to the sovereign level.”

“Were in the Overlord Reserve Camp too, but compared to Chu Feng, were instantly dwarfed.”

People were discussing this matter everywhere.

Even though Wei Xun passed the 42nd level that day, not many paid attention to him.

He was completely overshadowed by Chu Feng.

Wei Xun was also quite puzzled.

Why was Chu Feng able to defeat opponents that were so many levels higher than him Even if Chu Feng had an SS-rank beast tamer talent, it shouldnt have been possible.

“Could it be hes dual-talented”

Wei Xun wasnt the only one guessing.

Many shared his thoughts, thinking that Chu Feng was probably SS-rank dual-talented.

Although it couldnt be compared to the two magnates SSS-rank talent, it was already more powerful than the other geniuses.

With that, the rumors of Chu Feng being dual-talented spread like wildfire.

Yin Tong walked out of the Beast Tamer Tower.


Yin Tong, 23rd floor.]

She couldnt help but sigh.

She had heard the rumors about Chu Feng, so she had come straight to the Beast Tamer Tower to challenge the tower.

It wasnt until she saw Chu Fengs ranking that Yin Tong truly believed the rumors.

Only after she challenged the tower did she realize just how difficult the Beast Tamer Tower was.

Even though she was a true genius who had long reached the limit of the commander level, she still stopped on the 23rd floor.

“Yi!” The Water Elf was also a little sad.

At first, she didnt think that Chu Feng was that strong.

Why could Chu Feng clear the floors that Yin Tong couldnt

Yin Tong said seriously, “We have to train hard in the future.

Even if Chu Feng is a peerless genius with more talent than us, we have to work hard!”

“Yi!” The Water Elf also encouraged herself!

In a courtyard that was filled with a sense of technology, Chu Feng looked at his exclusive robot and the high-tech facilities in the courtyard.

As long as he paid the points, he could train his beasts in the courtyard.

Of course, he didnt need that now.

“Open the points exchange list.”

With that, a light screen with the points exchange list appeared.

As Chu Feng browsed through it, he exclaimed in amazement in his heart.

So the humans were so powerful now that totem-level beast cores and cubs could be exchanged with points.

Of course, Chu Feng ignored the price of 100 million points that were marked behind them.

What surprised Chu Feng was that the first treasure on the list was the Mythical Trees fruit.

He thought to himself, “I wonder if the Mythical Tree Lila needs the Mythical Trees fruit”

Chu Feng originally wanted to see the effects of the Mythical Tree fruit, but he couldnt find the information, so he could only forget about it.

The treasures that were too basic were not on the exchange list either.

Chu Feng didnt plan on wasting points to exchange for soul crystal spirit stones because there was no need.

He was very rich now.

After all, he had a million worth of resources in the Mythical Trees tree world.

Regretfully though, before the Mythical Tree reached the extraordinary level, there was no way to open the tree world and he could only passively use the power within.

Chu Feng liked the Mythical Tree, Lila, very much.

He directly exchanged for seven wood source crystals.

Including what he originally had, he now had a total of eight wood source crystals.

[Exchange completed.

700,000 points deducted.

Current points are 20,000.]

Then, a spatial door appeared in front of Chu Feng.

A treasure chest made of machinery slowly emerged from the spatial door.

Chu Feng opened the treasure chest.

Inside were seven wood source crystals.

He threw all the wood source crystals into his beast space and had the Wild Bear crush them.

Using great strength, the Wild Bear easily crushed the wood source crystals.

Chu Feng said, “Sprinkle them around Lilas roots.”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear nodded obediently and sprinkled the wood source crystal powder on the Mythical Trees roots.

With that, it was as if there was an extra layer of dark green soil.


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