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Chu Feng was quite curious.

If he bonded with a mechanical beast and used some enhancement points on it, wouldnt that be the same as him having two SSS-rank beast tamer talents at the same time That was simply heaven-defying!

Chu Feng thought for a moment and said, “The magnate made the virtual lives open to the public to nurture the human juniors, right”

Wang Yuan said, “Those two magnates did indeed put in a lot of effort for the sake of the humans.

If you really want to have a virtual life form, ten million points is just the threshold.

On top of that, you have to reach the king level.

In addition, the nurturing of a mechanical beast needs quite some resources.

Just training it to the overlord level requires hundreds of billions of resources.”

Chu Feng was a little puzzled, “Is the nurturing of the mechanical beasts very special”

He didnt know much about mechanical beasts.

When the magnate had opened the exchange system for mechanical beasts, Teng Yue was already gone.

Wang Yuan smiled and said, “The essence of a mechanical beast is such that it is a virtual life, a special spirit body.

Its just that the mechanical beast can adapt to the outside world.

It requires money to buy external armor, shuttle equipment, extreme speed equipment, space-piercing cannon, star-annihilating cannon, and so on.

All of them require money.”

Chu Feng immediately understood.

It turned out that the skills of a mechanical beast all came from the equipment one bought.

He was curious though, if he added points to a mechanical beast, would the equipment he bought be strengthened as well

He had countless questions about mechanical beasts, but the conditions to exchange for one were too high that he was far from meeting them.

He then asked, “President Wang, whos the other student were going to pick up later”

He changed the topic to avoid himself from being too obsessed with mechanical beasts.

Now, he could only think about it.

Other than not meeting the requirements, he didnt have another place to bond another beast either.

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Wang Yuan smiled and said, “That student is from the Donghai Region.

She seems to live on an island, but we cant stay for too long.

You can only look at the sea through the window.”

Chu Feng nodded and looked out the window.

The horizon slowly appeared.

He could clearly see that many water-type fierce beasts in the sea were fighting crazily.

For example, the gregarious extraordinary-level fierce beasts, the white sharks, were gathered together.

Even if it was a sovereign-level or commander-level water-type fierce beast that barged into their group, there would be no bones left.

Only a king-level beast would be able to escape.

Wang Yuan sighed ruefully.

“Even a king-level beast wouldnt easily step into the deep sea, because its filled with too much danger.”

Chu Feng nodded.

The current Earth was different from the Earth he had been on before he transmigrated.

It was now 60% ocean and 40% land.

The ocean and land were two separate continents.

Although humans were already much stronger, they didnt have the slightest intention of stepping into the deep sea.

There were even rumors that there was a powerful Beastmaster civilization in the ten-thousand-meter deep sea, though no one knew if this was true or not.

The Moyun Spaceship gradually landed on an island that was also a base city.

The Moyun spaceship hovered above a manor, then Wang Yuan opened the cabin door and shouted, “Get on!”

Following this, an extremely pure young lady wearing a white one-piece dress slowly walked out of the manor.

What surprised Chu Feng was that there was an elf beside the young lady.

[Water Elf]

[Level: Commander Level 10]

[Bloodline: Advanced King]

[Talent: Supreme water-type talent, supreme life talent ]

[Skills: Healing water, water flow protection, life enhancement, deep-sea pressure]

As an elf born from the fruit of the Giant Elven Tree, the Water Elf was best at healing and protection, a very good auxiliary-type beast.

It was quite small, like an exquisite little girl.

It was sitting on the girls shoulder.

“Yi” The Water Elf looked at Chu Feng, her eyes filled with a sense of closeness.

The girl was very surprised, “Did you also form a contract with a life-type beast”

Chu Feng was stunned and immediately understood.

The Water Elf probably sensed the aura of the Mythical Tree on him.

Since the Mythical Tree was a plant and a life-type beast, Chu Feng would naturally be affected after bonding with it.

As a life-type beast, the Water Elf could sense the aura of her own kind.

Chu Feng smiled.

“Thats right.

I just contracted with it recently.”

Curiosity flashed across the girls beautiful face.

She smiled and said, “Can I take a look”

“Not at the moment,” Chu Feng said, “Shes just born.”

The Mythical Tree had just sprouted, so there was nothing wrong with saying that.

The girl understood and said apologetically, “Im sorry.

I didnt know that just now.

When she grows up, well meet eventually.”

Her last sentence comforted the Water Elf.

It could be seen that she doted on the Water Elf very much.

“Yi!” The Water Elf nodded.

Although she was looking forward to seeing Lila, she was a sensible and good child.

The young girl then said, “Let me formally introduce myself.

Im also a student heading to the Overlord Reserve Camp this time.

My name is Yin Tong, and shes the Water Elf Yinyin.

What about you”

“Yi!” The Water Elf waved her little hand in a friendly manner.

Chu Feng smiled.

“Im Chu Feng.”

Human Beastmasters had a tradition.

Usually, the humans would not give their bonded beasts names.

For example, Chu Fengs Wild Bear and Mirage Butterfly didnt have a name.

Rather, it could be said that the name of their race was their name.

From a Beastmasters point of view, only the bonded beasts that had a human form would have a name.

The Beastmasters might even help those beasts to integrate into human society.

Among them, the very famous ones were the elves.

Yin Tong said, “You… Wait a minute.

I heard that theres a genius named Chu Feng in the Dibei Region.

Someone at the extraordinary level who can defeat a sovereign.

Could that be you”

Chu Feng said, “Its me.”

Yin Tong fell silent.

She ordered a glass of fruit wine and juice from the bar counter.

“To be precise, youve been recruited into the Overlord Reserve Camp at the extraordinary level, right Compared to you, Im not even considered a genius,” She said, full of self-doubt.

Chu Feng said, “I can see that youre very much younger than me, so please dont have such thoughts.”

He noticed that Yin Tong was very young, about fifteen or sixteen years old.

Wang Yuan smiled and said, “Yin Tong had automatically awakened her beast tamer talent at a very young age.

Its been five or six years since she became a Beastmaster.”

Chu Feng was very surprised.

Normally, awakening a beast tamer talent required the help of an awakening stone, but to think Yin Tong awakened her talent on her own…

Chu Feng sighed, “Anyone who awakens a talent on their own is a natural Beastmaster…”

It seemed that the Overlord Reserve Camp was full of hidden talents.

To think a genius Beastmaster as Yin Tong had only been recruited when she was at the commander level 10.

Chu Feng was very much looking forward to what life would be like in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

He noticed that the Moyun Spaceship was flying higher up into the sky.

Clouds filled the surroundings and the blue sky was just within reach.

Then, Chu Feng saw the outline of a city.

It was actually a huge city suspended in the air.


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