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The minute Chu Feng stepped into Li Siyus courtyard, he felt a scorching heat.

The Red Firebird was training its fire-type strength.

He was surprised to find that Li Siyus Red Firebird was already at the sovereign level.

Li Siyu heard footsteps and hurriedly said, “Im sorry.

Ill ask the Red Firebird to stop immediately.”

She thought that her neighbor had come to complain, but when she turned around, she realized that it was Chu Feng.

She was stunned for a moment, then felt shy.

After all, she had kissed him on the cheek last time.

Chu Feng smiled.

“You dont welcome me”

Li Siyu grew even shyer as she said in a soft voice, “Of course I welcome you.

Please dont mind my house being a little messy…”

She brought Chu Feng to the living room and the two sat down on the sofa together.

She asked, “You werent injured during the exchange competition, right”

Chu Feng shook his head and said, “I came here to tell you that Im about to leave Diming City.

It might take a long time before Ill be back, so if you miss me, you can come and look for me anytime.”

Li Siyu said, “I know that youve been recruited by the Beastmasters Association.

Everyone in school knows.

All of them said that youre the number one genius since the existence of Diming City and that youll achieve even higher achievements than City Lord Wan in the future.

Ill try my best to catch up to you…”

Li Siyu grew sadder as she spoke because Chu Feng would definitely be gone for a very, very long time.

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Chu Feng pinched her face, “If you miss me, you can come and look for me.”

When Li Siyu raised her head again, Chu Feng was nowhere in sight.

Chu Feng didnt have many close relationships in Diming City.

Other than Principal Gao, Wan Wanqing, Lan Xi, and Li Siyu, only Qiao Xingran and Qiao Xiong were left.

He had just returned home when Qiao Xingran saw him.

“Chu Feng!” Qiao Xingran immediately jumped down from the second floor of the villa and into Chu Fengs courtyard.

“Why are you acting like a monkey” Chu Feng was a little speechless.

Qiao Xingran was usually a steady person, so just why couldnt he stay calm before him

Qiao Xingran chuckled, “Im happy to see you back.”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow, “Do you want to have a meal together”

“Sure!” Qiao Xingran brought a barbeque rack over from his villa, and the two started barbequing in Chu Fengs courtyard.

When they were almost done eating, Qiao Xingran put his hand over Chu Fengs shoulders and started giggling foolishly, “Chu Feng, Ive known since young that youre no ordinary person.

Ive been following you around since we were young, but I cant anymore.

When you go to the Beastmasters Association, you must let those geniuses know what a true genius is like!”

“Move away, you reek of alcohol,” Chu Feng smiled and pushed Qiao Xingran away.

With his current physique, it was very difficult for him to get drunk.

When he saw Qiao Xiong standing on the balcony looking at the two of them, he waved at him.

Qiao Xiong gave him a thumbs-up, and Chu Feng casually released spatial energy, moving Qiao Xiong to the third floor of the villa.

Qiao Xiong, “…”

He looked at the Mirage Insect on his shoulder with a complicated expression.

Until now, the feedback he received from the Mirage Insect had only made the other party slightly dazed, as if he was drunk and seeing double.

Thats right, Qiao Xingran thought that he was drunk, but in reality, part of it was because of Qiao Xiongs actions…

Three days later, a mechanical spaceship gradually landed in Diming Base City.

When Chu Feng walked out, he saw the high-tech spaceship that was slowly landing and was quite shocked.

[Moyun Spaceship]

[Level: Overlord Level 6]

[Bloodline: Advanced Overlord]


[Skills: Shuttle, rapid speed, space-breaking cannon, star-annihilating cannon, zigzag jump, all-around radar, anti-foreign-race armor…]

Chu Feng finally understood.

So those who joined the Overlord Reserve Camp were that important.

Just escorting the students required an overlord level 6 spaceship! Looking at the spaceships series of skills, Chu Feng felt extremely safe.

If there really was a foreign race attack, it could be said that the opponent was sending themselves to their deaths.

After all, every mechanical lifeform came from that big shot.

It was very easy for them to challenge someone of a higher level.

The Moyun Spaceship hovered in the air above the courtyard.

Chu Feng immersed himself that the sci-fi scene before him.

He felt that three or four skills from the Moyun Spaceship were enough to easily destroy a city.

He even felt that the star-annihilating cannon could very likely destroy an alternate dimension.

“Get on,” Wang Yuan laughed loudly as he stood at the cabin door of the spaceship.

Chu Feng was bathed in the light and sucked into the interior of the spaceship.

The interior was very retro and even had the characteristics of the totem era.

He wondered who had set it up.

Chu Feng saluted, “President Wang.”

He naturally knew Wang Yuan.

Although this was the first time they had met, he had seen Wang Yuans photo.

Wang Yuan laughed and said, “You didnt expect me to come to pick you up, did you He Shuiyun didnt come over.

In a while, well have to pick up another student from the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Other than that, theres no one else on the spaceship.”

Chu Feng said, “Its my honor that President Wang can personally come to escort me to the headquarters.”

Wang Yuan laughed and said, “Why do I feel that youre not very happy”

Chu Feng said, “Im happy, very much so.”

He then sat on a chair and ordered a glass of wine at the bar counter.

He had long heard that the spaceship was fully automated.

Almost everything was controlled by the main body of the Moyun Spaceship itself.

With the spirit-type talent of an intelligent life form and just a little bit of computing power, it could control the basic operation of the entire spaceship.

Chu Feng tried it and felt very envious.

If he could have such a spaceship, wouldnt he be able to just win without doing anything After all, the Moyun Spaceship was just as terrifying in terms of living convenience as combat power.

Wang Yuan smiled and said, “Do you find it very convenient Let me tell you, the Moyun Spaceship is at the overlord level 6 and was produced by a magnate.

To have one is equivalent to being blessed with an SSS-rank talent.

Even someone at the overlord level 10 might not be able to beat the Moyun Spaceship!”

Of course, Chu Feng wouldnt tell Wang Yuan that he already knew the Moyun Spaceships level from the stats on his interface and had even guessed its true strength.

He simply sighed, “If I can have such a mechanical beast, that would be enough to satisfy me.”

Wang Yuan said, “To bond with a mechanical beast is actually not difficult at all.

You only need 10 million points to be able to get one from the magnate.”

Chu Feng did some calculations.

10 million points were about the same as 100 billion dollars, which could be said to be very expensive.

The amount of money could even be used to host ten years of exchange competitions.

But from another perspective, it was indeed a very fair and even cheap price.

If he was still on the Earth in his previous life, it would at least cost a trillion dollars to have such a super spaceship.

Moreover, every mechanical life form that existed now came from the same magnate.

They were things that he created with his SSS-rank beast tamer talent.

Even though the beasts all had the same overlord-level bloodlines, the mechanical beasts created by the magnate would be absolutely invincible among those of the same level.


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