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Absolon tried to use his spiritual power to break through space and forcefully escape from the spatial turbulence.

Wang Yuans tone was indifferent, “Youre not that important.

The one whos important is Chu Feng.

Since you want to kill Chu Feng, youre making an enemy out of the Dibei Region.”

City Lord Wan laughed, “President Wang, why dont we capture him alive and cripple his cultivation.

Lets see if the foreign races will pay his ransom.

How about it”

“Yes! Very good!” Wang Yuan laughed loudly.

The S-rank weakening-type talent “heavy pressure” was applied on Absolon, and Absolon felt as if he was carrying an alternate dimension on his back.

His entire body became extremely heavy, and even the speed of his thinking gradually slowed.

“Such a terrifying talent!” He thought to himself.

When he saw the World-suppressing General Soul raise its spear and slash at his head, his pupils dilated as he was powerless to do anything.

He could only watch as his spirit turned into an invisible soul that flew out of his body.

When the spirit reached a certain level, even if the body was destroyed, it could still exist on its own.

City Lord Wans eyes lit up, “How about you leave this spirit body to me Ill try my best to keep him alive.”

Wang Yuan said, “Three royal sky crystals.”

City Lord Wans heart ached a little, but he still agreed.

Absolons spirit body could be transformed into a ghost aura through his talent and added to his ghost-type beasts.

The value of doing this was far higher than the royal sky crystals.

City Lord Wan had just advanced to the overlord level, so he didnt have many requirements The time it took for the strength of his beast space for the time being.


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City Lord Wans three ghost-type beasts charged at Absolons spirit body together, tearing it into pieces, only leaving Absolons thin soul floating in the air.

Absolon had a blank look on his face.

He simply couldnt understand why he would attract the pursuit of two overlord-level Beastmasters when he only wanted to kill one genius.

City Lord Wan absorbed the spiritual power, turning it into the ghost aura he needed.

Meanwhile, Wang Yuan removed his weakening-type talent and grabbed Absolons soul, then smiled, “With Absolon as an example, the Foreign Race Alliance probably wont be as close-knit as it is now.”

This was an extremely important matter.

The humans had been trying to rope in, divide, suppress, and slaughter the foreign races all at the same time.

Having absorbed a large amount of spiritual power from an overlord-level foreign race, City Lord Wan was very satisfied.

He smiled and said, “Its all thanks to President Wangs timely arrival.

Otherwise, he mightve been able to slip away.

Your beast tamer talent is really amazing.”

Wang Yuan sighed and pretended to be weak.

“Although my talent is amazing, it also consumes a lot of energy.”

City Lord Wan looked at him with a smile, not believing his words.

In the past, there were really foreign races who believed that Wang Yuans use of his talent consumed a lot of energy.

They had a few overlord-level foreign races besiege Wang Yuan, and in the end, three of them were heavily injured, two died, and one was captured alive.

That battle had completely established Wang Yuans position in the human race.

It didnt take long for him to become the Beastmasters Associations president after that.

City Lord Wan took out three royal sky crystals and handed them to Wang Yuan with great heartache.

Wang Yuan smiled.

“Thank you.”

Then, he disappeared, bringing Absolons soul along with him.

City Lord Wan couldnt help but sigh, “I didnt expect President Wang to value Chu Feng so much.

Someone with an ordinary SS-rank beast tamer talent wouldnt have so much value, so could it be that Chu Feng is really dual-talented”

He shook his head slightly.

With the power of the Azure Baleful Ghost, he instantly returned to Diming City.

At the same time, Principal Gao felt something, and a smile appeared on his face.

“So even Wang Yuan was here.

Chu Feng is quite impressive!”

In Diming City, the Frost Dragon landed in front of the City Lords Mansion.

Chu Feng was very surprised, “President Wang was here too”

To be honest, he had never met President Wang before.

He had only met President Wangs assistant, He Shuiyun, once.

He did not expect President Wang to personally come over and help him block an assassination attempt.

Principal Gao said, “City Lord Wan is in his mansion, you should go and meet him.”

“Okay,” Chu Feng replied.

He would naturally not decline the favor that he was supposed to accept.

Wan Wanqing said, “Follow me.”

She put away the Frost Dragon and sked An Shuisheng and Liao Xuanxuan return for now.

Then, she brought Chu Feng into the City Lords Mansion.

The City Lords Mansion was naturally magnificent, but Chu Feng did not pay too much attention to it.

After all, he had seen the true wonders of the world.

The Mythical Tree had directly absorbed an alternate dimension, so how could there be anything more shocking than that That had been an alternate dimension that was worth hundreds of billions or even trillions!

Chu Feng looked at his 340000 enhancement points and had the urge to cry.

There was no other way, though.

An alternate dimension was necessary for the Mythical Tree.

Without one, the Mythical Tree wouldnt be able to use its core tree world.

“In the past, I thought that nurturing the Wild Bear was very expensive.

It wasnt until I started nurturing the Mirage Butterfly that I realized I was wrong.

Now, I feel that nurturing both the Mirage Butterfly and the Wild Bear is not expensive.

Rather, compared to the cost of the Mythical Tree, those two can only be said to be a breeze,” Chu Feng lamented in his heart.

Under Wan Wanqings lead, he quickly arrived at the main hall of the City Lords Mansion.

Wan wanqing patted his shoulder and revealed a smile.

“My father is a very easygoing person, so dont worry.

Ill be leaving first.

There are still a lot of things waiting for me.”

Chu Feng also smiled.

“Senior sister Wan, feel free to go ahead and do your work.”

He naturally knew that Wan Wanqing was very busy since she helped to manage a base city.

Moreover, the exchange competition had just ended and Diming Base City had received a lot of benefits.

Wan Wanqing needed to take over a lot of businesses.

Chu Feng walked into the main hall.

City Lord Wan was sitting on the main seat and motioned for Chu Feng to sit down across him when he saw the boy.

Chu Feng was also looking at this man who had never appeared on television but had left a deep impression on many.

“City Lord Wan,” Chu Feng sat down.

City Lord Wan smiled.

“Do you know who the person who came to assassinate you this time is”

Chu Feng shook his head, “No.”

Most of his knowledge of the foreign races came from Teng Yues memories.

However, Teng Yue had died a long time ago, so he didnt know about the experts of the foreign races now.

“Absolon,” City Lord Wan said, “The leader of the Dibei Regions Foreign Race Cult.

They call themselves the Dibei God Sect.

Such a sect exists in every region, and because the human race is greatly numbered, there have always been some who harbor ill intentions and will betray and kill the human Beastmasters.”

Chu Fengs voice was cold.

“These people deserve to die.”

He knew of many cases where countless genius Beastmasters had died at the hands of traitors.

Some traitors would even deliberately befriend the geniuses, then kill them when the latter was in danger.

City Lord Wans expression was solemn, “President Wang and I have already killed Absolon.”


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