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Under Jing Mings actions, the dark green Mythical Tree seed gradually fused with the transparent alternate dimension seed.

A green light flashed, and Jing Ming handed the Mythical Tree seed back to Chu Feng, asking him to put the Mythical Tree seed into his beast space.

The minute the Mythical Tree seed returned to the beast space and touched the ground, it immediately took root even though there was no soil around it.

Surging spatial energy fused into Chu Fengs beast space.

The internal space of the beast space didnt change, but the outer barrier was constantly thickening.

The Mythical Tree seed took root in the spatial barrier, emitting wisps of light.

A tender sprout gradually grew out from the end of the seed.

Chu Feng looked at the scene before him in surprise.

To think the Mythical Tree seed had sprouted!

He was now faced with a choice.

When a Beastmaster had an empty spot for a bond, and another life form appeared in the beast space at this time, an option would appear.

Would he choose to bond with said life form

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng chose to bond with the Mythical Tree.

Immediately, a magical connection appeared between him and the Mythical Tree sprout.

[Mythical Tree]

[Level: Awakening Level 1]

[Bloodline: Advanced Overlord]

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[Talent: Super plant talent, super life talent]



Tree World Level 1: Super skill.

The user may turn an alternate dimension into a world that only plants can live in.

The user may use the power of all the plants in the alternate dimension.

(0/200) ]


Miracle of Life Level 1: Super skill.

The user will have the power to bestow or snatch life force.

(0/200) ]


Plant Domain Level 1: Super skill.

Many plants will grow around the user, and all of them may be controlled at will.

(0/200) ]


Life Guard Level 1: Super skill.

The user may cast a transparent shield that will absorb any form of damage for any form of existence.

As long as the shield exists, the target will be immune to any damage.

(0/200) ]


Transformation Level 1: Elementary skill.

The user may form a clone of itself in any form that possesses 1% of its own strength.

(0/1) ]

When Chu Feng saw the attributes panel of the Mythical Tree, he felt as if his eyes were about to go blind from the superiority of its stats.

“Does it really just have an advanced overlord bloodline”

A total of five skills, and four of them were super skills! Even the Mirage Butterfly, which also had an advanced overlord bloodline, only had two super skills!

The transformation skill which was at the last of the list, Chu Feng thought, was just a random skill that the Mythical Tree had learned.

After all, as a tree that couldnt move, it would naturally feel bored over the long years.

So, creating a clone and taking a walk around to relieve its boredom while understanding the half of the Earth that it ruled was quite normal…

Jing Ming said, “The Mythical Tree is already rooted in your beast space.

Before it reaches the overlord level, do not allow its main body to leave your beast space.

A clone is fine though.”

Chu Feng nodded.

“I understand.”

Before a plant-type pet beast matured, it couldnt be moved.

Moreover, considering the benefits of plant-type pet beasts to Beastmasters, Chu Feng would be a fool if he let the Mythical Tree leave.

Every plant-type pet beast could suppress the beast space, allowing the Beastmaster to grow faster.

Chu Feng believed that with the Mythical Tree overseeing his beast space, his gains as a Beastmaster would be at least equivalent to a few hundred royal sky crystals!

In the beast space, the Mythical Tree that had just sprouted grew into a small sapling the size of a palm not long after.


“Want… to… be… close…” The small Mythical Tree seemed to have sensed Chu Fengs presence and sent him a thought.

Sensing this, Chu Fengs heart moved slightly.

To think the small Mythical Tree already possessed a very high level of intelligence at this point.

He was quite delighted since he liked the feeling of nurturing a life form from a young age.

Jing Ming said softly, “Her name is Lila.”

Chu Feng nodded, realizing that this was probably a name that the Mythical Tree had thought of during the totem period when it had condensed the seed.

He thought for a moment and sent a thought, “Lila.”

The young branch of the little Mythical Tree swayed slightly.

“Am I Lila”

There was uncertainty in her words, but her communication had become much smoother.

Chu Feng smiled.

“Thats right.

Your name is Lila.”

Lila: “Then what is yours”

Chu Feng said softly, “I am Chu Feng.”

“Chu Feng… Chu Feng!” Lila was very happy, and her twigs showed it by shaking ever so vigorously.

Chu Feng couldnt help but worry.

She mustnt break her twigs.

After chatting with her for a while, he let the Mirage Butterfly communicate with her.

They were both beasts, so the Mirage Butterfly and Lila should have quite some common topics.

What made him quite pleased was that the twos relationship seemed to be very harmonious, as if they were born with affinity.

Chu Feng looked at Jing Ming.

“What resources can I take away now”

He wanted to leave the secret realm.

Jing Ming said, “Ive already formed a spatial channel between the ruins and the tree world.

Every time your beast space advances by a large level, Ill send you the treasures.

Youre now at the sovereign level, so according to the exchange rate in the outside world, youll be able to obtain ten billion dollars worth of treasures.”

Chu Feng was quite aware that the tree world Jing Ming spoke of was probably the refined alternate dimension.

The Mythical Tree had a skill named tree world which required a fused alternate dimension in the initial stages.

In other words, that alternate dimension was the Mythical Trees tree world.

Chu Feng couldnt help but sigh.

The Mythical Tree indeed had terrifying potential, but nurturing it required unparalleled resources.

Without the resources from the heritage ruins, Chu Feng would definitely not be able to nurture it.

Just refining an alternate dimension himself would require hundreds of billions of dollars.

After all, even a totem-level existence would fight for an alternate dimension.

He could not help but be curious.

What treasures could he obtain at the different levels

“What if I reach the commander-level”

“100 billion.”


“One trillion.”



Jing Ming answered his questions smoothly but did not tell him how many resources there were in the ruins.

Chu Feng believed that there were at least a few trillion worth of treasures in the ruins, and among them were many that were rare or even non-existent in the outside world.

He wasnt in a hurry though.

In any case, the resources in the treasure trove would belong to him sooner or later.

Chu Feng asked, “I once obtained a heritage.

In that ruin, there was an overlord-level Beastmaster.

Are you the same”

Jing Ming said calmly, “Im not an overlord-tier Beastmaster.

Im just a spirit attached to the World Tree.”

Chu Feng didnt ask anything more about this question.

He simply said, “Send me away, please.”

In the ruins, there was no way to teleport.

He had already summoned the Mirage Butterfly and the Wild Bear to chat with the Mythical Tree.

“Alright,” Jing Ming said.


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