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The Wild Bears upper hand in the battle was growing as the Wild Ancient Behemoth retreated continuously!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chu Feng let out a breath.

“Its finally coming to an end.”

He looked at the scene in front of him and was very certain in his heart.

After seeing the Wild Ancient Behemoth today, he finally knew what kind of strength a king-level beast had.

At the same time, he had underestimated the Wild Bears strength.

The maxed-out skill of great strength was simply too terrifying.

If the Wild Bears other skills were also upgraded to the max, how powerful would the Wild Bear be

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear growled and lifted the Wild Ancient Behemoth.

Then, a punch filled with the Wild Bears full strength smashed into the Wild Ancient Behemoths abdomen! The punch directly pierced through the latters chest and abdomen! The Wild Ancient Behemoth hung on the Wild Bears arm, and its wild power gradually dissipated…

Chu Feng completely relaxed.

The Wild Bear had won!

“Awoo!” Seeing the Wild Ancient Behemoth completely disappear, the Wild Bear returned to its original size and slowly walked to Chu Feng.

“Youve done great, very good!” Chu Feng patted its shoulder and praised it.

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“Awoo…” Wild Bear was a little shy, but it seemed to have thought of something as it looked at Chu Feng again, its eyes full of anticipation.

Chu Feng smiled, “Lord-level honey Dont worry, Ill prepare some for you when we get back.”

He also left some spirit crystals behind since the crystals were hard currency worth around 100 million, which was enough to cover their daily expenses.

[Stage cleared.]

[Ding, challenger number 80002 has passed the heritage test successfully…]


A shadow gradually condensed before Chu Feng.

He couldnt see the exact appearance of the shadow, but he could sense that it was filled with a holy aura.

The shadow slowly said, “Inheritor, I am the spirit of the ruins.

You may call me Jing Ming.”

Chu Feng said, “Ive already passed the heritage test, so can I inherit the ruins”

He had wanted to know the answer to this question for a long time, especially since the final heritage test was so difficult.

Chu Feng was very sure that only Beastmasters with an SSS-rank talent could pass this test.

In other words, the purpose of the heritage space was to select Beastmasters with SSS-rank talents.

Jing Ming said, “Since youve already passed the heritage test, its a given you can inherit the ruins.

In fact, you already own this heritage ruin now.”

Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

Thank God.

If it had been otherwise, wouldnt he had been unable to achieve his initial goal even after working so hard to challenge the heritage ruins

Chu Feng smiled.

“In that case, do I also own all of the treasures in the treasure trove”

Thinking of the treasure trove that was filled with treasures, Chu Feng felt that his heart was filled with joy.

Jing Mings expression was calm, but his gaze at Chu Feng was filled with amazement as he said, “Everything in the treasure trove naturally belongs to you, but you have to break through a certain level before you can take a portion of it.

Only when you reach the overlord-level can you take away all the resources in the treasure trove.”

Chu Feng frowned, but this was also in line with the characteristics of the heritage secret realm.

The heritage secret realm couldnt be taken away, and Chu Fengs current beast space couldnt contain so many treasures either.

Chu Feng asked, “What can I take away now”

Jing Ming pointed at the surroundings and said, “This is a refined alternate dimension that you can take away now.

Its full of the nutrients needed for the growth of the Mythical Tree.”

Chu Feng looked around.

The Wild Bear and the Wild Ancient Behemoth had just fought here.

It was a plain with no end in sight.

The fight between the two beasts had also destroyed a small part of the land.

Chu Feng said in shock, “This is an alternate dimension”

He had originally thought that this was just a combat dimension created by the heritage ruins.

Although the end of the space was nowhere to be seen, the many scenes had been no different from the designs of an act drop.

It was just like how some games had no visible boundaries but at a certain point, an air wall that was equivalent to a spatial barrier would appear.

If one forcefully crossed the air wall, they would fall into an awkward situation or even disappear into the spatial turbulence.

“Thats right,” Jing Ming confirmed his question.

Chu Fengs expression changed.

Alternate dimensions were a very strict concept.

Even an overlord-level beast space couldnt meet the standards of an alternate dimension.

An alternate dimension had to be at least 1,000 kilometers in area.

Many foreign races lived in alternate dimensions.

As for Earth, it had long surpassed the level of alternate dimensions.

Chu Feng really didnt expect that the existence that had once created this heritage ruin would be so powerful that the existence could even create an alternate dimension!

He couldnt help but ask, “How big is this alternate dimension”

To which Jing Ming answered, “Its only of the lowest standard, 1000 kilometers.”

Chu Feng said, “How do I take it away then”

Jing Ming shook his head, “This is prepared for the seed of the Mythical Tree.

Without an alternate dimension as nourishment, even if you have an SSS-rank beast tamer talent, you wont be able to nurture the Mythical Tree to the totem level.”

A myriad of thoughts flashed through Chu Fengs mind.

He was now certain that the core of this heritage ruin was the seed of the Mythical Tree.

The entire heritage ruin existed only for it.

He then asked, “Why did the Mythical Tree leave behind a seed Where did it go”

He had a lot of questions in his mind.

Jing Ming smiled, “You dont need to know too much now.

You just need to know that everything was arranged by the Mythical Tree.

The Mythical Tree is currently outside of Earth and protecting it.

Earth is the Mythical Trees home planet.

As the Guardian God of Earth, it will not leave easily.”

Chu Feng did not continue to ask, but the questions in his heart increased.

The Mythical Tree was protecting Earth…

The humans on Earth were powerful, and they even had two magnates.

Although there were many alternate dimensions, no foreign race was able to invade Earth in large numbers.

What exactly was the Mythical Tree fighting against Where were the totems from the past

Chu Feng slowly exhaled.

He knew that with his current strength, he was temporarily unable to investigate the truth about the totem level.

Jing Ming said, “Take out the seed of the Mythical Tree.”

Chu Feng nodded and took out the seed of the Mythical Tree from his beast space.

With a slight wave of Jing Mings hand, their position changed back to the original challenge space.

Then, a transparent seed appeared in Chu Fengs hand.

Chu Feng looked at it carefully and found that it was only the outer shell that was transparent.

There was actually the sky and land inside the seed.

“So this is the refined alternate dimension.

To think it can become so tiny,” Chu Feng sighed in his heart.

When could the Mirage Butterfly be so powerful that it could refine an alternate dimension, turning the territory of a race into a casual playtoy


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