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[The rewards are being distributed.]

With that, a door opened.

Chu Feng looked at the door solemnly and seemed to see endless treasures flashing in the door.

The second the door opened, the spiritual energy in the heritage space seemed to have become much denser.

Then, two space-splitting stone treasure chests gradually formed in the spatial door.

Chu Feng had originally wanted to act fast and put both treasure chests into his beast space, but no matter how he tried, it was useless.

As such, he could only give up.

The treasure chests opened automatically.

Inside one of them was an ordinary-looking seed.

Chu Feng stored the seed in his beast space.

There was no soil in there, so there was no way for him to plant the seed of the Mythical Tree for the time being.

Then, he also put away the fifty royal sky crystals in the other treasure chest.

He currently still had nine royal sky crystals in his beast space, so including the fifty he had gotten from the rewards this time, he had a total of fifty-nine.

Just these royal sky crystals alone exceeded two billion dollars.

This was the official price, but because the royal sky crystals were very rare, the real price could be several times higher.

That being said, no matter how high the price was, Chu Feng had no intention of selling these royal sky crystals.

Any of the extremely rare resources he obtained like the Mirage Grass, wood source crystals, and royal sky crystals, he would keep for his own use and would never sell them.

The number of royal sky crystals he had now was enough for him to not have to worry about improving his beast space before he reached lord level 10.

Any Beastmaster that didnt have the royal sky crystal could only improve their own beast space by themselves.

However, since Chu Feng did have the crystals, he only needed to unleash the energy of the royal sky crystals for the beast space to grow on its own.

Besides that, there was another use of the royal sky crystals that was very important to him.

Without the space-controlling crystal, Chu Feng might still be at the sovereign level even when the Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly have already reached the overlord level.

This was due to the difference in cultivation speed.

Many genius Beastmasters, including those in the Genius Camp and the Overlord Reserve Camp, were worried about the growth of their beast space, which was why the price of the beast space kept rising.

However, no matter how high the price was, there was still a shortage.

After Chu Feng received the reward, the two treasure chests made of space-splitting stones were absorbed back into the door.

Seeing this, he was quite speechless.

To think a heritage ruin that had so many treasures would even take back even the treasure chests!

Chu Feng didnt leave.

Instead, he sat down on the spot and focused his mind on the beast space.

He mobilized a large amount of spatial energy and began to level up.

This was what he had planned from the very beginning.

After successfully clearing the extraordinary-level heritage secret realm, he would breakthrough to become a sovereign-level Beastmaster.

Now was the most suitable time to do so.

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After absorbing boundless spatial energy, Chu Fengs beast space, which was originally 900 cubic meters, had become 1,000 cubic meters.

Chu Feng took a look at his royal sky crystals and realized that his breakthrough just now had used up one crystal.

“Mi-meh!” The level that the Mirage Butterfly had intentionally suppressed began to grow, and it directly broke through to the sovereign level 1.

Chu Feng wasnt surprised by the Mirage Butterflys breakthrough.

After all, with 16,000 enhancement points and the Mirage Grass, it should have broken through to sovereign level when it broke out of its cocoon and became a butterfly.

It had suppressed its level to challenge the heritage ruins.

For it to break through to the sovereign level one now was only natural because Chu Fengs beast space had been advanced to the sovereign level.

Due to the existence of the beast contract.

the Mirage Butterfly could thus no longer suppress its level.

Chu Feng was delighted.

Now, he had two sovereign-level beasts, making him even more powerful.

Whether it was the Wild Bear or the Mirage Butterfly, both could kill a commander-level fierce beast in an instant.

Currently, Chu Feng could already be said to be at the beginning of his greatness.

Chu Feng looked at the vast heritage space around him.

He couldnt see the end of it at all.

He immediately said, “I want to continue challenging the heritage ruins!”

His eyes were filled with anticipation.

He was very curious as to if he successfully cleared the heritage ruins of three levels, could he really inherit the ruins He was just yearning for the treasure trove that the heritage ruins would open every time the rewards were distributed! If he could inherit the ruins, he wouldnt have to worry about beast resources anymore!

Even if he couldnt, the reward for passing the extraordinary-level heritage ruins was already very generous, so the value of the rewards for clearing the sovereign-level ruins was naturally self-evident.

Coincidentally, his Wild Bear had broken through to the sovereign level 10 since he had given it more than 100000 enhancement points.

It was also a good opportunity for him to see just how strong the Wild Bear was.

[Challenger number 80002, do you wish to challenge the sovereign-level secret realm]

[Ding! It has been detected that challenger number 80002 has successfully cleared the awakening and extraordinary-level trials.]

[Activating inheritance mode.

The challenger will be teleported to the tenth stage.

If the challenger can pass the final trial, he will receive the true inheritance!]

[Challenger number 80002, you only have one chance.

Would you like to start now]

Chu Feng somehow felt that the mechanical voice seemed to have a hint of emotion after he had passed the test.

He let out a deep breath.

To think that he would be directly teleported to the final stage.

Moreover, he only had one chance.

There was no room for failure.

Chu Feng suddenly laughed.

His Wild Bear had already reached the limit of the sovereign level and could break through to commander level at any time.

He wouldnt give any more points to the Wild Bear, meaning that the Wild Bear had already reached the limits of the sovereign level.

He could confidently say that there was no sovereign-level beast in the world that was more powerful than the Wild Bear.

Of course, it was a given that there were beasts that could surpass the Wild Bear, for example, the Mirage Butterfly.

As a sovereign-level Beastmaster, there was still a lot of room for improvement for Chu Feng.

He didnt necessarily have to challenge the heritage ruins now.

If he used the enhancement points to raise the Mirage Butterfly to the sovereign level 10, it would definitely be stronger than the Wild Bear, but so what

For the whole journey that they had traveled together, Chu Feng and the Wild Bear had always been invincible.

It was just a heritage ruin, and a sovereign-level heritage ruin at that.

As long as the Wild Bear was still at the sovereign level, he would definitely be able to clear the stage!

“Begin,” Chu Fengs eyes were filled with confidence as he said these two words lightly.

With that, the scene suddenly changed, and a grassland appeared.

The sky above him was blue, and the air was very fresh and pleasant.

[The inheritance test begins.]

Turbulent energy condensed to finally form a fierce beast.

Seeing the final appearance of the fierce beast, Chu Fengs pupils couldnt help but dilate with shock.

[Wild Ancient Behemoth]

[Level: King Level 1]

[Bloodline: Elementary Overlord]

[Talent: super strength talent, top-level defense talent, top-level speed talent ]

[Skills: Wild Body, Wild Domain, Mountain Breaking ]

“Roar!” The Wild Ancient Behemoth growled and looked down at Chu Feng as if it was waiting for something.


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