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“In the end, Im still too damn poor!”

Chu Feng now indeed felt how expensive it was to sustain his SSS-rank beast tamer talent! On top of this, he still had to allocate some points for the Mirage Worm.

After he advanced to be a sovereign-level Beastmaster, he could then bond with a third pet beast, which meant he also had to reserve some enhancement points for the future pet beast.

“Hm” Chu Feng looked at the Wild Bears panel and was shocked to find an additional skill!

[Extreme Speed Level 1: Advanced skill.

The user may ignore any resistance and will have ones speed increased by one fold.

Can be stacked with other skills.

(0/10) ]

Countless thoughts flashed through Chu Fengs mind.

He suppressed the urge to raise all of the Wild Bears talents to the super-level because now was not the right time for him to continue adding points to the Wild Bears talents.

After all, he only had 380000 enhancement points left.

If he were to raise all three of the Wild Bears talents to the super-level, there wouldnt be many points left.

As a Beastmaster, he had to consider his other beasts as well.

He couldnt just put all his focus on the Wild Bears strength alone.

“The Wild Bear has awakened an advanced skill “extreme speed”, which is a fortunate thing because its just nice to make up for the Wild Bears weakness.

Besides, higher speed would increase its strength too.”

Chu Feng was already very satisfied with the Wild Bears new skill.

After pondering for a moment, he added another 13000 enhancement points to extreme speed.

[Extreme Speed Level 50: Advanced skill.

The user may ignore any resistance and will have ones speed increased by 50 times.

Can be stacked with other skills.

(0/550) ]

After adding that many points to the Wild Bears extreme speed, Chu Feng decided not to give it any more for the time being.

In the subdued beast space.

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“Awoo!” The Wild Bear felt as if its body had become much lighter, and it instantly erupted with an even more powerful aura at the sovereign level 10! The Wild Bears aura continued to grow stronger at that level but finally stopped at a critical point.

Chu Feng sighed in amazement.

As a Beastmaster with a nurturing-type talent, was it reasonable for him to have obtained so many resources and thus help his pet beasts to break through so easily

In fact, it was quite reasonable.

After all, Chu Feng had already invested nearly 150000 enhancement points on the Wild Bear.

In other words, he had invested 1.5 billion alliance dollars.

If these resources were given to a Beastmaster with an A-rank talent, in about ten years, the Beastmaster would probably become a king-level Beastmaster.

That being said, although the Wild Bears combat abilities were very powerful and it could even fight against king-level beasts, its realm had yet to reach the commander-level.

[Enhancement Points: 360,000!]

Chu Feng looked into his beast space.

The Wild Bear immersed itself in its strength that had become much stronger and was slowly adapting to the change.

[Wild Bear]

[Level: Sovereign Level 10]

[Bloodline: Advanced King]

[Talents: top-level strength talent level 1, top-level defense talent level 1, top-level speed talent level 1]

[Skills: Great strength level maxed, great transformation level 50, wild body level 50, extreme speed level 50, wild domain level 50]


Seeing the Wild Bears level increase and the growth of its skills, Chu Feng was very delighted.

Then, he looked at the center of the beast space where the huge white cocoon was.

It stayed unbudged as if it had been from the very beginning.

No matter how the world changed, the cocoon was unaffected.

Chu Feng unleashed his SSS-rank beast tamer talents power and gradually it fused into the cocoon.

“The Mirage Worms skill [virtual reality plus] has been upgraded to level 2 (0/100).

Would you like to add more points”

The Mirage Worm had five skills.

Among them, virtual reality plus, spatial collapse, and spatial blade were supreme skills.

Each of them was on par with the Wild Bears wild domain skill.

On top of that, the Mirage Worm had two other super skills, namely the spatial domain and the spiritual domain.

Domain-type skills were usually the ceiling of a certain attribute.

They were the extreme extension of energy and even contained the profoundness of a certain rule.

For example, spatial and spiritual attributes that were already very profound would produce an incredible effect after a corresponding domain had been formed.

From Chu Fengs understanding, he felt that the spatial domain and spiritual domain of the same level were similar to the Wild Bears super skill “divine strength”.

Since the Mirage Worm had such a high talent, it was naturally worthy of Chu Fengs points.

However, unlike the Wild Bear, the Mirage Worm was currently in its cocoon state.

Even when Chu Feng added points to it, the Mirage Worm didnt have any reactions.

If it wasnt for the fact that the connection he felt from the beast space hadnt disappeared, Chu Feng wouldve suspected that the Mirage Worm had disappeared into another parallel world.

After all, such a thing was possible for creatures like the Mirage Worm.

Finally, Chu Feng finished adding the points to the Mirage Worm.

[Virtual Reality Plus Level 10: Supreme skill.

Allows the user to create an illusion that is both fake and real.

(0/550) ]

[Spatial Collapse Level 10: Supreme skill.

Allows the user to collapse the space within a certain range.


[Spatial Blade Level 10: Supreme skill.

Allows the user to create an extremely sharp spatial blade.


[Spatial Domain Level 10: Super skill.

Allows the user to control the surrounding space, forming a sealed domain.


[Spiritual Domain Level 10: Super skill.

Disperses the users spiritual energy to form a sealed domain.


Chu Feng directly upgraded all five of the Mirage Worms skills to level 10, spending a total of 16,000 enhancement points.

In comparison, the enhancement points needed to nurture the Mirage Worm were several times that of the Wild Bear.

He could not help but sigh in his heart.

He had originally thought that the Wild Bear was already a very expensive pet beast, he did not expect the Mirage Worm to be even more so.

The Mirage Worm was simply like a black hole that devoured resources.

A total of 16000 enhancement points were enough to upgrade all five skills of the Mirage Worm to level 10.

Back when the Wild Bear had been at the extraordinary level, it had only required 7000 enhancement points to help it advance a level.

The difference was stark.

As for why Chu Feng didnt give the Mirage Worm more enhancement points and raise its skills to level 50, one reason was that his enhancement points might not be enough since it might take 450000 enhancement points to improve all five skills to level 50.

The other reason was that the Mirage Worm was still too young and was in the crucial stage of cocooning.

Since the Mirage Worm hadnt completed its evolution yet, Chu Feng had no way of estimating if the over-enhancement of the Mirage Worm would affect the process of evolution, which would then affect its final transformation into a Mirage Butterfly.

Apart from that, there was another reason.

He needed the Mirage Worm to remain at the extraordinary level and accompany him through the heritage ruins.

If he wasnt careful and helped it advance to the lord level, wouldnt he be able to monopolize the heritage ruins then

Ka-cha! Ka-cha! Ka-cha!

The pure white cocoon suddenly let out crisp sounds.

Chu Feng looked over in shock.

Was the Mirage Worm about to break out of the cocoon Spatial cracks began to form around the cocoon and cut at it.

The worm silk continuously fell off.

Finally, the cocoon broke apart and a breathtakingly beautiful ray of light shot out from the cocoon.

Chu Feng vaguely saw a pair of gorgeous wings that seemed to be made of crystal.

Any refraction of light on it was beautiful.

It was as if it was the most beautiful object in the world.

Just a glance at it was enough to make one feel extremely happy and cannot help but be immersed in the beauty!


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