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[Great Strength: Basic skill.

The user will instantly explode with 100 times the strength that the user originally has, and can easily control the strength perfectly.

(0/101) ]

As great strength was only a basic skill, it didnt require many enhancement points.

With only 3700 points, Chu Feng had raised the Wild Bears great strength skill to level 100!

“To think the maxed out great strength has a special effect that allows the Wild Bear to perfectly control its own strength!” Chu Fengs eyes lit up.

He knew what this effect meant.

Just this special effect alone had about the same worth as a top-tier skill!

“Wait a minute, isnt there no upper limit to the enhancement of the unlimited growth talent” Chu Feng suddenly thought of this question and was quite puzzled.

He looked at the Wild Bears attribute panel and could not help but put in another 101 enhancement points.

With that, the “great strength” column on the attribute panel gradually changed, and another skill was derived from it!

[Divine Strength level 1: Super skill.

Passively increases the users strength by two times.


Chu Feng was stunned.

The Wild Bears skill “great strength” was still retained, but a new skill had been created! IAnd a passive super skill at that! As a super skill, the value of divine strength was almost the same as the Mirage Worms spatial domain and spiritual domain!

What did “passively increase” mean The strength brought about by the skills “great strength”, “great transformation”, “wild body”, and “wild domain” all worked by increasing the Wild Bears strength through addition.

In contrast, the skill “divine strength” operated in a completely different mode.

It would increase the pet beasts strength by two times passively, which would allow the Wild Bears overall strength to double again when it unleashed its full strength.

That meant the Wild Bear could unleash a strength that was 310 times greater, instead of just 155 times.

This was only the effect of the level 1 divine strength.

If it were to be improved further…

Chu Feng took a deep breath, his heart filled with excitement.

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“I didnt expect unlimited growth to have such an effect.

This is too amazing!”

Chu Feng thought for a moment and immediately continued to add points to the skill “divine strength”.


[Divine Strength Level 20: Super skill.

Passively increases the users strength by 20 times.


Just raising the divine strength to level 20 had cost Chu Feng 36100 enhancement points.

If he wanted to max out the divine strength, he would need about 5000000 enhancement points.

Thinking of it this way, Chu Feng suddenly felt that he was too poor.

But he did not stop and continued to raise the Wild Bears skills of “great transformation”, “wild body”, and “wild domain” to level 50!

[Great Transformation Level 50: Intermediate skill.

Allows the user to increase in size and strength by 50 times at the same time.

Can be stacked with other skills! (0/255) ]

[Wild Body Level 50: Advanced skill.

Wild power will be fused into the users body, increasing all attributes by 50 times.

Can be stacked with other skills! (0/550) ]

[Wild Domain Level 50: Supreme skill.

The wild power will rampage, and all attributes will be increased by 50 times.

Can be stacked with other skills.

Allows the user to control all matter within the domain with wild power.]

To raise “great transformation”, “wild body”, and “wild domain” to level 50, Chu Feng had spent a total of 80000 enhancement points.

At this point, he had already invested nearly 120000 enhancement points on the Wild Bear.

[Enhancement Points: 380000!]

Chu Feng didnt feel the slightest bit of heartache, because everything was worth it.

He had carefully calculated that if the Wild Bear were to go all out, its strength would increase by at least 5,000 times.

What a terrifying number! When Chu Feng thought of some novels that he had read in his previous life and thought of the systems described among them that would bring a ten-thousand-times increasing effect, he couldnt help but smile.

“Looks like my SSS-rank beast tamer talent is even more powerful than those systems.”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bears aura abruptly soared, and its level rose! Chu Feng felt that even his beast space seemed unable to bear it anymore.

The energy that the Wild Bear needed at sovereign level 1 was filled up in a second, and then its realm continued to rise.

Sovereign level 2, sovereign level 3, sovereign level 4… The advancement of levels didnt stop for a long time!

Following this, an incomparably terrifying aura swept through the beast space, and the entire beast space was thrown into chaos.

Only the Mirage Cocoon in the middle didnt budge at all, as if it was in another time and space.

Chu Feng sensed the Wild Bears level and found that it had stopped at sovereign level 9 in the end.

The Wild Bear had improved by a total of eight levels!

He couldnt help but be a little speechless.

Could it be that every level of the sovereign level required 10,000 enhancement points Wasnt that a little too extravagant However, Chu Feng did not dwell too much on this matter, because the investment was worth it.

Right now, the Wild Bear was at sovereign level nine, and its strength had increased by more than 100 times!

Chu Feng even felt that the Wild Bear would still have a chance even if it were to face a lord-level beast.

Just by relying on its pure physical strength, it would be able to face a lord-level beast head-on.

However, he was not so arrogant as to think that the Wild Bear would be able to cross the entire commander level and directly stand shoulder to shoulder with the lord-level beasts.

Most importantly, the Wild Bear was only exceptionally strong in the physical strength department.

Although it had the level 50 wild body and wild domain as support, its other attributes were still far inferior to those of a king-level pet beast.

Although physical strength wasnt entirely equal to strength, what was certain was that the Wild Bear could defeat a commander-level 10 fierce beast with one punch.

Chu Feng looked at the Wild Bears talent.

Before this, he had never thought of giving it talent points.

Although he had long known that points could be added to the talent as well, he had not acted rashly.

This was because compared to adding points to skill, the advancement of talents was more illusory, thus Chu Feng was worried that he would not be able to grasp it.

Other than that, there was another reason.

To add points to talent required a lot of enhancement points.

Just a high-level speed talent required about the same amount of enhancement points as a supreme skill.

But now, he still had a lot of enhancement points, so he was planning on taking a closer look at what the increase in talent would bring to the Wild Bear.

With that, he started adding points to the Wild Bears high-level speed talent.

When he stopped, he was surprised to find that the point addition for the high-level speed talent had been divided into three stages.

The first stage required 50 enhancement points; the second stage 500; the third stage 5,000.

Chu Feng completed all three stages, and the Wild Bears high-level speed talent was thus maxed out.

At the same time, the talent changed.

[Top-level speed talent level 1 (0/100)]

Chu Feng speculated that the advancement of a top-level talent would probably take four stages and he would need at least 100000 enhancement points to advance it to be a super talent.

From this, he estimated that a super talent would have about five stages, and to upgrade a super talent to the next unknown level, he would need around 2000000 strengthening points.

Chu Feng pondered for a moment before giving up on continuing to upgrade the Wild Bears talent since it wasnt very significant at the moment.

This was because skills determined combat power, while talent determined the upper limit.

The super talents corresponded to the overlord level.

The Wild Bear was now only at the sovereign level, which was far away from the overlord level.

Even if Chu Feng upgraded the Wild Bears talents to all be super talents, there would still be a long time before it could truly use those talents.


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