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The audience burst into laughter!

“An Shuisheng is so slow!”

“Chu Feng wasnt eliminated.

He eliminated the others!”

“Im dying of laughter! An Shuishengs dumbfounded look is just too amusing!”

An Shuisheng was dumbfounded.

What did the audience mean Chu Feng eliminated the others He had only stayed in the secret realm for a few days, but he felt that he seemed to have missed out on too many things!

Chu Feng smiled at him.

“Lets go.”

Chu Feng waved at the audience, then walked straight to the resting area.

Along the way, some fanatical members of the audience wanted to rush up to him to get his autograph.

Among them were a few young ladies who had eyes filled with admiration and yearned to take a photo with Chu Feng.

But in the end, they were all stopped by the security guards.

An Shuisheng followed behind Chu Feng, his heart filled with confusion.

What on Earth happened Why did Chu Feng suddenly become everyones idol Could it be that he was still in an illusion

Thinking of this, An Shuisheng pinched himself hard.

The pain was real.

An awakening-level illusion was unable to construct the feeling of pain, so this must be reality.

With this, he felt even more confused.

Principal Gao then appeared in the resting area and smiled, “Dont raise the level of your beast space for the time being since you havent challenged the heritage ruins yet.

After all, you were the one who single-handedly protected the heritage ruins.”

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An Shuisheng:

Chu Feng protected a heritage ruin by himself

Chu Feng nodded.

“I know.

Im going to exchange all the resources except for the wood source crystal for soul crystal spirit stones.

Principal, can you help me do this”

Principal Gao said, “Other than the wood source crystal, the resources you obtained in the secret realm are at least worth 4.5 billion.

The Diming City doesnt have that many soul crystal spirit stones, but the Beastmasters Association should be arriving soon.

When theyre here, you can just negotiate with them.”

An Shuisheng opened his mouth, at a loss for words.

He felt like his brain was going to stop working.

What was Principal Gao talking about Chu Feng had a total of 4.5 billion resources He also had a piece of wood source crystal that was worth more than a billion Was this real or fake

Chu Feng asked, “The Beastmasters Association”

Principal Gao looked to the side and smiled, “Just in time.

Theyre here.”

Following this, a spatial door opened, and a figure walked out.

It was He Shuiyun.

She looked at Chu Feng seriously and said, “Im the presidents assistant of the Dibei Region Beastmasters Association.

My name is He Shuiyun.

Please call me by my name directly.”

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Chu Feng was puzzled, “Im Chu Feng.

Why are you looking for me”

He Shuiyuns tone was solemn, “The Beastmasters Association is an extremely important existence in human society.

We acknowledge your talent and character, and believe that your future growth is extremely important to the rise and fall of mankind.

After multiple considerations, weve decided to recruit you into the Overlord Reserve Camp, and offer you the treatment of an SS-rank genius.”

Principal Gao was very surprised, “The Overlord Reserve Camp Treatment as an SS-rank genius This is top-rank treatment!”

Although he had long expected that the Beastmasters Association would come to recruit Chu Feng, he hadnt expected them to make such a generous offer.

Though, in the blink of an eye, he let it go.

Chu Feng had performed so well in the secret realm, after all.

If he wasnt qualified to receive such treatment, who else would

Principal Gao smiled and said, “Chu Feng, you can just agree.

The Beastmasters Association is very sincere, so theres no need for you to refuse.

Joining the Overlord Reserve Camp will also be very beneficial to your development.”

Chu Feng naturally knew what kind of existence the Overlord Reserve Camp was, as well as how well SS-rank geniuses were treated.

Teng Yues memories had told him all the answers, though he wasnt prepared to expose Teng Yues inheritance because the latters enemy was a totem! He felt that it was probably better to keep a low profile before he was strong enough to face a legendary totem.

“Alright, I agree,” Chu Feng agreed without hesitation.

He Shuiyun immediately took out a contract that was emitting a very pure light as if it contained endless mysterious power.

She said solemnly, “This is a contract drawn up by a magnate.

As long as your power is lower than that of the magnate, you must abide by this contract.

Otherwise, you will be suppressed by the magnates power.”

Chu Feng took the contract and read through it carefully.

There were only a few terms on it that were restricting him.

For example, he couldnt betray the human race, and he couldnt kill humans indiscriminately.

They were all terms based on the baseline of morality.

Even if there wasnt a contract, he wouldnt do such a thing.

On the other hand, there were many benefits stated in the contract.

First, he could join the Overlord Reserve Camp and become a core member of the Beastmasters Association, thus enjoying a series of privileges.

His status would be similar to a king-level 10 Beastmaster.

In other words, as long as Chu Feng signed the contract, his status among the humans would be similar to that of Principal Gao.

Apart from these, Chu Feng would also receive 100,000 points, which would be equivalent to about a billion alliance dollars.

As a fact, the true value of the points was even higher, because, in the Overlord Reserve Camp, a wood source crystal could be bought with 100000 points, while in the outside world, the same crystal would cost 1.5 billion alliance dollars.

Not only would he receive these benefits, but the Beastmasters Association would also do their best to nurture him, which would provide him with a lot of convenience.

As long as he told the Beastmasters Association what he needed, they would immediately arrange for it to be done, and very well at that.

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng signed the contract.

He didnt feel any special as he passed the contract back to He Shuiyun.

He Shuiyun asked, “Is there anything you need the Beastmasters Association to help you with right now”

She knew that Chu Feng had obtained a huge amount of resources.

As a Beastmaster with nurturing-type talent, it was a given that Chu Feng wanted to convert the resources into his strength as soon as possible.

In reality, as long as a Beastmasters nurturing-type talent exceeded the A-rank, the effects of directly using resources on a pet would be far inferior to using the resources on ones talent.

Of course, the exception existed for some very special treasures, such as the mirage grass, wood source crystals, and so on.

Chu Feng said, “I need you to exchange all of my resources for soul crystal spirit stones.

Is that okay”

He Shuiyun said, “Of course.

Ive brought a lot of soul crystal spirit stones with me.

We can start the trade now.”

Chu Feng nodded.

He knew that the Beastmasters Association must have been prepared since they came.

Although He Shuiyun was the only one who came, she was full of sincerity.

She might look young, but in reality, she was already at king level 10 and wasnt any weaker than Wan Wanqing!

Seeing that Chu Feng had taken out all the resources he wanted to trade, He Shuiyun scanned them with her mind and asked, “Virtual Light Brain, how much are these resources worth”

“The total value of the resources is 4.5 billion dollars.

It has been detected that Chu Feng is an SS-rank genius and can enjoy preferential treatment.

The resources may be converted into 500,000 units of soul crystal spiritual stones,” A mechanical voice sounded.

Chu Feng was slightly surprised.

So this was the Virtual Light Brain


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