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Lu Changmings expression immediately changed.

He put the Giant Bloodfire Ant away and rode on the back of the Tornado Dragon, wanting to leave this place as quickly as possible.

There were still many treasures in the secret realm and he was unwilling to surrender just like this.

Most importantly, the later he was eliminated, the more points he could get.

However, the Tornado Dragon had just taken off when it was just swatted down by the Wild Bear that had rushed over.

On top of that, it was instantly killed.

Lu Changming, on the other hand, fell into a pool of blood.

In his fear, he pressed the button to surrender with his last bit of consciousness and was then teleported away with a beam of light.

Chu Feng did not care too much about what happened after the Tornado Dragon had been swatted down.

He directly brought the Wild Bear towards Liang Qin.

At this time, the Three-headed Snake and the Ice Kirin Wolf were at a standstill in their battle.

If one looked carefully, the Ice Kirin Wolf was at a disadvantage.

It couldnt be helped though, because the battle between Liao Xuanxuan and him at the beginning of the competition had indeed caused the Ice Kirin Wolfs strength to weaken a lot.

Seeing that Chu Feng had taken care of the other two and was walking toward her, Liang Qin immediately wanted to leave with her Three-headed Snake.

However, she suddenly realized that it was impossible to leave right before the Ice Kirin Wolf and the Wild Bear.

Her expression immediately darkened as she asked, “Chu Feng, what do you want”

Chu Feng said, “Surrender yourself.”

There was no conflict between him and Liang Qin, so there was no need to continue fighting.

Liang Qins eyes darkened, but in the end, she agreed, “Fine.”

She decisively chose to surrender.

On the light screen outside the venue, the extraordinary level secret realm was already closed.

As such, the image of the sovereign-level secret realm was split into two different sizes.

The bigger image showed Chu Feng and Liao Xuanxuan, while the smaller one, as if a deliberate joke, the computer showed An Shuisheng hiding in the heart of the giant tree.

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The entire venue immediately burst into laughter, but after the laughter, many of the audience began to ponder.

“Not only did Chu Feng win in the extraordinary level secret realm, but he also defeated those in the sovereign level”

“Liao Xuanxuan won without a fight.

She only fought once or twice, and Chu Feng took on all the other pressure.”

“Bro, are you joking Do you really think the Wild Bear is under pressure”

“The Wild Bear is so strong.

I want to form a bond with a Wild Bear too!”

“Stop dreaming, my friend.

The Wild Bear has a King bloodline.

Think about it after you reach the commander level!”

The host was silent.

He was from Dibei Base City, and his emotions couldnt be any more complicated now.

The sponsor of the exchange competition was also from Dibei Base City, yet now, the people from Dibei Base City had been the first to be eliminated in both the extraordinary and sovereign divisions! It was just too embarrassing!

“Chu Feng is the sole winner of this exchange competition…” When the host realized this, he could only sigh.

Chu Feng had obtained the most resources and could be said to be the most outstanding.

With such talent, the Beastmasters Association would definitely offer him the highest treatment to recruit him!

In the VIP seats, the few king-level Beastmasters also fell into silence.

None of them had thought that things would develop to this point.

To think Chu Feng had crushed the other sovereign-level Beastmasters single-handedly and displayed his might in the sovereign-level secret realm.

When they thought of what they had said earlier, they felt extremely awkward.

In the misty training realm, the Wild Bear was killing sovereign-level fierce beasts.


In front of the Wild Bear, the fierce beasts were as fragile as paper as they were easily defeated.

Chu Feng looked at the large hellfire stone mineral vein in his beast space and was feeling very comfortable.

It had been three days since all the participants in the sovereign level secret realm had been eliminated.

Liao Xuanxuan had taken the initiative to leave the huge hellfire stone mineral vein all to Chu Feng, while Chu Feng had promised that he wouldnt compete for the other resources.

Therefore, when Liao Xuanxuan mined the remaining resources, Chu Feng had been slaughtering the fierce beasts.

No matter how much the fierce beast cores were worth, if he could obtain all of them, it would probably be worth close to 100 million.

Besides, doing so could also enrich the Wild Bears battle experience.

Chu Feng naturally would not let such a good opportunity pass him by.

“Awoo!” As the Wild Bear killed the last sovereign level 10 fierce beast, an extremely powerful aura emanated from its body.

The sovereign-level!

Chu Feng smiled.

He was truly happy for the Wild Bear.

Compared to the increase in level brought about by the points, it made him even happier that the Wild Bear had reached the sovereign level just by relying on its own hard work.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear was also quite ecstatic, but it quickly realized that since it had advanced to the sovereign level, it wouldnt be able to challenge the extraordinary level heritage ruins anymore!

Chu Feng comforted the Wild Bear, “Dont worry.

Even if you advance to the soereign-level, theres still the Mirage Worm.

Let the Mirage Worm handle the extraordinary level heritage ruins.

Youll be in charge of the sovereign-level heritage ruins.”

From Teng Yues memories, Chu Feng knew that there were two judging criteria for a heritage ruin.

One was the cultivation of the Beastmaster, and the other was the level of the beast.

As long as Chu Feng could suppress his cultivation, he would be able to challenge the extraordinary level heritage ruins.

It was just that he couldnt let the Wild Bear fight there anymore.

A beam of light descended.

General Shu looked at Chu Feng with admiration and said, “Your Wild Bear has already reached the sovereign level, so you cant stay here any longer.

Im going to bring you out of the competition.”

Chu Feng recognized General Shu.

The latter would often go on stage to give speeches on the local television of Diming City.

His heroic appearance and outstanding battle achievements gave him a very high position in the hearts of the public.

“Thank you for your trouble, General Shu,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

General Shu immediately liked him even more.

As expected of the most dazzling young man in the exchange competition.

Chu Fengs performance this time had even made the previously unknown Dibei Region famous in the entire human territory.

Now, many knew that a peerless genius had appeared in the Dibei Region.

It was a genius who could cross levels and crush sovereign-level Beastmaster while just being at the extraordinary level!

Of course, there were also negative effects.

Many believed that other than Chu Feng, there were no other true geniuses in the Dibei Region.

They maintained that it was precisely because of the lack of talent in the Dibei Region that Chu Feng was able to cross levels and crush sovereign-level Beastmasters.

From General Shus standpoint, he was naturally quite gratified that a genius Beastmaster like Chu Feng could appear in the Diming Base City.

As long as Chu Feng could grow, let alone Diming Base City, even the Dibei Region wouldnt be invaded by foreign races anymore.

This was the deterrence of a peerless genius.

Being invincible across the same level wasnt just talk.

General Shu brought Chu Feng out of the secret realm.

The minute the two walked out, thunderous applause rang outside the secret realm!

“Chu Feng! Invincible!”

At this moment, a youth covered in injuries was brought out from the exit.

An Shuishengs entire body was soaked in blood, but his expression was one of relief.

He was ranked fourth in the awakening level secret realm.

For him to be able to obtain three points had already exceeded An Shuishengs expectations.

An Shuishengs performance in the secret realm had also received the approval of a portion of the audience.

However, because Chu Feng was right in front of him, no one noticed him.

An Shuisheng saw Chu Feng and was slightly stunned, “Big brother Lin Were you also eliminated”


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