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Liao Xuanxuan said, “Youll know soon enough.”

Liang Qin smiled and said, “What I know is that from the start of the competition, youve been hiding from everyone.”

Liao Xuanxuan couldnt be bothered to say anything more.

She immediately used her talent of ice control and fused it into the body of the Ice Kirin Wolf.

“Roar!” The Ice Kirin Wolf let out a low roar and began to fight with the Three-headed Snake.

Chu Feng glanced at their battle and didnt look anymore.

He believed that with Liao Xuanxuans strength, she would be able to hold off the Three-headed Snake.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear looked at the two beasts before it and its heart burned with the fierce desire to fight.

Even though it was facing them alone, it didnt feel the slightest bit of fear.

When fighting the Mirage Dragon, it had endured too much loneliness in the illusion.

Ever since it broke free from the illusion, its personality had changed to be more mature and steady.

If it were to be trapped in an illusion again, it could most likely shatter the illusion through its own wild power.

The Giant Bloodfire Ant and the Three-legged Golden Rooster looked at each other and surrounded the Wild Bear.

The latters body abruptly enlarged and grew to a height of more than 30 meters.

It looked down at the Giant Bloodfire Ant and the Three-legged Golden Rooster from a high altitude as it emitted a terrifying wild aura that pressed down on the opponents to the point they could not breathe.

For the Wild Bear, as long as it was a head-on confrontation, it would definitely be able to win.

Tang Wen sneered, “He even said that he would take both of us on alone.

Even Xiang Yufeng wouldnt dare to speak so arrogantly.”

Lu Changming said, “Perhaps Chu Feng hasnt seen what the sovereign level means and thinks too highly of his own strength.

He is, after all, only at the extraordinary level and has never left the Dibei Region.”

They chatted as the Giant Bloodfire Ant and the Three-legged Golden Rooster charged at the Wild Bear.



Bloodfire rose instantly, and the flames spread wildly!

Chu Feng said, “Wild Bear!”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear ignored the Giant Bloodfire Ant and rushed straight towards the Three-legged Golden Rooster.

The Three-legged Golden Rooster was slightly weaker, making it the perfect opening for a breakthrough.

With a boom, the Wild Bears 106 times of great strength was unleashed and poured onto the Three-legged Golden Rooster.

The wild power and the power of fire collided and exploded violently.

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The clarity of the surroundings decreased.

The Wild Bear grabbed the neck of the Three-legged Golden Rooster and punched its head and body.

At the same time, the body of the Three-legged Golden Rooster was covered in terrifying flames that burned the Wild Bears body, while the Giant Bloodfire Ant activated its bloodfire domain at the right time in an attempt to suppress the Wild Bear.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear ignored the attack of the Giant Bloodfire Ant and continued to attack the Three-legged Golden Rooster.

The pain on its body made its power more violent instead.

The Three-legged Golden Rooster was still releasing flames, but its eyes were gradually losing focus as its blood continued to spurt out and its feathers scattered all over the ground.

Its consciousness gradually faded before finally being thrown out by the Wild Bear.

Tang Wens expression became extremely ugly.

He could not believe that his Three-legged Golden Rooster was actually defeated by an extraordinary level Wild Bear! On top of that, the battle had been one-sided! He was just about to put away the Three-legged Golden Rooster and let another pet beast, his Flame Bird that had an Advanced Commander bloodline, fight when he met Chu Fengs cold gaze.

Chu Feng punched Tang Wen in the stomach, and the latter rolled to the ground in intense pain.

Chu Feng smiled faintly, “It cant be that you think that the Beastmasters themselves wont participate in a battle between Beastmasters, right”


Tang Wen fell to the hot ground and rolled around due to the heat.

Then, seeing Chu Feng walking toward him, his eyes were filled with fear.

Was Chu Feng really going to kill him

Thinking back to what Chu Feng had said to him in the beginning, Tang Wen no longer had any doubts in his heart that Chu Feng would dare to kill him.

He immediately took the initiative to surrender.

With that, a pillar of light descended, and a king-level Beastmaster took Tang Wen away.

Under the threat of death, Tang Wen couldnt care less about the outcome of the exchange competition.

Chu Feng sneered and slowly walked towards Lu Changming.

He realized that most Beastmasters needed to be fully focused when using their talents, but as a Beastmaster with a nurturing-type talent, he could just take the opportunity to attack his opponent.

Of course, this wasnt allowed in an official arena, but in the misty training realm, there were practically no restrictions.

Lu Changmings eyes were filled with fear, and all the calmness and leisure he had at the beginning were long gone.

If he were to allow Chu Feng to get close to him, his ending would be no different from Tang Wens.

As such, he suspended the use of his beast tamer talent to pull away from Chu Feng.

Just as he was about to summon his second pet beast, he saw Chu Feng retreat instead.

Lu Changming:

He quickly realized that Chu Fengs goal had been to distract him.

In the few minutes, the Wild Bear had already taken advantage of this opportunity to start beating up the Giant Bloodfire Ant.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear was fighting to its hearts desire.

The Giant Bloodfire Ant was also quite powerful but was still at a disadvantage compared to the Wild Bear.

Lu Changming looked at the scene in front of him, and after a short moment of thought, he summoned his second beast.

[Tornado Dragon]

[Level: Sovereign Level 6]

[Bloodline: Intermediate Commander]

[Talent: Top-tier wind-type talent, top-tier speed talent]

[Skills: Storm, Wind Speed, Hurricane Body]

Although Lu Changming was a well-known genius in Diye City, even he couldnt raise all of his pet beasts to the same level.

Generally speaking, every Beastmaster would have a main combat beast, which was the upper limit of a Beastmasters strength.

For example, Lu Changmings main battle beast was the Giant Bloodfire Ant, while Chu Fengs main battle beast was the Wild Bear.

Other than the main battle combat, the other beasts of a Beastmaster werent likely to appear often.

For example, the Tornado Dragon at the sovereign level 6 that had an Intermediate Commander bloodline was not strong at all.

If the Tornado Dragon were to face Xiang Yufengs Mirage Dragon, it would have been instantly killed.

The theory of main combat beasts applied to most Beastmasters unless one was stuck at the current level for many years.

Only then would one be able to raise all of ones pet beasts to their limits.

One could even change ones bonded pet beasts to those with higher bloodlines.

This theory was also applicable to Chu Feng, though it was because he had just become a Beastmaster not too long ago and he didnt have the time to nurture the Mirage Worm.

Chu Feng simply ignored the Tornado Dragon.

With the buffs from his skills, the Tornado Dragon might pose a threat to him, but not to the Wild Bear.

The Wild Bear could easily insta-kill the Tornado Dagon.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear casually glanced at the Tornado Dragon and didnt pay any more attention to it.

It was currently suppressing the Giant Bloodfire Ant.

Even if Lu Changming could boost the Giant Bloodfire Ant with his beast tamer talent, it was useless.

He was already destined to fail.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear once again landed its bear paw that contained terrifying power on the Giant Bloodfire Ant, and the latters body was almost smashed to pieces.

The Giant Bloodfire Ants exoskeleton had been completely shattered, and its internal organs were flowing out.

It tried to struggle, but there was nothing it could do.


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