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“Chi!” The Vast Sky Eagle let out a cry as it dived down, its gaze ice-cold.

Cheng Fang knew that Chu Feng was in the sovereign-level secret realm, but he didnt know that the latter had already defeated Xiang Yufeng.

Thus, he took the initiative to probe Chu Fengs strength.

Besides, Chu Feng was currently excavating the mineral vein.

If he were to allow the other party to take away a portion of the mineral vein, it would be a huge loss for himself.

In Cheng Fangs eyes, the mineral vein should belong to him.

Just looking at the mineral vein from above, Cheng Fang became incomparably eager.

If he could take the large-scale hellfire stone mineral vein for himself, then he would have more than enough cultivation resources to reach the king level.

The eagle swooped down, and at the same time, Cheng Fang activated his talent.

He merged with the Vast Sky Eagle, and the eagles speed instantly increased.

It was like a falling meteorite falling through the sky at a speed so fast that sonic booms could be heard!

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear raised its head, and its gaze was similarly cold.

To think someone else dared to come and snatch its mineral vein It immediately let out a low growl, and its body became incomparably huge.

With the fifty-one times great strength, it fiercely punched out.

The Vast Sky Eagle wanted to avoid the attack, but discovered that the Wild Bears punch was extremely fast as if it had locked onto it.

This was precisely the suppression of the wild domain.

The Vast Sky Eagle immediately released its wind domain and turned into the hurricane body.

Like a gust of wind, it fiercely smashed towards the Wild Bear.

With a rumble, the latter took a step back while the Vast Sky Eagle was directly sent flying.

At this moment, an Ice Kirin Wolf emerged from the forest and bit the Vast Sky Eagles neck.

It released its terrifying glacier power and froze the latter.

Three minutes later, a beam of light descended, and the Vast Sky Eagle as well as Cheng Fang were removed from the secret realm at the same time.

Cheng Fang had surrendered, though very reluctant to do so.

If it hadnt been that Liao Xuanxuan had joined forces with Chu Feng to deal with him, how could he have lost

“Phew,” Liao Xuanxuan let out a long breath and her body gradually relaxed.

The other contestants did not know that she was with Chu Feng, so under such circumstances, there was much room for sneak attacks.

The sudden attack of the Ice Kirin Wolf had made the Vast Sky Eagle lose its fighting ability and thus successfully eliminated Cheng Fang.

With this, the first person who had rushed over had become the first person to be eliminated among the remaining few.

Chu Feng stood at the mineral vein, his expression unperturbed.

He could sense that the remaining three contestants were about to arrive.

[Three-headed Snake]

[Level: Sovereign Level 10]

[Bloodline: Advanced King]

[Talent: top-grade strength, top-grade poison, top-grade defense]

[Skills: Bite, Berserk, Dragon Transformation, Poison Domain]

The Three-headed Snake belonged to the very special sub-dragon type.

In terms of bloodline and talent, it was not weaker than a real dragon.

From what Chu Feng had seen in Teng Yues memories, the Three-headed Snake was a very powerful fierce beast.

Liang Qin stood on the neck of the Three-headed Snake and looked at them from afar, not daring to approach them.

When she rushed over, she happened to see the Wild Bear and the Ice Kirin Wolf working together to eliminate the Vast Sky Eagle, which made her quite fearful.

Cheng Fang had always thought that he was very smart, yet in the end, he had been eliminated before even laying a finger on the hellfire stones.

Liang Qin knew very well that in that situation just now, Cheng Fang was powerless.

The Vast Sky Eagle was in its vacuum stage of power.

After being frozen, it simply could not break free.

If Cheng Fang hadnt surrendered, death would be the only outcome for both him and the Vast Sky Eagle.

Liang Qin didnt dare to get close and only peered at Chu Feng and Liao Xuanxuan from afar.

Even though she was very confident in the Three-headed Snake, she wasnt willing to fight the two of them alone.

She was waiting for the rest of the contestants to rush over.

Not long after, Tang Wen and Lu Changming arrived.

Tang Wen said loudly, “I didnt expect Cheng Fang to be so useless.

To think he was eliminated right away.

Its really embarrassing.”

Chu Fengs tone was indifferent, “Youre at the same level as Cheng Fang, and your combat powers are about the same too.

So you mean to say youre trash too”

Tang Wen snorted, “Youre just at the extraordinary level.

What right do you have to speak”

Chu Feng smiled, “So what if youre at the sovereign level To me, killing you is like killing a chicken.

I can easily defeat you.”

Tang Wens expression was extremely ugly.

His pet beast was a Three-legged Golden Rooster, so Chu Fengs words were naturally mocking.

[Three-legged Golden Rooster]

[Level: Sovereign Level 10]

[Bloodline: Advanced King]

[Talent: Top-tier fire talent, top-tier sound wave talent]

[Skills: Howl, Sun Flames, Fire Domain, Eternal Fire]

Chu Feng took a few more glances at the Three-legged Golden Rooster.

It was said that the Three-legged Golden Rooster was a bloodline left behind by a totem.

In the beginning, it even had an overlord-level bloodline, but as time passed, the bloodline gradually thinned out and became a king-level bloodline.

If the Three-legged Golden Rooster could achieve atavism, it could have an overlord-level bloodline.

However, Tang Wen had indeed nurtured his Three-legged Golden Rooster mediocrely.

There was almost no chance for it to achieve atavism.

This was quite normal, though, because Beastmasters with pure strengthening-type talents were usually more mediocre when nurturing their beasts.

Tang Wen sneered.

“You can say whatever you want here.

When Xiang Yufeng comes over, the four of us will attack you together.

Do you think you would still have a chance of winning then”

Chu Fengs expression was indifferent.

He didnt tell Tang Wen that Xiang Yufeng had long been eliminated by him.

After all, saying this would only increase their vigilance.

Lu Changming said, “Theres no need to talk nonsense with him.

There are three of us now.

If we face the two of them together, we will definitely be able to successfully seize the mineral vein.”

Tang Wen agreed, “Thats right.

Xiang Yufeng hasnt come over yet, so why dont we eliminate Liao Xuanxuan first and then make a move against Chu Feng.

When Xiang Yufeng comes over, we can also eliminate him.”

Lu Changming smiled, “This plan is not bad.

Liang Qin, your thoughts”

Liang Qin said, “Just do what you like.”

With that, they reached a consensus.

As the one who proposed the plan, Lu Changming was naturally the first to step forward.

“Roar!” The ferocious-looking beast next to Lu Changming let out a deep roar.

[Giant Bloodfire Ant]

[Level: Sovereign Level 10]

[Bloodline: Advanced King]

[Talent: Top-tier blood talent, top-tier fire talent, top-tier strength talent]

[Skills: Blood Burning, Flames, Bloodfire Power, Bloodfire Domain]

Lu Changmings strength was about the same as Xiang Yufengs.

Chu Feng glanced at him.

No Wonder Lu Changming was the leader among the three.

He indeed had the strength.

The Giant Bloodfire Ant, the Three-legged Golden Rooster, and the Three-headed Snake all rushed towards the two at the same time, emitting an extremely terrifying pressure.

Chu Feng was still unpanicked.

He said calmly, “You hold off the Three-headed Snake.

Leave the other two to me.”

Liao Xuanxuan said seriously, “Alright.”

She led the Ice Kirin Wolf to hold off the Three-headed Snake.

Compared to the latter, the Ice Kirin Wolf was smaller, but their auras were almost the same.

Liang Qin said calmly, “Ive long heard that youre extremely beautiful and that the pet beast you have contracted is very powerful.

I wonder if its true.”


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