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Chu Fengs eyes were filled with envy.

Legend had it that Xiang Yunfei had an S-rank fusion-type talent that was extremely gorgeous.

The audience was already boiling with excitement.

“Holy **! To think Chu Feng won! My bet wasnt wrong! I have a million now! Hahaha!”

“Whats wrong with Xiang Yufeng Why cant he even defeat Chu Feng”

“An SS-rank beast tamer talent Maybe its because of the talent suppression.

No wonder Chu Feng is so powerful.

To think he awakened an SS-rank beast tamer talent!”

“As for his previous claims of having a B-rank beast tamer talent, it must be a lie that Chu Feng intentionally told to confuse the foreign races.”

“As expected of the Sword King Xiang Yunfei.

Hes indeed generous! To think he gave a wood source crystal from the start.

Chu Feng has struck it rich!”

In the subspace, Principal Gao smiled.

“How is it Im right, arent I Chu Feng does have a trump card.”

Wan Wanqing was quite puzzled, “Are you really so sure that Chu Feng has an SS-rank beast tamer talent”

She was indeed very puzzled.

No matter how much she and Principal Gao had speculated in the past, Chu Feng had never confessed to this matter.

Principal Gao said, “Is there any other possibility other than this”

He crossed his legs and looked very relaxed.

Since Chu Feng could defeat Xiang Yufeng, then who else could defeat him in the sovereign-tier secret realm He had been the one who had nurtured such a monstrous genius!

Wan Wanqing thought for a moment and thought that it was indeed such.

She sighed, “Xiang Yunfei is really generous.

To think he directly gave Chu Feng a wood source crystal.”

Principal Gao smiled and said, “He can probably see Chu Fengs potential and just wants to leave a good impression on him.

Xiang Yunfei has always been a person that looks at the big picture.

His vision has never been limited to just one territory, but the entire human race.”

Wan Wanqing sighed and said, “No wonder there was once a magnate who said that the Sword King Xiang Yunfei will definitely advance to the overlord-level, and may even bear the burden of the future of the human race.”

There were very few king-level Beastmasters who could obtain a title, yet Xiang Yunfei had the title of the Sword King.

Only those who could kill the foreign races to the point the foreign races felt fear and awe would be able to obtain a title.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear walked over, its eyes filled with frustration and guilt.

It hadnt performed well this time.

Chu Feng smiled and comforted it, “The battles cant go smoothly forever.

Your spiritual strength is indeed your weakness.

After all, you dont have the corresponding talent.

That being said, you have to remember that Im your Beastmaster and will always be your backing, understand”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bears eyes lit up instantly, and it nodded repeatedly.

Chu Feng smiled, “Dont be discouraged.

At least you broke through the first layer of the illusion on your own.”

The Wild Bear felt quite shy from the praise.

The first layer of the illusion was only a middle-level skill.

Even if it managed to break through the mental interference, it wasnt a big deal.

After all, it didnt have any ability to resist the following three layers of the illusion at all.

Chu Feng did not think much of it.

If not for the fact that he wasnt done nurturing the Mirage Worm, he wouldnt have let the Wild Bear fight.

In front of the Mirage Worm, the illusions of the Mirage Dragon were nothing.

Chu Feng brought the Wild Bear and Liao Xuanxuan along with him and began to look for all the treasures in the secret realm.

Liao Xuanxuan was very tactful.

She only took some scattered resources, leaving the larger resources, such as the mineral vein and the spiritual plants and fruits alone.

She knew very well that if it were not for Chu Feng, she might have already been eliminated.

After all, she might have been targeted by the other contestants.

Now that she was following Chu Feng, she didnt have to hide in the mineral vein anymore.

She could walk freely outside and even obtain some scattered resources.

Although they were scattered, they still amounted to a worth of ten million.

Liao Xuanxuan sighed, “I didnt think that Xiang Yufeng would really lose to you.

Even if I were to face him, I wouldnt have much of a chance of winning.”

Chu Feng smiled.

Xiang Yufeng was indeed very powerful.

Without the Beastmaster, the Wild Bear would most likely have been defeated.

This was due to their different attributes.

That being said, if the Mirage Dragon hadnt been blessed by Xiang Yufengs talent, it might not have been able to make the Wild Bear fall into the illusion.

There was no fixed answer to everything.

Chu Feng knew very clearly that ones beast tamer talent was also a part of ones strength.

Nurturing-type talents were normally unable to directly intervene in battles, but he had an SSS-rank beast tamer talent, so all conventional rules were useless in front of him.

“Hm” Chu Feng suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He had detected the presence of a mineral vein not far ahead.

On top of that, the mineral vein felt very large.

It was a large mineral vein! He immediately motioned for the Wild Bear to go forward and dig.

“Awoo!” The wild Bear was very happy that it was time for digging again! Under the Wild Bears just-to-the-point power, the edge of the mineral vein was quickly revealed.

A majestic aura abruptly spread out.

The edge was pitch-black in color and was giving off an extremely high temperature.

Liao Xuanxuan said in shock, “The high-grade resource, hellfire stones And a large-scale mineral vein at that Just this mineral vein is worth more than three billion!”

Her breathing became hurried.

Such a precious large-scale mineral vein required a lot of time to mine, and the blazing heat of the hellfire stones had already soared to the clouds.

Chu Fengs expression turned slightly solemn as he said, “This hellfire stone mineral vein will definitely attract other people.”

Liao Zuanxuan nodded, “My Ice Kirin Wolf has recovered a lot.

It can now be used as a support to defend against the other contestants.”

She was quite aware of her position.

Chu Fengs strength was much higher than hers, so providing support would be a more suitable position for her.

“Yes,” Lin Tian nodded and said, “Wild Bear, continue digging.”


His expression was indifferent as he silently waited for the others to arrive.

At the same time, those in the other places of the sovereign-level secret realm could feel the aura of the hellfire stones.

Under a huge tree, Cheng Fang raised his head to look at the sky and muttered, “Such a strong hellfire aura, it must be a large-scale mineral vein.

It seems that the largest resource point in the sovereign-tier secret realm has been discovered.”

He then stood up and rode on his pet beast, a Vast Sky Eagle with an Advanced King bloodline.

With that, the Vast Sky Eagle turned into a ray of light and flew towards the origin of the hellfire aura.

On a mound, Liang Qin was mining a small mineral vein when she sensed the hellfire aura and her expression immediately changed, “A large hellfire stone mineral vein This is a high-grade resource.

A large mineral vein should be worth at least a few billion!”

She glanced at the small mineral vein that she was mining and directly brought her pet beast, a Three-headed Snake with a Moderate King bloodline, towards the hellfire stones resource point.

In two other places of the secret realm, Tang Wen and Lu Changming also rushed towards the hellfire stone mineral vein.

After all, no matter how much they mined the other mineral veins, they could only obtain around 100 million at most.

The large high-grade resource mineral vein now was dozens of times more valuable than an ordinary mineral vein.

As such, they were naturally unwilling to not miss out on it.

The first to arrive was Cheng Fang.

His Vast Sky Eagle was very fast, and it circled in the air upon arrival.

[Vast Sky Eagle]

[Level: Sovereign Level 10]

[Bloodline: Advanced King]

[Talent: top speed, top-grade wind-type talent, high-grade strength]

[Skills: Cry, Eagle Dive, Hurricane Body, Wind Domain ]


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