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The Wild Bear floated in the vast space, engulfed by the endless loneliness as its eyes gradually dimmed.

Chu Feng sighed and said, “As expected, the Mirage Dragon is indeed very powerful.”

He pointed out a finger, and a wave of power instantly covered the Wild Bears body.

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The Wild Bear felt the invisible power on its body as its eyes gradually brightened and all the illusions in its mind were shattered.

It took a step forward, and found that its strength had been increased by 51 times!

Xiang Yufengs beast tamer talent was illusion control, which provided a terrifying boost to the Mirage Dragons illusions.

He had been using his talent when he suddenly realized that his power, as well as the illusion, had both been forcefully shattered!

Xiang Yufeng was extremely shocked, “How is this possible !”

Under normal circumstances, beasts like a Wild Bear that relied solely on its physical body to fight would find it very difficult to deal with illusion-type beasts like the Mirage Dragon.

With the Wild Bears weak soul, how could it possibly withstand the Mirage Dragons illusions

Chu Feng opened his eyes and let out a sigh of relief, “Anything is possible.”

Chu Feng had been very worried when he saw that the Wild Bear was immersed in its loneliness and its soul was about to be lost.

He had originally thought that with the strengthening of the wild body and wild domain, the Wild Bear would be able to withstand the Mirage Dragons soul invasion and soul illusion, however, he had overlooked one thing.

The Wild Bear had only been born a little over a month ago, and its mind was still very immature.

If it had been a pure spirit attack, the Wild Bear couldve resisted it.

However, the illusion just now had reflected the Wild Bears weakness in its heart, causing it to gradually sink into the illusion.

When it couldnt rely on itself to break the illusion, Chu Feng had no choice but to reveal his trump card — the SSS-rank beast tamer talent, unlimited growth.

This was the first time Chu Feng had used his beast tamer talent in a battle.

Originally, the illusion of the Mirage Dragon could isolate everything.

Even if the Wild Bears body was destroyed, it wouldnt feel any pain at all.

As such, the soul and body of the Wild Bear could be said to be completely isolated under the effects of the illusion.

However, in front of his SSS-rank beast tamer talent, the Mirage Dragon simply couldnt isolate everything.

This was Chu Fengs true trump card.

No illusion could stop his talent, unlimited growth.

When the Wild Bear realized that it was in an illusion, combined with the energy transmitted to it through unlimited growth, it could then break the illusion.

Xiang Yufeng didnt have time to think further.

He hurriedly said, “Mirage Dragon, retreat!”

No beast was perfect.

The Mirage Dragon was very powerful in terms of illusions and spiritual abilities, but its body was far weaker than the other dragons.

If the Wild Bear were to get close to it, the outcome would be tragic.

By now, Xiang Yufeng had realized that Chu Feng must have used his beast tamer talent.

This was in line with the rules.

He was also sure that Chu Feng must have paid a huge price.

As such, if he could make the Mirage Dragon come to its senses and use multiple illusions again, he would definitely be able to defeat the Wild Bear!

“Awoo!” The Wild Bears gaze was cold.

It wasnt planning on giving the Mirage Dragon any chance to escape as it immediately chased after the latter.

Its bear paw, which was wrapped in terrifying power, lashed out.

Just as the Mirage Dragon was about to be crushed by the Wild Bears punch, Xiang Yufengs pupils turned gray.

He used his A-rank elemental-type beast tamer talent, illusion control, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to put it under the supernatural-type.

With that, a majestic wave of spiritual power, along with powerful telekinesis power, invaded Chu Fengs mind.

Xiang Yufeng was very anxious.

He absolutely couldnt lose the resources which were worth a billion.

If he lost the bet, the speed at which he could advance to the king level would slow down, and he would be left far behind by the other Beastmasters in the genius camp.

He belonged to the first tier in the genius camp, and was the focus of many king-level Beastmasters.

He absolutely couldnt fail.

If he made a mistake here, he would lose all the attention and would never be able to shine in the future.

This was the genius camp and its extremely cruel competition.

To be able to have a foothold in the first tier of the genius camp, Xiang Yufeng, who was born with an A-rank beast tamer talent, had put in countless efforts.

Chu Feng was only at the extraordinary-level, so what right did he have to defeat him

Chu Feng fell into the illusion in that instant, but he didnt panic.

Instead, he looked indifferently at Xiang Yufeng, who was outside the illusion, and abruptly waved his hand, “Youre really pathetic.”

With that, a terrifying telekinesis power that carried pure energy instantly broke through the illusion.

Chu Fengs spiritual level was far higher than Xiang Yufengs.

He did, after all, have an SSS-rank beast tamer talent, so how could he be controlled by a mere A-rank beast tamer talent The seemingly unbelievable situation was actually just a corner of the abilities of the SSS-rank beast tamer talent.

Xiang Yufengs face immediately turned pale.

He said in shock, “How can you…”

He simply couldnt understand why Chu Feng could block his illusion control! Even one with an S-rank beast tamer talent couldnt break through the illusion so easily!

Xiang Yufeng cried out, “You have an SSS-rank beast tamer talent!”

This was the only possibility he could think of.

At this point, Xiang Yufeng suddenly understood.

So that was the case.

Chu Feng didnt confirm or deny Xiang Yufengs words.

He just watched as the Wild Bear used great strength that was fifty-one times stronger to send the Mirage Dragon flying.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bears expression was very cold.

The scenes from the illusion still echoed in its mind, making it very angry.

If Chu Feng hadnt had an SSS-class beast tamer talent, it might really have failed.

Once it thought of the terrifying outcome of failing, which was to lose the resources that were worth a billion, the Wild Bear felt extreme fear.


Xiang Yufengs face turned even paler.

As the Mirage Dragons bones shattered, his familiar space almost shattered as well.

Chu Feng slowly approached him and said indifferently, “Admit defeat.”

Many emotions fleeted through Xiang Yufengs expression for a moment.

Just as he was about to summon another of his beast, he was suddenly punched in the abdomen by Chu Feng.

The Intense pain hit him, causing Xiang Yufeng to curl up his body.

His consciousness became blurry, and the last bit of consciousness he had left made him press the surrender button with trembling hands.

In an instant, Xiang Yufeng and the Mirage Dragon were removed from the arena.

A voice rang out in the secret realm, “Xiang Yufeng is my son.

Consider it as me owing you a favor.”

Chu Feng nodded, accepting the favor.

He knew very well that Xiang Yufengs father, Xiang Yunfei, was a true king-level Beastmaster.

Xiang Yunfeis talent was very special, and he had always only contracted a special sword-form beast.

He had killed countless king-level foreign races on the battlefield in the alternate dimension.

If it werent for Xiang Yunfei, Chu Feng would have killed Xiang Yufeng directly.

Xiang Yunfei didnt show himself.

He only dropped a crystal, “This is a wood source crystal.

Its worth a billion.”

Pleasant surprise flashed in Chu Fengs eyes as he took the wood source crystal.

This was a true treasure.

In a sense, it was on par with the mirage grass.

“Thank you, senior,” Chu Feng bowed.

He knew very well that a wood source crystal was not just worth a billion.

In the black market, even one that was priced at one and a half billion would have more than enough buyers.

This was, after all, the most precious treasure for plant-type pet beasts.

“Theres no need for the thanks,” Xiang Yunfei said, then turned into a sword light and left.


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