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Chapter 555 Cant Pierce Through, Terrifying! Mission

“Whoosh!” An imperceptible breeze blew past outside the barrier.

The young mans eyes shifted slightly, and he seemed to be deep in thought.

Even though the feeling was so faint that it was almost non-existent, he did not treat it as an illusion.

In fact, how could a cultivator who had advanced to the true God level be wrong

“Swish!” Yin energies that were as fine as hair condensed into countless arrows and shot over, shining with cold light!

Even though the giant foxs strength had fallen to the middle God Venerable realm, its attacks could still kill God Lord realm cultivators and those below it until its enemies were completely dead.

The rain of arrows was as sharp as Chu Fengs golden light sword array! Halfway through, these countless arrows suddenly released an evil force, connecting and forming a dense mist.

Immediately after, they were instantly crushed into one black arrow by a terrifying evil power.

The arrow shot toward the youth at a speed that ordinary true Gods couldnt catch up to.

The target was the opponents glabella! As the speed was too fast, the black arrow caused large areas of the void to collapse wherever it passed.

Chu Feng calmly looked at the black arrow that was coming at him at a speed that one couldnt even react.

If one was hit, the evil power would probably enter ones body and…

On the other side, the evil bone giant fox, who was under the evil split cores complete control now, rejoiced when it saw that the other party had not reacted to the arrow at all.

A hint of excited killing intent flashed in its fiery eyes.


However, just as the black arrow was a hairs breadth away from its target, it suddenly froze.

Even though it exploded with the terrifying power of the God Venerable after that, it still couldnt get any closer!

The evil fox was annoyed and attacked Chu Feng again with flame rain, ghost soldiers, yin energy hurricanes, and so on, but it still couldnt do anything to him!

The young man silently curled his lips and raised his hand.

With that, a variety of max-level mythical skills were released one after another and worked with the barrier that covered the battlefield to show 108 moves that could greatly hurt the evil creatures.

As for the peach wood sword that had evil-vanquishing properties, Chu Feng had already put it away.

The time had not yet come to use it.

Separated by a thick barrier, Chu Fengs gaze seemed to penetrate the barrier and “see” something even further outside.

At this moment, the other party had already left quietly as if he was afraid of something.

In the evil space, the space barrier was still there, and no one knew when it would be broken by a sword.

It seemed that the time would come soon.

In the dark void, Mantoha, who was running away from the tall barrier behind him like a mouse, waited until the telekinesis power he released couldnt sense the terrifying threat behind him before slowing down his hurried steps.

He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, still feeling scared.

Mantohas current form looked more like a ball of black gas that was as tall as an adult man.

He had put away his previous octopus cat body for special reasons.

To put it simply, he really didnt want to see his body suffer at the hands of others for now.

He had just happened to pass by during the process of rapid teleportation, but he didnt expect that he would still be sensed even at such a long distance.

Mantoha was secretly shocked and subconsciously compared that pressure with the powerful evil race beings that he had come into contact with in the past.

He had a feeling that the human Beastmaster was even more terrifying than a God Venerable!

After coming to such a conclusion, his eyes widened, and he was shocked to the extreme.

This is impossible! The Mirage Butterfly from earlier, whose strength was far stronger than its cultivation level, was already so strong that it was almost heaven-defying! How could a Beastmaster emitting immortal-level aura be on par with a God Venerable or higher

Mantohas heart was in turmoil.

All kinds of suspicion, shock, and other emotions stirred his heart into a mess.

The overly shocked state of mind paralyzed him, making it difficult for him to move an inch.

He had no choice but to stop and float in the dark void, forcibly regaining his consciousness in a state of shock and confusion.

Two seconds later, Mantoha came to a conclusion: That human youth must have concealed his strength, and there must have been a problem with the evil main cores skill calculations! Otherwise, how could a human and a beast who had just entered the true God level less than two months ago have the power of a God Venerable

Even if the other party used all kinds of secret techniques and downed supreme-grade elixirs every day, it was still impossible! In his bewilderment, Mantoha thought of another possibility.

If the other party wasnt hiding his strength, then perhaps he had taken some kind of divine pill before entering the evil space, or perhaps he had a precious treasure…

As he thought of this, a hint of greed flashed in Mantohas eyes, “If I can get my hands on it, I might be able to break through the bottleneck of my current level and directly rise to the God Emperor realm, which is above the God Venerable realm!”

It seems that the guess he had casually made earlier was right…

It was a pity that the Beastmaster was simply too strong, and seemed to still be in his peak state.

If he wanted to obtain the other partys divine treasure, he would have to wait until both the Beastmaster and the evil fox were severely injured.

With this thought in mind, the black figure floating in the air suddenly burst into loud laughter.

It was as if he had already obtained the priceless treasure!

After some thought and undergoing an emotional roller-coaster, Mantoha was even more concerned about the mission the core supervisor had given him.

“Obstruct the Mirage Butterfly! Interrupt, slow down, and disrupt its rhythm to prevent the other party from really finding the last resurrection array in the outer layer of the evil space and completely destroying it.

However, this task doesnt require too much attention.

After all, that butterflys array skills are at most at the God Venerable realm.”

“Hold off the dragon and bear, beasts who have newly arrived! Fight with them to hold them back so they dont rush to the Beastmasters aid, and find an opportunity to kill them!”

“In addition, if its possible, capture that traitor, the golden skeleton.

I need more powerful combat power!”

As soon as he thought of the main core, the missions the latter had given him sounded in his mind.

“The Mirage Butterfly, dragon, bear… and the golden skeleton,” As he thought about it, Mantoha frowned.

With so many mission targets, the evil main core was simply using him as a tool.

That being said, the beastmaster cultivation system was limited by the Beastmasters talents, as well as their limited resources.

Generally, Beastmasters only had one or two strongest beasts under them.

Excluding the Mirage Butterfly, the target that he was bound to return empty-handed, the next operations should go smoothly.

However… If he could hold those two beasts hostage, he might be able to use them to dig out that human Beastmasters huge secret.

At that time, he may even raise his strength to a higher level!

While thinking, Mantoha did not forget to hurry on his way.

Because he had already obtained the space travel authority from the supervisor, it did not take long for him to arrive at his destination.

“Whoosh!” A gust of cold wind blew out of thin air, causing the Wild Bear, who was sweating profusely from the heat a few minutes ago, to frown.


“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon sensed that something was wrong and thought, “Enemy attack!”

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