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Chapter 554: Impossible, Level SS Space

While the supervisor was secretly pondering, Mantoha used the benefits he had just seized from the evil main core to rush forward.

As he walked and pondered, he couldnt help but be curious about the human youth.

What kind of human Beastmaster was able to raise a common bug in Gods world to such a terrifying level

It was a pity that the battle he was in charge of was not over there.

Otherwise, if he could meet the Beastmaster, his trip to Gods world would not have been in vain.

When Mantoha thought of this, other than feeling pity, he also had some complicated feelings.

He couldnt even defeat the butterfly, so what if that human was stronger

Although most human Beastmasters were weaker than their beasts, some very strong Beastmasters truly lived up to their reputation of being “invincible in the same realm”!

In most cases, this “realm” referred to the minor realms on the same level.

Of course, some Beastmasters could cross one or two minor realms and face opponents stronger than them.

For example, a newly-advanced immortal level Beastmaster could suppress an immortal Star-Lord or Region Lord; A World King Beastmaster would be able to suppress Immortal World Lords and World Kings, and might even have the power to fight against an Immortal World Venerable!

At the true God level, human Beastmasters who had just entered the true God level could crush the beginner, intermediate, and advanced true Gods! When a Beastmaster became a God General, God Marquis, or God King, the Beastmaster would truly be invincible in the same realm.

The God Generals could kill other God Generals, and the God Kings could kill other God Kings!

However, the ones who carried out such one-on-one kills were usually the strongest beast under the Beastmasters command.

Then, there were the God Lords, God Venerables, and God Emperors who were stronger than the God General, God Marquis, and God King realms.

Beastmasters in those realms were basically “invincible” in the same minor realms.

For example, a peak God Lord realm Beastmaster could kill other God Lord realm cultivators, a middle and higher God Venerable could kill higher God Venerables, and a lower God Emperor could kill other lower God Emperors.

A Beastmaster with powerful beasts couldnt possibly be weak!

Although Mantoha had never officially met that human Beastmaster, he could tell that the human was extremely powerful just by looking at the Mirage Butterfly the other party had raised!

As such, even if he didnt want to believe, or dared not believe, that a human who had just entered the true God level would be so powerful, he didnt have the heart to send himself to his doorstep to be killed by a human Beastmaster who was likely to be far stronger than him.

He had his own mission now!

Mantoha had just discussed with the evil main core for a while.

He estimated that even if the Mirage Butterfly arrived at the location, it was very likely that the other party would not be able to find the last resurrection array on the outer layer of the evil space.

Even if she did find it, the success rate of her affecting the array greatly was only 0.0…01% at most! Although the Mirage Butterfly had shown its profound knowledge about arrays, no matter how profound her knowledge was, her knowledge about arrays couldnt possibly reach the true God array emperor level before her cultivation reached the God Venerable realm!

In addition, the mirage butterfly races initial talents were only in the fields of illusion and space.

At most, they would also have a spirit-type talent… Arrays were not something they could play with!

In other words, even if she successfully arrived and found the array, it would be a waste of time and energy!

The evil main core couldnt agree more with this.

That resurrection array was the king of the arrays that it had taken from the evil races absolute arrays.

Unless the Mirage Butterflys attainments in array techniques were comparable to true God-level array emperors, she couldnt do anything to the array.

As for true God-level array emperors, let alone Gods world, even in the huge evil world, there were less than five of them!

Due to this, after Mantoha had communicated with the supervisor, he had already marked a big X in his heart on “the journey of that Mirage Butterfly”.

It was obviously an impossible task, yet the other party still wanted to waste time on it.

What a joke! Thinking of this, the anger in his heart finally dissipated.

“Butterfly, oh, butterfly, so what if youre stronger than me What youre pursuing is just a pipe dream.

The final victory will definitely be mine!”

What a coincidence, the evil main core thought the same.

Of course, its self-confidence was not groundless.

There was a cause and effect.

One reason was that the main core knew how powerful the array was.

After all, it was taken from a level SSS evil space! The level differentiations of S, SS, and SSS of such spaces were different from the classification of Beastmaster talents.

A level S evil space in the evil world was equivalent to the common peak immortal level, while level SS evil spaces were at the peak of the true God level, and level SSS evil spaces had Supreme existences as their threshold!

If not for a stroke of luck, with the evil main cores current level, it wouldnt have been able to lay its hands on a level SSS evil space, even if it was a level SSS evil space that was about to collapse!

The second reason for its confidence was that the resurrection array was too important, so it had sent evil split cores there to guard the array.

It was precisely because it knew that there was no major problem with the resurrection array that the core supervisor was not too worried despite the constant emergency reports from the evil space.

“This is my home ground after all.

When the forces of those weaklings from Gods world are exhausted, I can take them down without losing a single soldier! Hhehehehehe, when the time comes, Ill let them have a taste of what it means to have a fate worse than death!”

As for whether or not the energy pond would be exhausted, the main core had never considered that.

After all, living beings from Gods world in the evil space would consume a large amount of energy even if they were not moving, let alone the human Beastmaster who was constantly fighting!

Therefore, being at a disadvantage for a moment was not a big deal to the supervisor.

Even if the evil bone red fox died, it could still be resurrected!

As for the yin energies that were annihilated in the process of the battle, to put it another way, they were simply the “price to pay for success”.

It had to be said that the young man was worthy of being called God Chu since he managed to hold on until now under all kinds of consumption! However, even if countless underground dark net viewers were waiting expectantly outside, it was absolutely impossible for the human to escape from this space!

The evil main core looked at the evil fruit that it had rapidly catalyzed with its divine source and couldnt help but let out a sinister laugh.

The supervisor laughed even more excitedly when it thought about its orders to Mantoha.

“God Chu And your beasts… Next, you will be toyed with by me!”

The dark void became extremely distorted along with its masters emotions, and one could vaguely hear the savage laughter.

Inside the double barrier, Chu Feng looked at the giant fox that had shrunk, and his emotions were calm.

Outside the barrier, the endless yin energies that had been “tricked” out had been quietly refined by the Astral Spirit.

Hera hid again and began to refine the level SS evil space bit by bit like before.

The process was like moving a huge mountain.

It might take longer, but it didnt matter.

Behind her were many comrades moving forward together!

In the distance, the Wild Bear, Azure Dragon, and golden bone Empress Tang Li stopped in their tracks because an enemy had appeared on their way.

In a place even further away, the Mirage Butterfly and the Taotie divine fire also had another obstacle in their way.

Outside the evil space, on the game ground, the two groups of people arrived at the underground game ground named the grand escape where Mystic, Lila, and the others were located.

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