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The saying went: Just because one cant see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

Even if the Mirage Butterfly couldnt see it or sense it with her divine sense, she didnt let down her guard.

She looked at the time and found that she had spent almost two minutes on the octopus.

When she thought about how the other humans and beasts were still fighting, she immediately turned around and left, preparing to rush to her destination.

However, the sound of water splashing interrupted her.

She subconsciously looked in that direction, then she heard a louder splash.

When she turned her head again, she heard a louder movement than before.

The sounds of water splashing sounded one after another.

It was as if she had fallen into an illusion!

A black mist hidden in the crack of the deep space looked through a water mirror at the butterfly who was fluttering around while trapped on the spot and cackled, “Hehehe… A body that is so suitable for cultivating the path of the sky demon is mine!”

After the Mirage Butterfly made its 25th-and-a-half circle, a mass of extreme black appeared in the dark void.

Thin black threads emerged from the black mass that was something between liquid and gas.

The threads stretched out in the direction of the Mirage Butterfly, covering it like a huge net!

At the same time, in the dangerous void far away, the “octopus cat” broke through the danger zone and the surrounding arrays.

Then, it suddenly opened its bloody mouth and pounced at the flame!

“To think you dare to place such a nourishing item by my side.

Ill kindly accept it!”

The creatures that lived in the evil world were different from the creatures in Gods world.

To the evil race, anything that contained power was a great tonic regardless of whether it could be eaten or not.

In other words, what couldnt kill them would make them stronger after devouring it!

“Hehehehe… By the time I take your body, I can then eat my old vessel.

This octopus is one of the best demons in the Hanxi Region of the evil world!”

The Taotie divine fire flickered in the foul wind as if it couldnt react in time to how the other party had suddenly broken through the danger zone and the restraints of the array.

The fires innocent look made the octopus cat drool as if it was thinking of some delicious tender meat.

“Although this divine fire cant compare to the butterfly, if I gain the ability to devour, Ill definitely be able to rely on the food orders law of “big fish eating small fish” to continuously become stronger.

Hehe, I might even be able to devour the evil god!” Thinking of this, the octopus cat smacked its mouth and grabbed at the divine fire with its two tentacles!

At this moment, the place where the Taotie divine fire was suddenly shone with a bright light.

At the same time, the octopus cat suddenly felt a strong suction force behind it.

“Buzz…” While the array buzzed, the fire suddenly expanded into a huge flame and firmly grabbed the two tentacles that reached over! At the same time, the array suddenly exploded.

Following this, the fire disappeared under the octopus cats incredulous gaze and screams of pain.

“Pfft!” Blue-black blood spurted out of the octopus cats wound and poured into the two dark voids.

“Ah! Damn it! Damned lowly creature!” The furious octopus cat kept roaring.

The black octopus body, which only had six complete tentacles left, writhed in pain in the dark void.

However, what was more unbearable than the physical pain was heartache.

It realized that it must have been fooled!

“Ahhhh!!” It couldnt accept it and felt that the matter was a huge blow.

It couldnt wait for the other party to die immediately.

The intense emotions collided like ten thousand galloping horses, almost completely shattering the octopus cats reason!

After a long time, it barely managed to recover from its anger.

“… No, this cant do.

As a powerful evil race, I cant make such a mistake! I, Mantoha, will definitely make the living beings of Gods world pay ten times, a hundred times, and even ten million times the price! I will make them die miserable deaths and annihilate their godly souls!”

After regaining its rationality, Mantoha looked at the injuries on its temporary body that could not be healed in a short time, and its hatred for the flame and the butterfly grew.

Thinking of the butterfly, it immediately communicated with its clone through the evil bead.

Although No.

02 had lost its octopus body, it remembered that No.02 had told it that the butterfly had fallen into an illusion just now.

The image of the Mirage Butterfly fluttering around mindlessly flashed in Mantohas mind.

Thinking of this, its mood which had been a mixture of anger, depression, and denial improved a little.

“Forget it.

So what if the seed with the devouring ability is gone Either way, the evil core shouldnt be able to summon any other evil race for now… Ill definitely be able to devour it in the future! Whats important is the body of the sky demon.

Although Im from the evil race, such a great tonic… Whether I use it as my main body to cultivate or eat it up straight, it will greatly increase my strength! At that time, I can even leave the evil space and go to Gods world to have fresh meat!” With this thought, Mantoha could not help but cackle.

After a few laughs, its clone finally picked up the call.

Without waiting for the other party to report the battle situation, Mantoha directly took control of No.02s body.

However, when it raised its “eyes” and looked around impatiently, it did not see the “battle trophy” that it had expected! Rather, other than the void, there was only the void.

There was nothing else!

It felt surprised, puzzled, and confused…

A moment later, Manhaton searched through No.02s memories.

When it saw how the stupid butterfly had disappeared in its sea of consciousness, it felt its liver ache with anger even though it had no organs!

“Damn you… Damn these weaklings from Gods world! I will destroy your souls!” The angry roar reverberated in the dark void, causing a large part of the void to collapse.

After a while, the anger was directed elsewhere.

Mantoha roared again and again, “Trash! Useless trash!”

Perhaps it was because it was too angry, but after it left No.02s body, it immediately lifted its clones crippled octopus body and asked the evil main core for work injury compensation!

At this moment, the Mirage Butterfly had already met up with the Taotie divine fire, who was holding two tentacles.

After putting away a roasted tentacle of the extraterrestrial octopus, Fei Nuo Sha set off on her journey with the Taotie divine fire, which was devouring another tentacle.

As for the octopus cat 02 that had been tricked by the phantom image, Fei Nuo Sha simply put it to the back of her mind for the time being.

Of course, she didnt forget to share the latest information on the monsters with her Beastmaster and other beasts.

[Octopus Cat (to be determined)]

[It is initially in a transparent glass form.

Under special circumstances, it will transform into the form of a black octopus cat.

The black substance in its body can be free from the shackles of the physical body and is suspected to have the ability to possess.

It mainly uses its tentacles to move and attack and is proficient in many skills]

[Comprehended Skills: Including but not limited to array breaking, space-type skills, disguise, clone, elemental transformation,…]

[Note: The black substance is highly lively and can even perform biological activities such as hunting.

It has also been absorbing traces of yin energy, dark energy, and the evil worlds origin all this time.

Its blood is blue and black, and Taotie has certified that its tentacles are chewy and delicious when roasted (no).]

Having said that, part of the information had only been completed thanks to the two tentacles brought by the divine fire.

The butterfly and the fire sped all the way, getting closer to their destination.

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