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“Whoosh! Whoosh!” Several attacks with black light were reflected in Chu Fengs eyes.

He raised his head and gave the enemy a faint smile, a dark light flashing in his eyes.

In the next moment, booming sounds of explosions rang out.

The attacks with strange dark lights were shattered before the giant fox and the evil cores astonished eyes, but the young man hadnt even moved a finger!

Chu Feng took another step forward as they remained shocked.

As he did so, the powerful force caused the void under his feet to rumble.

However, the vast divine strength was immediately compressed into a thin thread and instantly darted under the feet of the evil bone giant fox.

Before the latter could react, it exploded.

“Boom!” Just the power alone was not enough to cause any harm to the giant fox.

just as the evil core was about to mock the Gods world cultivator for being too naive, it was suddenly stunned, “H-how could this be!”

After the vast divine strength exploded under the giant foxs feet, it dissipated as it had expected.

However, as soon as it dispersed into invisible smoke, it immediately entangled the giant fox as if it were maggots on a rotten bone.

Not only did it attach itself to the surface of the foxs body and take root on the skin, it even invaded its soul! Furthermore, the terrifying divine strength that contained the holy attribute and evil-vanquishing power stirred within the giant foxs body!

“Owww!” Due to the violent pain, the evil fox couldnt help but howl in pain.

At the same time, the countless evil creatures in the evil foxs body were also wailing.

“Ah, it hurts!”

“Damn it, quickly kill him!”

The miserable cries and sniveling sounds mixed.

At this moment, the yin energies that were eroded by the holy power and evil-vanquishing power were like a mortal facing concentrated sulfuric acid.

They wailed with the pain.

As they also felt the pain, the bone fox and the yin energies hated the person who caused them to suffer even more! Even the main split core that was hidden among the countless evil creatures was in so much pain that it cursed.

As for what they cursed the human with, it was nothing more than the word “death”.

Seeing this, Chu Feng couldnt help but smile.

When he saw that the evil bone giant foxs rationality had been eroded by the pain, and it was thus hit by the automatic artillery skills he had released earlier, his smile grew even wider.

If it was hit once, it would be hit a second time.

With that, all sorts of artillery fire from tricky angles bombarded the enemy.

“Bang, bang, bang!” The next period was continuous explosions.

When one side was being attacked, the other side was also being attacked.

however, after Chu Feng adjusted some of the protective barriers settings, he didnt hear the explosion sounds in his ears anymore.

The almost invisible protective barrier was now covered with a layer of tough and elastic translucent slime.

By the time the ferocious and evil creatures in the dark void pounced over again, they would either have their teeth shattered or be bounced back ten times faster the moment they touched the protective barrier.

In other words, the evil creatures that could have slightly hindered Chu Feng were now comparable to a pebble on the side of the road!

Seeing the young man wandering in the void and ignoring the evil creatures around him, the core supervisor, who was watching the battle through the evil split core, felt hatred.

It roared in dissatisfaction, “Trash, why dont you kill him quickly!”

This thought was like a thunderclap in the ear of the split core.

At the same time, the few split cores that felt the supervisors monstrous anger could not help but tense up.

Putting aside the others who had tasks, the split core that was bearing the brunt of the main cores scoldings, suddenly came back to its senses and replied without thinking, ” Yes.”

Obedience had long been engraved in its soul! On the battlefield, Chu Feng didnt hear the thought directed at the main cores evil subordinate, but he could feel that the atmosphere had changed at a certain moment.

“Roar!” The giant fox howled like a wolf, and the various powers in its body were once again concentrated.

Then, it unleashed its real combat power.

“A higher God Venerable!”

just as Chu Feng said those words, he heard the enemys movements not far away.

“Bang, bang, boom!”

In just a breaths time, all the shackles on the giant fox and its surroundings were shattered!

At the same time, the power that was suppressing the young mans body soared!

“Pfft!” Splatters of blood spurted out.

Chu Feng glanced at the pieces of organs in the pool of dark red blood but wasnt surprised.

Ultimately, no matter how strong he was, he was still just an Immortal God.

On the other hand, his opponent on the battlefield was still a true half-step higher God Venerable, even though it had borrowed evil power that didnt belong to it!

At this moment, let alone an immortal or an ordinary true God, even Tang Li, who was only one or two realms lower than the evil bone giant fox, could be killed by the other party!

“… Bang!”

Suddenly, the sound of explosions stopped.

The young man knew that the next one to be dealt with was him.

After realizing this, Chu Feng lowered his head and smiled instead.

His laughter echoed in the dark void, causing the evil bone fox, who was about to attack, to feel confused, “Have you gone crazy”

The giant fox asked doubtfully, then received a reply from its higher-up, “Do you even need to ask Hes laughing when hes about to die.

Of course hes gone crazy.”

After the evil split core spoke, the countless evil creature subordinates under it echoed in agreement.

“The split core is right, this kid has indeed gone crazy!”

“He made us suffer so much just now.

Now that I think about it, I still feel that he is very detestable… Evil bone fox, lord split core, we must not let him off easily!”

“Why dont we cut him into eight pieces first”

“Wed better skin him alive, grind his bones to dust, then only destroy his divine soul.

Its a full combo.”

“Do what you like, but we must make him beg for death!”

“I see that his bones are exceptional, very suitable for evil puppets.

I think it would be fun to make him a slave.”

“The final decision still depends on the supervisor.”

“Since thats the case, then lets first let him experience what it means to be in so much pain that he would rather die!”

As if in agreement with the suggestion of the evil creatures, the evil beings in the dark void kept on letting out some unknown sound waves that sounded like sinister cackles.

The young man, who had originally planned to rush over and kill the enemy himself, suddenly thought of something and stopped in his tracks.

Under the countless malicious eyes, he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to rest instead!

No one knew what kind of secret technique he used, but in the next moment, his slightly pale face turned a little better.

Seeing an unexpected recuperating scene on the battlefield, someone exclaimed, “Youre really looking for death!”

“Redbone fox, cut the crap!” The evil split core berated sternly, “Hurry up and attack!”

The giant evil bone fox was not angry at being scolded.

Instead, it “obeyed its superior” like the split core had obeyed the main core.

It raised its two red claws and slapped at the man several times.

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