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The reason why the octopus cat had the illusion that the powerful butterfly was still here was all because the Mirage Butterfly had profound attainments in space and arrays.

It was because she had dozens of max-level mythological skills, a principle of space that had already risen to over level 100, and attainments in array techniques that were only weaker than her divine-level illusion, spatial, and spiritual talents that she could use the composite array with such ease.

Rather, in the evil world, quite a number of living beings specialized in array techniques.

Otherwise, there wouldnt have been so many evil arrays in this evil space.

The level one and level two evil arrays that the Mirage Butterfly had to destroy were only slightly weaker than the “absolute” and “ancient” series of arrays.

Just like how some human names had “sequences” in them, the arrays were also graded.

However, for most arrays, their power had not reached the level of being graded.

At present, there were only three graded arrays, the ancient arrays, the absolute arrays, and the of arrays.

For example, the evil ancient array that had been a flash in a pan before Chu Feng was an ancient array that had existed for even longer than the Supreme existences!

The absolute arrays were powerful arrays that were only inferior to the ancient arrays.

They were comparable to the supreme! As for the of arrays, they are roughly equivalent to the God Lords, God Venerables, and God Emperors among cultivators.

For example, the evil array near the white bone pond was an of array.

Because it had the effect of “endless resurrection”, it was thus also called a “resurrection array”, which was the best even among the of arrays!

Previously, at the battlefield of the white bone pond, Chu Feng was able to “dig out” the evil array because of the Mirage Butterflys high attainments in arrays.

Apart from the ancient, absolute, and of arrays, the effects of the other arrays were arranged in numbers.

Level one arrays were the strongest, and the numbers would decrease in succession with the decreasing strength.

Take the outer layer of the evil space as an example.

There were countless arrays in this boundless space.

Among them, 99.9% were at level 3 or lower.

There were so many of them that it was impossible to count.

In addition, there were hundreds of level two arrays and only less than 40 level one arrays.

Under the continuous explosions of the Mirage Butterfly and Chu Feng, there were only a few level 1 arrays left in the outer layer of the evil space now!

Most of the level two arrays that were destroyed as the Mirage Butterfly headed to its last target array were extremely close to the weakest of level one arrays.

They could be considered weakened versions of level-one arrays.

Once that powerful evil array was destroyed, the strength of the evil race who had lost the effects of the resurrection array would definitely be greatly reduced.

At that time, unless they were born with the ability to be resurrected, they would all only have one life.

With that, the result would depend on who was stronger!

Although the sole octopus cat now seemed like a defeated tiger that could even be bullied by a dog, its combat strength was comparable to a God Venerable!

The reason why the evil race was so strong was mainly thanks to their army.

When their army moved out, they could sweep everything in their path!

Individually, even the octopus cat, a powerful evil race member whose strength was indiscernible, could not compare to the evil fox monster, which was now several times stronger!

However, the evil main core had no other choice either.

It did not want to use up all of its treasures in the evil space to nurture the evil seed.

Now that the fastest-growing evil fruit had already been given out, it had to wait for a while.

Fortunately, the regulations of the supervisor had stated that the evil core was to absorb the origin as soon as possible after entering the target universe, which the evil core had strictly followed.

Although it had done so carefully so as not to be discovered by the experts in Gods world and had thus only accumulated a small amount of the divine source, if it used it sparingly, it could soon invite a few evil generals to hold the fort.

As for the more powerful armies, they would naturally be summoned by extracting Gods worlds origin later!

Now, the core supervisor no longer cared if it would be discovered by any Supreme existences.

As long as it didnt go too far, it should be fine if it stayed dormant for a while in the future.

All it could think of now was to quickly get rid of that human Beastmaster surnamed Chu and his beasts! In addition, the main core also wanted to teach the traitor, the golden-bone Empress, a lesson.

No matter what the other party was thinking, since she dared to disobey the evil Gods will, it would make her wish she was dead when it had some free time after all this!

In the depths of the evil space, the supervisor looked at the void with a sinister gaze.

After a while, as if it had thought of something, it suddenly laughed again, “Just wait for the evil races powerful army to arrive… By then, even the famous and outstanding army in Gods world wont be able to snatch the fruits of victory from the hands of the great evil race, let alone a few weak gods!”

Going back to a few minutes ago to the place where the human and fox were battling.

The two extremely powerful forces collided, and the sound waves created could even kill a true God on the spot.

at this moment, the evil power and the vast divine power were evenly matched in terms of strength!

The formers realm was higher and was fused with countless evil creatures, so its strength was unquestionable.

In contrast, the latter might not be as strong as the other in terms of cultivation and numbers, but Chu Feng currently had more than a hundred max-level mythical skills.

This meant that his strength had entered a terrifying realm that no one below the invincible true God level had ever come into contact with or even heard of!

Moreover, not only were his mythical skills at the maximum level, but his principle source powers were also mostly over level 100! 99.9.9% of cultivators could only reach level ten at most in their entire lives.

In other words, in terms of the “quality” of power, Chu Fengs vast divine power crushed the evil power! It was because of this that he was able to resist countless evil energies.

Even though the majority of it was just the yin energies that were at the bottom of the pyramid of power in the evil world, they were still far from what ordinary true gods could resist.

Let alone ordinary gods, even the God Supreme of the eastern divine region, who was known as invincible, would be at a disadvantage if he were here at this moment and faced the same situation as Chu Feng.

He could quite possibly die on the spot in the evil space if things went wrong!

“Boom!” The two forces collided violently, causing the evil space to buzz as if it would collapse into nothingness in the next second.

Everything in the surroundings was crumbling, causing the dark void to be filled with unprecedented noise and emptiness.

In contrast, the core of the battlefield, where two great energies were clashing, was like the eye of the storm, extremely calm! Separated by a large piece of the void that seemed to have been extracted, the human and the fox looked at each other.

One of them was indifferent, while the other had a fierce look in its fox eyes.

In the next moment, before the violent storm around them subsided, Chu Feng suddenly moved.

God knows what skill it was, but he disappeared entirely into space which was even more terrifying than the dangerous zone.

The giant evil fox on the other side watched as the person disappeared, and the vigilance and killing intent in its heart grew stronger.

As it was thinking, its ears suddenly moved.

Without further thought, the giant fox immediately dodged to the side with unparalleled agility.

“Whoosh!” A sharp sword intent shot through the air, aiming straight at the foxs eye.

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