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The evil bone red fox was a giant monster formed by the combination of the red bone nine-tailed fox, countless yin energies, dark evil spirits, and some array power.

it was also known as the evil fox monster.

Although the red bone fox looked big and strong, in the eyes of the octopus cat and the core supervisor, it was still no different from a tool.

After all, without the support of countless evil spirits and arrays, the red bone fox would not be as strong as it was now! in addition, its source was the white bone bride which wasnt an evil world creature, to begin with…

Even if the red bone fox seemed very powerful now, after a while, it would be like a tool whose durability dropped to zero and would be gone with a “poof”.

Having said that, only two beings knew about this, namely the core supervisor and the octopus cat, but they were indifferent to this.

The red bone fox, which was being treated simply as a tool, had now been transformed into a fighting machine!

As a fighting machine, it only knew how to kill.

It did not know that far away in the void, a powerful evil race who had just arrived was secretly blaming it, the tool, for not being strong enough.

“Isnt its opponent just a weak God Its already been a few minutes, and it still hasnt taken him down” The divine light in the octopus cats eyes flickered as it thought of this.

The light jumped between blue and red, seemingly like a machine that was not connected well.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a few space-time turbulences swept over.

With its battle experience, the octopus cat managed to avoid the turbulence in the dangerous dark void.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” After dodging the chaotic currents that appeared randomly in the dangerous zone of the dark void, countless spatial blades shot over in the next moment.

They were fast, sharp, and everywhere!

“Thats strange.

Usually, there wouldnt be so many spatial blades in the dark void.

Besides, the power of the previous turbulence wasnt particularly strong.

Logically speaking, it shouldnt have caused such a large number of spatial blades,” As it was puzzled, the octopus cat twisted its tentacles in the air.

With that, a very solid translucent barrier was built around it, which shattered the spatial blades that were coming at it!

Clang! Clang!

However, these spatial blades that were shattered into countless pieces made the dark void, which had been gradually calming down, tremble again.

It didnt take long for the octopus cat to be occupied.

While dealing with all kinds of attacks that could not have been caused by the dangerous dark void, it did not forget to roar with anger, “You damned lowly creature, how dare you take the opportunity to attack me! Dont creatures of Gods world claim to be righteous To think you performed a sneak attack… Damn it, when I get out of the dangerous zone, Ill kill you!”

“Mi-meh~” The Mirage Butterfly looked at the results of her hard work in a good mood and ignored the enemys words.

If she had been that easy to kill, they would have been at each others throats when they first met.

After a series of arrangements, Fei Nuo Sha finally figured it out.

As she had said before, the powerful evil array must be broken, and the extraterritorial evil race must be killed as well!

For the time being, she still didnt know what the situation was like with the last of the three great evil arrays, so she had to go over.

In that case, the important task of restraining or killing the octopus cat, a strong enemy, could only be handed over to others.

“Even though I have spirit-type talent, splitting the soul is very important for my future cultivation.

Its always easier to split than to merge, so Id better not try it… Unless its someone as strong as the boss, or someone with special abilities like the Astral Spirit or Taotie, its very easy for the souls of others to be destroyed in the process!” As she thought about it, the Mirage Butterfly called over Taoties divine fire, which had been in the background for a while, and gave it some instructions.


The divine fire contained a part of Taoties consciousness, so it could basically be regarded as Taoties clone.

As it received the important information that came from the Mirage Butterfly through the max-level Communication, the divine fire flickered even though there was no wind.

The flickering seemed to be the fires action of nodding in agreement.

After spending some time giving instructions, the Mirage Butterfly quickly left under the angry and resentful eyes of the octopus cat.

To her, she didnt need to care too much about her enemys emotions.

After all, the latter was going to die anyway!

Without the Mirage Butterflys oppressive aura, the powerful evil race began to clamor again.

It charged at the tiny flame and released a sound wave attack like a ferocious tiger, “Roar!”

The divine flame didnt dodge, nor did it use the devouring skill it was best at.

To be honest, Taotie was only an eighth realm immortal-level beast now, so its divine fire was not qualified to fight against a powerful evil races member head-on.

That didnt matter, though.

After all, power didnt just come from the extreme strength that an individual could unleash, but also the potential energy that could be used behind it.

Just like at this moment, Taoties divine fire imitated the calm attitude it had learned from its Beastmaster and only slightly changed the direction of its flame tongue before spatial energy started fighting for it.

An invisible barrier was instantly created and even reflected the incoming sound wave attack! Furthermore, it was an enhanced version!

The octopus cat, who had not forgotten to cause trouble while still being in the dangerous zone, was stunned to see the sound wave attack suddenly hit a protective barrier instead.

Then, the barrier was actually shattered.


Shock, astonishment, confusion, and many other emotions intertwined in the octopus cats heart as it shouted in disbelief, “No, this is impossible!! Didnt that heaven-defying beast whose strength far exceeds her true realm leave Why, why is her power still here That spatial divine power doesnt seem to have weakened at all either! No, this is impossible!”

In the void, there was no other sound except the roars of the octopus cat.

It was like a clown that no one cared about.

It could laugh or cry, but no one cared.

However, these complicated emotions were quickly forced to be suppressed.

“Whoosh! Whoosh” An endless stream of attacks shot out from the invisible barrier around Taoties divine fire.

The firepower was even comparable to that of Mystic!

Just as the Mirage Butterfly had said before, what she had set up was a complex array that had automatic sensing, attack, defense, teleportation, and many other functions in one.

Before she left, she said this, “Let this complex array, which can teleport you to me when it senses the situation is bad, take my place for a while.

Itll keep you company for now while you stay here!”

The so-called “bad situation” was not so abstract.

The trigger the Mirage Butterfly had set in the array was when Taoties divine fire and the void could not restrain the octopus cat.

Although the settings and the array were quite rough due to the short time the Mirage Butterfly had used to set it up, it was enough for the time being.

In fact, as long as Taoties divine fire was safe and the perilous dark space could hold the octopus cat back for a while, this temporary composite array could be considered to have done more than the Mirage Butterfly had asked for.

Speaking of which, she had gotten the inspiration for the automatic mechanism from her Beastmaster.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!” Countless attacks came in an endless stream.

The octopus cat, which felt that everything around it seemed to be targeting it, was about to have a breakdown.

It shrieked hysterically, its crazy posture extremely vicious, “Damn it, damn it! When I leave this place, Ill definitely kill all of you damn lowly creatures until your souls are destroyed!”

A moment later, an earth-shaking sound was heard.


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