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As the saying goes, one couldnt have the best of both worlds, so one should choose the more valuable of the two.

There was also a proverb that one had to choose the lesser of two evils and the greater of two benefits.

At this moment, the problem was placed before the Mirage Butterfly.

Should she leave and head to an even further unknown destination, or should she stay here and maintain the current state

The Mirage Butterfly looked at the struggling octopus cat in the spatial rift and paused, her beautiful eyes showing that she was deep in thought.

The wise man who wrote that one couldnt have the best of both worlds had once said that beings tend to choose life over death.

But the choice she was facing now was not one of life or death.

Instead, it was whether she should think of ways to get rid of the octopus cat first before going to destroy the last of the three evil arrays, or ignore the enemy and go straight to the evil array and deal with it first before anything else.

At this moment, whether it was to kill the enemy or to break the evil array, both were extremely important!

A choice, she had to make a choice…

If she didnt make a choice as soon as power and put her will into action, the urgent problem would hinder her progress!

Only by taking action to solve the problem, or even rushing towards the solution, would it be possible to push open the locked door before countless people in the future and come into contact with the new world behind the door.

Only then would it be possible to realize what ones heart desired.

Only by defeating countless “obstacles” could one become stronger in the future and go further on the path of the strong! As such, right now, the strong Mirage Butterfly was facing such a difficult problem.

When faced with problems and difficulties, if one didnt start, one would never be able to walk toward the end.

At this moment, “killing the enemy” was very important since a chance when the octopus cat was in trouble would not come again.

Yet at the same time, “breaking the array” was also very important since that giant monsters strength was already extremely strong!

If she chose the former and stayed here to deal with the octopus cat, although she had a certain chance of winning, the other party was, after all, a powerful evil race being whom she had very limited information at the moment.

Even if the Mirage Butterfly believed that she could deal with it, it would still take some time.

Yet now, every second was extremely precious!

If the giant fox used an ultimate killing move on Chu Feng, he would be finished!

This wont do.

She had to deal with the powerful evil array first!

at present, only the destruction of the evil array could destroy the evil core supervisors sinister plan of sacrificing all of them.

Once the evil array was destroyed, the sacrificial array would be affected, and the most powerful evil fox monster on the enemys side would also be affected.

Its powerful combat strength, which was supported by the yin energies and the evil array, would definitely be greatly reduced!

“Boom!” Suddenly, an earth-shaking sound came from the distance.

This sound triggered the Mirage Butterflys wings to resonate, and she suddenly came back to her senses.

Before she could think further, a sound suddenly exploded in her ear again.

“Bang!” Then, a strong suction force no less than the one the octopus cat had just felt suddenly came from the Mirage Butterflys right side.

The suction force that was attempting to pull her in was powerful and savage, a force so powerful and terrifying that it could even exterminate a middle God Lords soul!

Chu Fengs butterfly was in danger! Seeing this, the octopus cat, who was trapped in the turbulence of the void, suddenly let out a sound similar to a cat snoring.

“Gululu…” It even sounded like it was mocking her.

it seemed to be saying, “Come down and join me!”

Logically speaking, this voice would be drowned out by the various movements in the chaotic void, but the Mirage Butterfly, who was facing the terrifying suction force, still heard it clearly.

“Mi-meh!” While she was expressing her dissatisfaction, she didnt forget to move.

The butterflys wings, which werent wide and looked beautiful but weak, began to flap continuously.

Every time it flapped, the force that was trying to pull the Mirage Butterfly into the abyss would weaken a bit.

In just a few breaths, the terrifying force around her had weakened a lot.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the butterflys wings flapped.

Following this, under the shocked gazes of the enemy, the beautiful butterfly gently left the dangerous region of the void.

At the same time, the octopus cat who was trapped in the void, “!!”

One had to know that the void in the evil space was different from that of Gods world.

Even if the void here was devoid of yin energies, it was still not something that ordinary true Gods could deal with.

Rather, ordinary true Gods would feel suffocated in the evil space.

If they were to fall into the same dangerous situation as the octopus cat, they would die in less than two seconds!

Even the powerful vanguard of the evil race, the octopus cat, still had to be extremely cautious when facing the evil space void!

To put it simply, the dark void was extremely dangerous! It was because the chaotic zones in the dark void were extremely dangerous that the octopus cat could not break free for the time being.

Yet, while it braced itself and treated its situation cautiously, the other party was indifferent.

Whether it was Chu Feng, the Mirage Butterfly, Taotie, or the Astral Spirit, none of them were easily stopped by the dark void.

Of course, even so, they still had to hurry.

After all, the target was not here, but on the other side of the space.

“Mi-meh~” The Mirage Butterfly looked with great interest at the dejected octopus cat, who seemed to have suffered a great blow.

The butterfly wings on its back fluttered as it looked away to glance at the level 2 evil array that had been mostly destroyed.

It then casually attacked a few more times.

With the rumbling sounds, she had one less reason to stay.

The thoughts she had about choosing between breaking the next array and killing the octopus cat came back to her.

Fei Nuo Sha thought for a second, then used the max-level Communication to ask her Beastmaster a few questions, such as “hows the situation” and “can you still deal with it”.

Then, she received simple answers like “its okay”.

As she listened, her mind spun and an idea flashed through her mind.

As the saying goes, only children had to choose… Fei Nuo Shas choice was to not make a choice! Simply put, she would seize both choices!

The powerful evil array that could affect the situation of the war had to be broken.

At the same time, she would not let the octopus cat go since it was trapped in the dangerous void and could not escape for the time being!

However, she was only one butterfly, so how could she do both at the same time The Mirage Butterfly had long since dispelled the idea of which option had to come first.

She wanted to break the array and kill the enemy, and it was best to immediately do both actions at the same time.

“Dont even think about it.

Once the red bone fox kills that young man, all of you lowly creatures who have dared to offend the evil race will be reunited!” The octopus cat, who was bopping up and down in the dangerous zone of the dark void and seemed to be about to break free from its shackles, suddenly threatened the Mirage Butterfly.

The perception that was sent out through its divine soul had a terrifying smell.

It was as if the octopus cat had been smoked somewhere for a long time.

When it had been making sounds of “gulu, gulu” before, there had not been such a stench though…

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