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One, two…

While the Mirage Butterfly had taken care of many first and second-grade evil arrays that could possibly support and assist more powerful arrays, only one of the three evil arrays that she had previously marked was left!

Unfortunately, she couldnt just pry open the sacrificial array in the outer layer of the evil space, or completely destroy it.

Otherwise, things wouldve been much easier.

It didnt matter, though.

After all three evil arrays were destroyed, the other auxiliary arrays would also be completely destroyed.

At that time, the power of the sacrificial array would be reduced by half! just as the Mirage Butterfly was excitedly flying left and right, continuing to explode arrays here and there, an uninvited guest suddenly appeared.

“Gulu, Gulu, Gulu, Gulu!” Opposite her was a translucent “glass fish tank” with the exception of its eyes and organs.

To be more precise, the body of the creature was like a super large glass tank, with countless suction cups on its tentacles that were moving up and down like the fins of a fish or the hands and feet of a human.

The creature half-swam and half-crawled over.

At first glance, the eight transparent tentacles could be easily ignored.

Only the “head” that happened to be surrounded by a circle of wavy gold threads would be identified as a glass tank or a transparent fish tank that contained human brains at first glance.

In fact, the oval cylinder jar-like structure on the octopus that was often mistaken for its head was actually its torso.

“Mi-meh” The Mirage Butterfly curiously stretched out its feelers, secretly surprised.

To think the transparent octopus could move freely in the furnace that exceeded the upper limit of the oven temperature.

On the other end of the group chat, the group of beasts and humans who heard her telepathic thoughts were speechless.

However, they had become speechless too early as something which made them more speechless came soon.

“Ah!” Fei Nuo Sha cried out in shock as the “fish tank” began to turn red.


The octopus is fully cooked!

Just as the Mirage Butterfly thought that the obstacle that was blocking her path to success, which was to destroy the last powerful evil array, was the transparent octopus in front of her, she suddenly found that things were not simple!

In just one or two seconds, that octopus changed.

Two very symmetrical tips suddenly appeared from its head-like body, and its body color also turned from translucent to red, then to black…

In the blink of an eye, a black octopus cat was fresh out of the oven!

“Since this thing can change so many times, it probably has many tricks up its sleeve in battle,” Thinking of this, the Mirage Butterfly looked back at the strange creature with some nostalgia.

Then, she took another look.

Its so strange! She would just take one more look, one last look!

The humans and beasts that were secretly peeking at the screen roared, “Second, hurry up and get back to business!”

The reason why they shortened Fei Nuo Shas name to “second” was mainly that she was ranked “second” in the team of beasts, being the second beast to join Chu Fengs team.

To think she revealed her “dumb” nature now.

Could it be that she was infected by the Dark-sky Azure Dragon and the Wild Bear God knows which beast or person was thinking such.

Finally, after peeking at the strange creature for God knows how many times and being yelled at by Lila who rarely lost her temper, the Mirage Butterfly flapped its wings and left quietly with the divine fire.

She had clearly teleported away, but she did not even cause a ripple in space.

Her movements were even smoother than a fish in the water! It didnt even cause a splash.

Clearly, her attainments in space had already reached the acme of perfection.

This point was also synchronized to Chu Feng, who was currently at the immortal level, through the supreme-level Beastmaster talent, Beastmasters Divine Heart.

The reason why he didnt teleport away was that there were beings behind him that he wanted to protect.

His battles were never just a one-man matter!

“Gulu…” The sound of bubbles came from the octopuss body.

The black color on its body suddenly faded a little, and a black mist rose from the “fish tank”.

It actually looked like something was steaming.

However, the steam was only the initial stage.

Then, the black mist split into two as if it was alive.

One of the balls of black mist dispersed in the air and quickly turned into particles invisible to the naked eye.

The other was evenly divided into ten balls, then pulled and changed shape.

It was as if there were ten pairs of transparent hands in the air making ten long black “ropes”.

Two seconds later, the ball of black mist that had disappeared suddenly reappeared.

At the same time, the black ropes were twisted into a knot.

“Whoosh!” A gust of cold wind suddenly blew, bringing a trace of bone-chilling cold into this hot and stuffy furnace that could almost roast people on the spot.

“Clack,” Step by step, the eight tentacles of the octopus cat were controlled by the long black rope.

Under the guidance of the black mist, it came to the place where the Mirage Butterfly had disappeared.

Then, it suddenly plunged in.

“Whoosh,” The space trembled violently as if it a huge splash had been stirred up! After a short while, the void returned to its calm state.

This time, there was nothing.

After an unknown period, the rumbling sounds of battle could be heard from afar.

Leaping across the void, one finally arrived at a place with light.

The red and burning demonic flames formed a large sea of fire, like the lava in a furnace, trying to melt the “hard bone” in the middle and cast it into what the supervisor wanted.

The supervisors requests had been something along the lines of destroying the soul, preserving the body as a vessel, and so on.

“Roar!” An angry roar seemed to come from the void.

In the sea of fire formed by the red demonic flames, the young man sitting cross-legged suddenly opened his eyes.

The moment his eyes flew open, an unusually strong and vast divine power spread out in all directions with him as the center.

The power of the demonic fire that had been lying dormant near him, waiting for an opportunity to attack, was pushed back by the vast divine power.

Then, like a group of red poisonous snakes, the flames once again pounced toward the young man in the center.

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of fire snakes pounced at him!

Chu Feng had already returned to his normal body and didnt seem to have any protection, which was a bit worrying.

As for that demonic evil fire, it was red with a hint of purple…

One could even see a skull within it.

It felt like an unknown curse from the evil world.

If one was bitten by the skull, the curses poison would probably be strengthened even more!

In an instant, the tongue of the flames licked Chu Feng!

In less than a second, his soul felt a pain as if ten thousand ants were biting into his heart.

The young mans eyebrows suddenly furrowed together.

Seeing this, the dark void trembled.


It was as if something was laughing out loud!

At this moment, Chu Feng clenched his fists and punched his surroundings from both sides.

Then, he stomped and soared.

The seemingly ordinary stomp came from the Wild Bears max-level mythological skill, heaven-earth stomp!

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