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“Boom!” A deafening sound exploded in the void, and the evil space trembled! The vast divine power and the power of the demonic flame continued to attempt to crush the other side, neither giving in to the other.

At this moment, Chu Feng wasnt just facing a nine-tailed fox demon.

He was facing a half-step higher God Venerable who had devoured countless evil creatures on the outer layer of the evil space!

The reason why he had decisively released the split cores earlier was nothing more than because he believed in the Astral Spirit.

It wasnt just Hera, he also had complete trust in the Mirage Butterfly, who was responsible for destroying the three great evil arrays.

The supervisor might have a powerful trump card, but his team of beasts was not so easy to defeat! They were not on the same battlefield, but their hearts were connected.

The incessant rumbling sounds of the battle were like thunder, and just listening to it made ones heart tighten.

In fact, many were paying attention to this battle!

The closer ones were the humans and beasts in the evil space and the game ground outside, while the further ones were the magnates Wu Yu and Zhong Hen on the Blue Planet in the Solar System of the sky region, the Desolate God in the wild region, as well as the humans and beasts recuperating in the uninhabited galaxies.

In addition to these, there were also the God Controller Luo He and the temple official Cena from the Eastern Temple in the eastern region, and the Human Alliance in the central region.

Even a few extraterritorial evil races were paying attention.

However, compared to the safety of Gods worlds living beings, the evil races intentions were naturally more evil-inclined.

However, no matter what the reason was for them to pay attention to the battle, or whether they were inclined to one of the parties in the battle, or whether they were sincere in their worries… All of these did not matter.

The most important thing was that even the extraterritorial evil races, who knew nothing about God Chu before this, would have to raise the danger rating of Gods world after the destruction of the main core supervisor of the SS-class evil space!

At the same time, the evil race that was related to this evil space, such as the extraterritorial evil god, Morcy, might or might not cast his gaze over.

In any case, one among countless extraterritorial evil races invasion plans was likely to be destroyed by a “weak” and mysterious God.

Regardless of whether the extraterrestrial evil god paid attention to Chu Feng, who was currently like an ant to him at the moment, the influence of the battle between good and evil would gradually show when the war officially came to an end.

In fact, even if the evil god did not pay attention to it, and even if this battle was not shown to the vast public, the small group of experts at the top two levels of Gods worlds power pyramid would most definitely know about it! The evil gods would welcome an unprecedented wave of terrifying impact!

After all, some of the commanders had led the army to fight at the intersection of the five divine regions, and some had even fought at the overlapping space-time between Gods world and the extraterrestrial region, but their accumulated military merits over the years might even compare to the military merits Chu Feng would get from this one battle!

Perhaps only the generals who had fought hard against the extraterrestrial demons at the edge of Gods worlds universe could have military merits that could compare to Chu Fengs military merits.

No other ordinary battle, even if there were thousands of them, was comparable to a great good and evil war between the beings of Gods world and the extraterritorial evil races!

Other than the battles at the borders, there were two other types of wars in Gods world.

The first was the inter-region war, which was divided into Gods world wars and regional wars.

The other was the spacetime war, which usually had smaller battlefields.

The wars at the border of Gods world were actually not much different from the regional wars.

However, taking an example of the main army the Desolate Gods, the sovereign of the wild region, had previously sent to attack the sky region, most of the soldiers were in the totem realm.

The soldiers of the regional army were generally in the second, third, and fourth realms of the origin.

As for Gods worlds army, other than totems in the fourth, fifth, and sixth realms, it also absorbed many immortals and even true Gods.

In other words, the regional army was mostly made up of third-realm totems, while Gods world army had fifth-realm totems, immortal star lords, and region lords! The difference between the totems and immortals was related to the nine realms of the universes origin.

In terms of advancing to the immortal level, there was a one in ten thousand chance for a fourth-realm totem to do so, a one in a thousand chance for a fifth-realm totem, a one percent chance for a sixth-level totem, and a ten percent chance for a seventh-level totem.

That being said, seventh-realm cultivators could all become immortals by spending a lot of time increasing their foundation.

As for those in the eighth realm, half of them could break through to become true gods.

As for the ninth realm, which was the legendary realm, there were less than ten of them in the entire Gods world!

The origins tenth realm where Chu Feng and six of his beasts were was a legend more preposterous than the legendary ninth realm… The tenth realm could be said to be unprecedented!

The focus of these experts lives had mostly shifted to battles and battlefields.

From small ones between beings to large ones between regions, there were countless battles in Gods world.

Among them, the most famous ones were the great battlefields of two realms that connected all the experts of Gods world through “special energy and divine power”!

One of the two realms was the illusory world, while the other was the underground world.

The latter was also often called the underground dark net or the dark world, the dark net or dark world for short.

The dark nets bloody and notorious wars of internal friction were even more well-known than the battles against the extraterrestrial sky demons at the border of Gods world, and were remembered more deeply by all Gods world living beings!

In reality, Gods world did not advocate internal friction.

There was an old saying that went like this, “If you have extra energy, youre welcome to squander it on the battlefield!”

Those who fought to the death for their people on the battlefield might not be that strong, but their morals were obviously much higher than the trolls on the dark net.

The difference between the two was like a natural chasm.

Soldiers were the best!

Unfortunately, the dark net had the support of an unparalleled existence.

As such, even if some people didnt like it, it still stood tall and unwavering.

No one knew how long it could continue to stand.

“… Buzz!” The sound spread in all directions, but those with tight chests were still worried.

At this moment, the Mirage Butterfly, who was in the same evil space as the Beastmaster, had already opened the group chat.

“Boom!” An earth-shaking explosion suddenly resounded, and it almost made the humans and beasts who were “communicating” with the butterfly jump to their feet in the void.

Lilas beautiful eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Another explosion”

She mumbled to herself, “How many times has it been Why are they getting louder and louder”

From the side, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets electronic voice could be heard, “Other than the first two explosions, the subsequent bang-to-boom sounds were all caused by our second sisters actions in blasting the evil arrays.”

As soon as it said this, Lila calmed down and relaxed a little.

She rubbed her ears and said helplessly, “Fei Nuo Sha, dont scare us anymore.

If you keep on scaring us like this, my hearts going to jump out of my throat!”

After she finished saying this, her heart was in her throat again, “I wonder whats going on at Chu Fengs side.

Ive only heard two rustling sounds since just now…”

She was very worried.

It wasnt just the Mythical Tree Lila though, the other humans and beasts were also anxious.

However, even if it was just the aftershock of an attack, the earth-shaking tremor that seemed capable of annihilating everything was still not something that they, God-level beasts, could withstand alone.

They would only have a chance if all of them went in together!

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