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One, two… four… ten…

One by one, the powerful evil arrays were destroyed.

The evil main core, which had been fervently watching the summoning array and the growth of the evil spawn, finally could not sit still.

Just as it was about to activate some kind of a forbidden array, a crisp “crack” sound suddenly entered his ears.

The first evil spawn had been successfully hatched! At the same time, the summoning array that had been dark all along finally lit up.

A progress bar appeared on the evil array.

When the light pillar was completely filled, a powerful evil races member would be born here!

The evil main core looked at the array and the evil spawn behind it.

Then, it sensed the various evil space arrays that were scattered around the evil space.

At this moment, more than half of them had been destroyed.

Its face sank.

The atmosphere of this space also became silent.

After a few breaths, another two or three sounds of explosions came from somewhere far away.

What the supervisor was particularly concerned about was that after almost every loud rumbling sound, a powerful evil array would be blown up! The silence didnt last for too long before the core finally made its choice, “Golden-bone Empress, red-bone fox, lead the yin energy and dark evil spirits back to the deep space of the evil space in one minute! By then, I will activate the double isolation mode and the whole-space sacrificial array!!”


Almost as soon as the evil main core gave the order, an explosion erupted in the evil space.

In fact, it wasnt just inside the evil space.

Even in the game ground outside the space, the countless yin energies and dark spirits were all retreating to the dead black area in the middle at a dumbfounding speed.

Seeing this, Mystic and the other humans and beasts subconsciously focused their attacks on that spot, killing countless evil spirits in a short time!


The max-level dragon gods roar stunned a large area of yin energies and dark spirits on the spot.

Taking advantage of the enemies weakness, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon immediately used the max-level myth skill, elemental fusion.

With that, the evil creatures that were originally in a daze were instantly twisted into a chaotic mess like livestock on an assembly line.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” The wild bear was covered in blood as it stood tall between heaven and earth, killing the evil creatures.

The game ground, which was originally for the grand escape reality show, had become a more terrifying existence than hell on earth because of too many killings.

The entire game ground was filled with thick black gas and a stench of blood that could not be washed away.

The yin energies naturally didnt have blood, but the dark spirits were existences similar to lowly animals.

With a stab, the blood of different colors would burst out of their blood vessels! The visual effect was as if a blood bag had been pierced.

Blood would gush out and drench the ground.

Most of the yin energies and dark spirits were intercepted and killed by the beasts.

However, because the Empress had set up a small area of defense that could withstand a God Venerable realm explosion, a portion of them still managed to escape.

From a long distance, Lila frowned and looked in that direction.

She couldnt help but have an uneasy premonition.

“Never mind the other evil creatures, but that golden skeleton in the Empress robe…” This feeling of uneasiness rose to the extreme when Lila realized that teenager Number One, who had been standing beside her, had suddenly disappeared.

Lilas pupils shrank as she screamed, “Quickly stop that Empress! Number One is in her hands!”

“Boom! Boom!”

The screams and the explosions rang out at the same time, and ordinary people would usually be unable to separate the overlapping sounds.

However, Chu Fengs beasts had max-level Communication, so they could naturally hear the shouts of the other beasts.

The moment they heard Lilas screams clearly, all the beasts were enraged.



The enraged Dark-sky Azure Dragon and Wild Bear rushed straight for the barrier.

Along the way, they kept launching terrifying attacks toward the barrier.

Boom! Tremendous explosions came one after another, completely stunning Lou Xiao, who was the weakest on the team.

Flashes of white light appeared in his eyes.

Under the continuous and terrifying attacks, the God Venerable realm protective barrier that had stood firm before exploded into countless pieces with a bang.

At this time, Chu Feng, who sensed that his avatar was in a bad situation, had already put a part of his consciousness into the teenager.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a touch of gold.

He was stunned and couldnt come to his senses for a while.

From the perspective of the others, the scene in front of them was that the teenager was being carried, princess style, but a skeleton!

“Roar, roar!”


Even the Dark-sky Azure Dragon and Wild Bear, who had just arrived, had their eyes wide with shock.

Chu Feng was speechless when he came back to his senses.

However, just as he was about to teleport away, a huge suction force came from under his feet, yet the skeletal hand was tightly clutching onto him, making it unable to escape.

Then, the man and the skeleton in the middle of the yin energies directly disappeared!

Seeing this, the dragon and bears minds snapped, and they rushed into the rapidly shrinking darkness with the speed of life and death.

Closely following them, Lila, Mystic, and the rest of the beasts were also charging forward.


The dark domain rapidly contracted, and in an instant, it had shrunk into a small circle.

Under the furious gazes of the crowd, it disappeared.


The silence lasted for a long time.

No matter what Lila did, the dark domain didnt appear again.

The humans and beasts seemed to have been isolated in another world.

Without Chu Feng, the colors and sounds of this world seemed to have been drawn away, and it was even more deathly silent than a silent film.

Gradually, they squatted and became “mushrooms” one after another.

Lila was trembling, her eyes red.

Her pale lips trembled, and even when she spoke, she sounded lost and helpless.

It was as if she had lost her world, “What, what should I do I cant contact him…”

Confusion, sadness, anger, and hatred washed over her.

She was remorseful and hateful.

She hated herself for not realizing what was happening earlier!

Suddenly, an electronic voice was heard, “Even I didnt notice it.

You dont have to blame yourself.

That skeleton is indeed strange.

She must have some special means.”

Seeing that the other party was holding her head and lost in her thoughts, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet let out two ear-piercing screeches, attracting the attention of everyone.

“Dont worry,” He continued, “Big brother and fourth brother have already followed them! Moreover, if Im not wrong, the other side of the dead darkness should be the evil space.

Our second sister and sixth sister are also there, which means that the current situation is not too bad!”

Lila was still worried, “But we dont know anything about Chu Fengs situation now…”

“Theres still no need to be too worried!” Mystic interrupted her.

Just as it was about to say something, it received a message.

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