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“Skeletons, kill them! I want their souls to be destroyed!!”

Chu Fengs brows rose slightly when he heard those malicious words.

He said indifferently, “You want our lives Its not up to you.

You can start preparing for your funeral though.”

“Damn it, you should die!” The crazy and extremely distorted voice reverberated in the void.

Just the sound alone was enough to make ordinary true Gods wish they were dead.

However, Chu Feng felt fine.

In this instant, he first strengthened Taoties various positive amplification and negative resistance skills, then attacked in the direction of the sound.

Following this, the young man waved his hand without looking back.

“Boom!” A loud explosion erupted near the white bone pond, blowing up the four God Venerable experts who were rushing towards Chu Feng.

“… Buzz!” Under the impact of the terrifying explosion, the white bone pond, which had a broken surface but was not damaged on the inside, cracked, and several cracks appeared across the pond.

The white-bone bride, who had managed to gain a foothold in the aftermath of the impact, suddenly spat out a large mouthful of blood.

The other three God Venerable brides also had terrible expressions.

Among them, the bone bride had the deepest connection with the white bone pond.

As such, when the pond was damaged, she would also be injured.

“Bang!” At this moment, Chu Fengs attack that followed the sound also hit something.

“Damn it! Damned low-level inferior species! You are not…” The twisted sound stopped abruptly, leaving only the endless yin energies rolling in the dark void.

The young man lowered his eyes to sense whatever was in the void on the other side.

When he got the result, he clicked his tongue impatiently, “It didnt even send another avatar over.

Looks like its really scared.”

“Bang, bang… Bang!”

Chu Feng heard continuous collisions.

He turned to look in the direction of the sound and saw a scene that was violent yet amusing.

The four God Venerables transformed from the bride, namely the black-bone mantis, white-bone bride, red fox, and the Empress, were being hit by invisible spatial divine power!

One could vaguely analyze the trajectory of the attack from the way the black gas was being split and scattered.

It seemed to be a set of quick attack fist techniques.

Thousands upon thousands of heavy fists continued to hit the four God Venerables.

Although the killing power of a single attack was relatively small when inflicted on a God Venerable, when countless attacks were launched in succession, the combined killing power was definitely not weak.

The chaotic fist-like attack method caused the four God Venerable skeletons to be occupied and unable to focus on completing the supervisors orders.

“Is this something youve come up with again, Fei Nuo Sha” Chu Feng turned around and asked.

The Mirage Butterfly let out a cry and nodded, revealing a proud expression.

She had designed the attack with reference to the bombardment of the Wild Bear, the big brother of the beast team.

If it wasnt for the fact that the skill could only be raised to the maxed-out super level, it might even easily defeat a God Venerable!

Chu Feng also felt that it was a pity that some of his beasts skills could not be upgraded to the maxed-out mythical level.

However, it was actually understandable.

After all, there were countless skills and moves in this world, but not all of them could be exploited to their peaks.

Part of it was because they lacked certain necessary conditions, and part of it was because their potential could only support them to reach a certain realm.

Apart from that, some could be leveled up, but there would be no major changes before and after leveling up.

Doing so would only be for show, so there was no need to waste energy on leveling them.

Fortunately, Chu Fengs Infinite Enhancement allowed him to see the effects of some skills after they were upgraded.

At least, he, a “billionaire”, wouldnt have to spend money in vain.

As he thought of this, he opened the beast interface and maxed out the various new skills that his beasts had learned!

At their current level, the true God-level beasts, including the bear, butterfly, tree, dragon, fighter jet, and Astral Spirit, were only accumulating their foundation by increasing their skill levels.

The difference in foundation between a true God and a supreme realm expert couldnt even be measured by the current level system.

However, Chu Feng believed that as long as he continued to accumulate his and his beasts foundation, no matter how big the gap was, it could be filled up bit by bit.

After that, they could rush to the highest realm in one go!

The goal of becoming an unparalleled existence was 99.99% impossible for others, including the gods.

However, to Chu Feng who had Infinite Enhancement of an unknown level, he would definitely be able to reach the Supreme realm!

Whats more, he could even use this as a foundation to go one level higher, and another level higher!

Just as Chu Fengs thoughts were about to spread to the horizon, suddenly, a terrible scream broke through the sky, “Ah!!!”

At the same time, all the beings near the white bone pond felt their hearts skip a beat.

Before anyone could analyze the origins of the scream, they heard a soft sound that was almost inaudible.

“Crack… crack!” Something completely fell apart at this moment.

“Ah!” The screams stopped abruptly, and the entire battlefield fell into a dead silence.

At this moment, no matter whether friends or foes, all were silent.

It was at this moment that the evil main core appeared again.

The entire dark void trembled.

The sounds, after being disassembled and mixed countless times, formed a rhythm that seemed to come from hell.

Every word struck ones soul, “Its your greatest honor to contribute to the descent of the evil race!”

With each word, the space barrier around the white bone pond flickered as if it would break into pieces in the next second.

Before anyone could figure out what that ambiguous sentence meant, an unprecedented, terrifying, and huge tremor reverberated throughout the evil space the next moment!

“Boom!” The earth-shattering boom directly shattered countless yin energies and the protective barrier that was already on the verge of breaking!

Buzzing sounds reverberated in the evil space, while the evil main cores cackles washed over the souls of all living beings.

Chu Feng and his beasts werent the only ones who were attacked.

This attack was even crazier than the black-bone mantiss earlier indiscriminate attack!

Even if one didnt know what kind of secret technique this attack was, one could sense how powerful it was.

It had killed one-third of the yin energies in the entire evil space! Not to mention, it wasnt just the yin energies that died.

Along with the buzzing sound, a scream that was so sharp that it could almost pierce a God Lords eardrums rose.

In the blink of an eye, another strand of god-level aura in the evil space was extinguished! Moreover, his soul had been completely destroyed!

Dark energy filled with a bloody and evil aura came from above, shrouding all the existences in the evil space.

It was as if someone had covered delicious food under a cover.

No matter what kind of existence it was, it was all food to that someone!

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