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In fact, in addition to the disaster stone and the blood pond bead, there were also things like evil-warding talismans, beads of light, and divine potions.

However, for the avatar, the most important things were still the products of the evil world.

As for the other things, although they could also be called precious, they were not supreme treasures.

To evil creatures, useless things that would harm them were trash no matter how precious they were!

Of course, if the evil-warding talismans, sacred potions, and other items were given to the races that were deeply troubled by the evil race, those items might be revered as sacred items on the spot.

The more the evil race hated something, the more the light factions would revere those items!

The evil-warding talismans, light pearls, and sacred potions that didnt seem eye-catching and were ignored by the avatar had actually completed their mission.

After all, these few items were just “small things” that Chu Feng had casually thrown out to act as bait.

At this moment, if someone who knew the value of those times was around, they would definitely have a face flushed with anger as they cursed, “What a waste of treasures!”

Although the evil-warding talismans, light pearls, and sacred potions could not be compared to divine artifacts and supreme treasures, they were still precious magical treasures that could only be used when one cultivated to the true God level.

The teenagers fall exposed treasures that couldnt even be bought with money!

This move could be said to be even more wasteful than a prodigal! But no matter what, in the eyes of the few present who had an eye for treasures, the disaster stone and blood pond bead were more precious.

In contrast, to Chu Feng, who did not know much about the products of the evil world, whether it was the light pearl or the disaster stone, the difference between them was not too big.

He had zero understanding, which was why he thought of using the times as bait to probe at the enemy.

Chu Feng wanted to see if the main core and its avatar would do anything special or “share” some useful information after seeing the items.

No matter what the result was, the bait that he had marked would not be able to escape his control.

In short, even if he encountered a bad situation, Chu Feng wouldnt lose much.

On the contrary, if he gained something, it would be a great harvest!

All kinds of distracting thoughts whizzed past, but in the evil space, only one breath had passed.

Chu Feng, who was temporarily invisible in front of others, was suspended in the void.

He keenly sensed that something was greedily looking at the two evil world items that he had just obtained.

He had originally thought that the disaster stone and blood pond bead were at most a “gift” from the higher-ups, but now, this speculation seemed somewhat groundless.

After all, it was impossible for an evil world treasure that even the evil cores avatar was greedy for to be so easily obtained.

“In other words, a mysterious person gave the octagonal tower support in advance.

Theres an 80% chance that this mysterious person has nothing to do with the evil god!” Chu Fengs eyes darkened as he pondered.

“Tap, tap…” The things that “fell out” bounced on the white bone pond before rolling to different places.

The moment the red ghostly figure that appeared out of thin air touched Number One, it didnt even have the time to let out a wail before it completely disappeared from the world.

The teenager stood up and patted the dust off his body.

He was about to bend down to pick up the items when he noticed the bloody wind coming at him.

It was the black bone mantis that had once again pounced on him!

“Whoosh!” Taoties version of divine fire instantly expanded in front of the youth, burning with raging flames to meet the enemy.

As he had many max-level mythical skills, Number One did not suffer much real damage even though he looked a little flustered when he was fighting with lower God Venerable.

To be honest, with Chu Fengs accumulated strength, even his consciousness clone with only a portion of his power was extremely powerful.

Even the evil core, which had just lost a portion of its soul, couldnt help but doubt its orders.

“How can an immortal-level Beastmaster who can remain safe and sound under the hands of a God Venerable be just a clone! Could it be that after snatching my core, that person fused with the teenager But just now, I seemed to have vaguely sensed the aura of someone stronger than the skeleton.

Yet, if he really is that strong, why isnt he making a move Could it be that this is another trap targeting my core” The evil core was in a dilemma.

It yearned for the two special evil world treasures, but it was also in a state of shock and doubt.

In fact, if it was not for the fact that it knew that its strength was limited, it even wanted to abduct the teenager back to provide some nutrients for the arrival of the powerful evil creature in the future.

Unfortunately, the biggest trump card in its hand did not achieve an overwhelming victory!

Otherwise, the evil core, which had the role of supervisor, would have already ordered its avatar which was hidden in the dark void to quickly rush into the white bone pond to snatch the treasures.

After all, a human with such a high amount of divine source could be used as a divine source sacrifice to catalyze the growth of a high-level evil seed!

“Its such a pity that the time and location are not right.

If I met him a few months later, I might be able to capture him in a single exchange!” The more the evil core thought about it, the angrier it got.

In the end, it still did not want to give up.

It thought of the useless soldiers it had at present and finally chose to use its last resort.

If its last tactic was useful, it would be a perfect case that could be recorded in the textbooks.

On the other side, the battle between the teenager-fire duo against the black bone mantis was getting more intense.

When Chu Feng looked over again, he happened to see three figures suddenly appear next to the black bone mantis.

Of the three additional figures, one was the jade-like beauty that he had first seen, and the other was a seductive fox with fur as red as flames.

The last one was a thousand-faced bride, who was constantly changing into various female figures.


“White moonlight, red rose, mosquito blood, white rice… Husband, come and guess who I am!”


“Dont let me catch you, or else… Hehehe.”

Four types of laughter were stacked into multiple audio tracks.

The ear-piercing reverberating sound made Chu Feng frown.

It was too noisy.

The teenager Number One had been fighting with ease.

However, he was now faced with four extraterrestrial brides who were comparable to lower God Venerables.

In addition, he had been affected by various special skills that had been cast on him and gradually sunk into a daze.

Seeing him like this, the brides laughed even more happily.

Chu Feng sighed in his heart.

He was ready to attack at any time.

Suddenly, an earth-shattering echo of airwaves resounded, attracting the attention of everyone in the sub-battlefield of the white bone pond.

The evil core seemed to have done something, the morale of the yin energy army rose again as their roars spread throughout the entire evil space.

“Die, die, die!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

“Gods world will perish, and the evil race will win!”

The voices infused with telekinesis were sonorous and powerful as they smashed into the evil space, making people feel intimidated.

Suddenly, Chu Fengs face turned pale.

The evil gods curse hidden in his body was lured out by the curses of killing and death, and the curses poison erupted again!

On the battlefield of the white bone pond, the youth who was already in a daze suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

As soon as blood was vomited, the avatar that was hidden in the dark immediately began to move.

A black gas swept over, taking away the disaster stone, blood pond bead, and the half-unconscious young man into the dark void.

In just two to three breaths, it had abducted its targets!

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