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In the game ground that was originally designated as the venue for the grand escape show, the beings who had been fighting for a long time finally got a chance to catch their breath.

The situation of the others was still alright, but the three who were relatively weaker seized the time to rest.

Luo Ya squatted on the floor made of divine power, her eyes looking into the distance, “I wonder what the situation is like on the boss side.”

Although they could communicate with each other through Max-level Communication, it was long-distance communication after all, and it was not as straightforward as face-to-face communication or fighting side by side.

“Either way, Im still a little worried.”

Of course, no matter how worried she was, Luo Ya still had a firm trust in her Beastmaster.

To be honest, they had not spent much time fighting the creatures from the evil world.

It was mostly their mental strength that had been consumed.

On the other hand, although they had already achieved some results, they still had to continue to work hard if they wanted to obtain the final victory in this battle!

Luo Ya stretched out her hand and bent her fingers one by one, “In this battle, we know that the main enemies are the evil core, the white skeleton, countless yin energy, dark evil spirits, and the powerful evil creature that the evil core intends to summon.”

Considering the fact that the revival rate of the evil spirits in the game had been slowed down, it would not be long before they were completely suppressed by the Wild Bear, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, and the Mystic Fall Flying Jet.

At that time, everyone could go to the evil space to kill the monsters.

She put down her hand and her mood turned better, “After we kill these monsters, we can go home!”

The people outside were looking forward to going into the evil space while the people inside were fighting.

In the dark void above the white bone pond sub-battleground, many evil spirits were shocked.

“F*ck, evil array No.

7 which is equivalent to one of the pillars of the evil space was inexplicably destroyed in just a few blinks of the eye!”

“Whats the supervisor doing He didnt even try to stop the enemy”

“How could the evil array be destroyed!”

“… Thats an existence that was built by the unrivaled evil race in the deep space crevice!”

“Did you all mistake the damage to the evil array as destruction The evil arrays, after all, have the ability to repair themselves.

Even if they are broken into countless pieces, they will not be destroyed!”

“But I really cant sense the existence of the evil array at the scene.

It feels like it has disappeared into thin air.”

Not just the balls of yin energy who were watching the battle in the dark void started discussing, but even some of the evil spirits in the group who were shouting “die” and “kill” had exited their fanatical state and joined in the heated discussion.

The debate became increasingly intense.

Soon, a ball of yin energy pointed out the key points for its companions, “Never mind all that, but the most important thing now is to quickly transfer the source of resurrection to other evil arrays with resurrection effects!”

As soon as this was said, many evil spirits echoed.



“If we arent connected to the resurrection arrays, we wouldnt be able to come back to life after we accidentally die!”

“Thats too scary.

Im already used to the life of being resurrected.”

“I wonder how those people who only have one life in their entire lives lived”

As they chattered, the topic took a turn.

“But in this entire space, only the supervisor has the authority to change the transition port of the resurrection.

The other evil races, including the skeleton, cant do it.

So… The problem is, who knows where the main core has gone ”

“… I dont know.”

“It feels like I havent seen it for a long time.”

“I havent seen the supervisor since that Beastmaster came in.”

“Hey, could the main core be hiding in fear!”

“Its hard to say.”

“It should be summoning the evil race.”

“It feels like both the supervisor and that human Beastmaster are quite mysterious.

They appear and disappear like ghosts.”

Amidst the yin energys worry, nervousness, and anger, the battle at the white bone pond continued.

Chu Feng didnt interfere much, just listening and watching.

He only listened to those long-winded words out of convenience.

Then, he lowered his head and looked at the black beads in his right hand.

The beads were as black as ink, and their diameter was about the length of a thumb.

They contained yin energy, dark energy, and an origin that was similar to Gods world origin but much more evil.

Chu Feng had seen array beads embedded in an array before, and he felt that these were similar.

Moreover, these black beads had fallen from the evil array in the white bone pond when he had moved the evil array, so he might as well temporarily call them evil array beads.

In addition to the disaster stone and blood pond bead he had gotten from the octagonal tower and Samael respectively, he now had three kinds of extraterrestrial objects.

Chu Feng played with the evil array beads and organized the mess he was hearing into various pieces of information.

Whether it was the evil core or the yin energy, they all felt that the evil array had been destroyed and broken.

But in reality, he had only shifted the evil arrays location! It was just that without the support of the evil space, the evil array that he had transferred away with his Max-level mythical skill was almost like a useless model.

Chu Feng was not only interested in the evil array.

When he was watching the battle earlier, he had also made a copy of the extremely broken suppression killing array.

When he returned, he would see if the array research institute could come up with anything useful.

As for the evil array, he planned to put it aside for the time being.

Either way, he had only conveniently taken it away.

It didnt take much time.

Perhaps it would be useful in the future To be honest, he was more concerned about the two ancient arrays that had appeared for a brief moment than these arrays.

“Unfortunately, those dont seem to be something I can come into contact with right now.”

Chu Fengs mind spun as he listened to all the messy conversations.

“The source of resurrection, evil arrays with the effect of resurrection, and the source of resurrection array connected to the yin energy and evil spirits… These should be why the many evil spirits can come back to life!”

Moreover, the main core, which had the role of supervisor, could not completely let the source of resurrection be.

In other words, he could choose to wait for it near such an array.

With such a thought in mind, Chu Feng gave orders to his consciousness forms 02, 03, 04, and the others that were scattered around the evil space, “Find the evil arrays in the evil space that have the effect of resurrection.

Mark them and make a map.

The lot of you can freely allocate search areas.”

The evil arrays might be in clusters.

Chu Feng focused his attention and looked at the battleground.

The black-boned mantiss entire body was black, but its eyes, which had been dyed scarlet by the blood that had fallen from the sky, were particularly sharp.

If ones eyes met hers for more than a second, one would immediately feel as if one had fallen into an ice cave.

Black bones strength had already soared to the beginner God Venerable realm!

The black bone mantis raised its death scythe, its mind focused on hunting the thin and tall figure in front of it.

“Whoosh!” The mantiss feelers swept over, and the young man hurriedly dodged to the left.

However, the black bone mantis was still in hot pursuit.

With a “bang”, it smashed into the void and pounced forward with its hind legs again!

Just as the skeleton pounced and the teenager dodged, the sounds of a flute were suddenly heard.

In the next moment, a red shadow appeared out of thin air beside the young mans feet.

“Bang!” Caught off guard, the teenager fell onto the white bone pond, and several things fell out.

When it saw the two items clearly, the avatar that was hidden in the dark was slightly tempted.

The items were actually the disaster stone and blood pond bead, which were the most precious treasures of the evil world!

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