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“Bang!” At this moment, an extremely ugly and evil thing suddenly burst out from the bone skeletons mouth! The black bone mantis bride, who had been quite pleasing to the eye just now, had become extremely vicious.


The entire place was deathly silent.

It was so quiet that it was as if there was not a single living thing that could make a sound around.

Even Chu Feng, who had always been the calmest, had a feeling that there was too much to say to the point he didnt even know where to start.

The puppet, blood footprints, stiff puppet dance, bone pond, demonized mantis bone bride, eerie-colored wine, mouth, rotten tongues, as well as the crawling and wriggling maggots all over the ground…

How should he put it Before the bone bride smiled and gave a toast, she could be considered a being who seemed to have come from a very strange horror fairy tale.

After that, she looked even more hardcore than the beings in a zombie movie! Coupled with the handsome young man opposite her, the contrast was simply amazing.

“Wow, a handsome man and a beast,” Chu Feng couldnt help but ridicule in his heart as he struggled to suppress his discomfort at the scene.

At this time, the voices that acted as the background noise came back.

“Gods world will perish, and the evil race will win!”

“Go to hell…”

“Die! Die!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“… Buzz!”

The murderous, crazy, and violent aura once again swept across the void battleground on the side of the white bone pond.

Hearing the echoes of the word “die” that seemingly drowned the place, it was as if the entire world wanted that young man to die.

Just the monstrous aura was enough to make an existence below the God King realm self-destruct in a muddled state!

Unfortunately, Chu Fengs consciousness 01 was not someone with a weak will.

On the contrary, although one could see how young the other party was, his will was as strong as iron.

Never mind thousands of yin energy, even if countless people were shouting to kill Number One and criticizing him for being immoral, the young man could still maintain a straight back and move forward firmly.

“Its no big deal even if no one supports what Im doing.

Home is where the heart is.”

Chu Feng watched quietly as Taoties version of the divine fire wrapped around the black bone mantis.

He didnt even feel a ripple in his heart.

No matter if one was good or bad, kind and innocent or vicious, no one could retreat easily from the battlefield except through death!

Under the continuous devouring of the divine flame, the white bone pond below the black bone mantis became increasingly dilapidated.

The blazing fire burned the white bones, and screams broke the echo of the words “die” and “kill”.

“Ahhhh!” On top of the bone pond, which no longer looked like a wedding hall, the non-humankind bride wearing a wedding dress was screaming in pain.

“My husband… Husband… Please… Save me…” In her pain, she seemed to be asking for help from someone, but she did not get a response.

Finally, the pitch-black skeleton let go of the wine cup in her hand and cried while holding her head.

The cup fell from the void onto the white bone pond, and a clang sounded.

The wine glass was knocked over, and the wine inside poured out of the glass like a living thing, flowing into the bone pond.

The next second, the ground was corroded, and a hissing sound that was almost drowned out by the background sound of “die” and “kill” sounded.

One could faintly hear the sound of something gurgling.

Other than that, there was also the sound of fire crackling.

Chu Feng and the young man floating in the air watched on without saying a word as a huge hole appeared in the white bone pond due to the unknown wines corrosion.

“If I was the one who had just drunk that poison, I probably wouldnt have been any better now, right” Just as this assumption appeared in his mind, the background sound suddenly changed.

Not long ago, Chu Feng had set up a barrier to block evil thoughts outside the battlefield of the white bone pond.

Now, the endless yin energy had changed their tone.

Their words were not filled with the previous killing intent now.

After they mixed their words with telekinesis, they had an inexplicable sense of induction.

“… Kill him! White bone, kill him!”

“My good girl, youre an obedient good girl… Go quickly.”

“Kill him! Kill him! Hurry up and kill him!”

“Be good and quickly annihilate his soul!!”

The word “kill” appeared so many times that Chu Feng almost forgot how to spell it.

As he maintained his close-invisible state, he raised his eyebrows secretly, not knowing whether to laugh or cry as he listened to the yin energy chanting.

“Whats the use of shouting slogans You dont even know where I am…”

At this moment, the teenager on the ground looked up in Chu Fengs direction.

As the main consciousness himself, Chu Feng could naturally understand what the former meant.

He secretly made a hand gesture that only he knew, and the next moment, he received an “ok” from his avatar.

Strictly speaking, Chu Feng had more than one or two of himself now.

In addition to the consciousness clones he had released earlier, he was now himself and also an unknown number of temporary clones.

The teenager in front of him had the title of Number One.

The sounds of chants of “kill” became more and more intense.

With that, the black bone mantis that had been squatting and sobbing for no reason had turned into a charming bride in the blink of an eye.

If he didnt guess wrong, she should have the bloodline of the fox race in her body.

Soon, the bone bride recollected her emotions.

Looking at her now, she seemed to have returned to its original state.

With light steps, she quickly arrived in front of the teenager.

Then, she smiled and said, “Husband, lets drink the cross-cupped wine.”

To be honest, she was not bad-looking, but Chu Fengs impression of her was still that of a “ferocious mouth”.

He really couldnt bear to see the beautiful lady laugh with her tear-stained face.

If it were someone else standing in front of the skeleton, they would definitely be mesmerized by the beautiful womans dimples.

However, the teenager, even if he was just a split consciousness, was still Chu Feng who loved fighting more than beautiful ladies.

Furthermore, if he remembered correctly, the skeleton bride seemed to have a special skill called “Cross-cup Poisonous Wine” As he thought about it, he secretly shook his head.

It was best to stay as far away as possible from poisonous beauties and the like!

“Drip, drip, drip!”


Suddenly, rain began to fall from the sky, drenching Taoties version of the divine fire.

Under the nourishment of the blood-red rain, the white jade bone pond and the white bone bride seemed to show signs of recovery.

“Crack,” An almost inaudible sound was heard, and the previously silent evil array gradually bared its fangs.

Chu Feng, who was clearly standing in the drizzling rain, did not get wet at all.

He sized up the skeleton a few times, and his gaze suddenly landed on the teenager Number One.

God knows what he thought of, but he suddenly smiled, “I remember that theres still an evil core hidden in the dark…”

With that, he moved his fingers, and a flash of light seemed to appear at the tip of his fingers.

At the same time, the skeleton bride, who had been ignored for a while, suddenly splashed the cup of red wine on the young man.

The latter intended to dodge, but in the next moment, he felt as if his feet were filled with lead such that he could not lift them at all.

He looked down and saw that it was the death wedding shoes!


The skeleton instantly transformed into a black bone mantis again, baring its fangs and pouncing at Chu Fengs consciousness clone 01.

A gust of bloody wind blew in his face!

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