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Consciousness body 01 was fighting with the demonized mantis bone bride that was in a berserk state.

The battle was in full swing and quite intense.

Strictly speaking, the situation in this sub-battlefield was not certain.

Sometimes, it was the teenager Number One who had the upper hand, and sometimes the black bone mantis would have the upper hand.

In the dark void, Chu Fengs various split consciousness was lined up in an orderly manner.

As they were all disguised, none of them were discovered by the yin energy squeezing around.

Most of the yin energy didnt even know that Chu Shen, whom the evil core supervisor had vowed to kill and destroy his soul, was watching the battle not far away from them!

Because Chu Feng had made his move with haste, the evil core only had time to receive some unclear information from its avatar that had been captured.

From the two videos sent by the avatar during its escape, the evil core, who was also the supervisor, had learned some information.

First, the person who had chased after the evil core avatar had stayed hidden from the beginning to the end.

According to the perception of the avatar, it could only sense that the other party was extremely powerful energy, and the latter could automatically track it down as well as change tactics in real time.

After thinking about it, only the consciousness of a God suited such a description.

But if it was really a Gods consciousness, it didnt seem right.

Logically speaking, even God Venerables and God Emperors would be suppressed by the boundless yin energy and dark energy in the evil space, and their strength would be greatly reduced!

That young man with the surname Chu was only an immortal level Beastmaster who had just entered the bottom ranks of the Gods.

How could he not be suppressed after entering the evil space Even more so, how could it, the supervisor, lose track of the human

The evil core could not understand what was going on.

Although it did not have much authority over this space either, unless a supreme from Gods world came, no beings could possibly block its detection!

No matter how the evil core thought about it, it was baffled.

In the end, the evil core could only be more vigilant.

No matter what secrets God Chu had, it would not let him gain any advantages!

As it thought of this, the evil core increased the speed of the summoning arrays operation.

“Before the great evil lord descends upon this universe, I still have to be more careful,” The evil core knew that it was better to live cautiously.

While summoning all kinds of powerful evil creatures from the evil world to protect itself, it also separated a tiny strand of its soul.

The tiny soul strand was quickly shaped into a core and sent to the white bone pond.

If possible, the evil core was unwilling to give up on the white bone so easily.

After all, it had spent a great deal of effort to cultivate this powerful evil spirit.

Although the bone bride would occasionally go berserk, it was still not a threat to its master!

The evil core thought about how it had split out two strands of its soul in such a short time, especially that very thick split soul at the beginning.

The more it thought about it, the more it felt heartache.

Yet, it still had to cheer itself on.

“…All these sacrifices are necessary now.

When the great evil lord successfully descends and occupies this universe, I, as the vanguard, will definitely obtain great benefits! Now, I just need to crush this obstacle in front of me!”

“Hey, did you hear The supervisor has issued several orders.”

Whispers rang in Chu Fengs ears again.

Just as he was about to eavesdrop to see if there was any new useful information, he suddenly felt something pulling on his sleeve.

Combined with his current consciousness state, it was probably the outermost black mist that had gently tugged on him.

Chu Feng turned around and realized that he and several other dark auras around him had been gathered by a piece of darkness that had appeared out of nowhere.

Looking at the other partys swelling appearance, it seemed to be very proud of being well-informed.

One of the evil spirits couldnt hold back its temper and said irritatedly, “Hasnt the evil core always looked down on us What does its order have to do with us weaklings”

“Yes, exactly!”

Although the other auras had gathered over as well, they looked displeased.

From the looks of it, they didnt seem to have much respect for the evil core.


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