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A fact was well-known about the mantis.

In rare cases, the female mantis would cut the male mantis into pieces and eat it clean.

Other beings that had the same habit of harming their male mates included the black widow spider and poisonous human widows.

There was no need to say much about the spider, but there was a story about the poisonous widow.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who had been married many times but became a widow each time.

With the savings of her dead husbands, she thus snowballed her wealth.

At the beginning of the story, she was just a widow who had just lost her husband.

And at the end of the story, she was still a widow.

The poisonous widow would become a new widow by “marrying another rich man” and “poisoning her husband”.

With this cycle, she accumulated assets through the lives of others.

Those with such strong willpower would often overcome difficulties with their own efforts and achieve small goals step by step.

In the end, they would reach the sky and pluck the stars.

In the process of solving problems and fulfilling wishes, some tended to choose different or even opposite paths due to conflicting interests.

For example, the phenomenon of sexual cannibalism.

The so-called sexual cannibalism was the phenomenon of female creatures hunting, preying, and devouring their male counterparts before, during, and after mating.

The main beings that perform sexual cannibalism include spiders, scorpions, and mantises.

In the natural world, the mantis eating its husband was a special case, but when this characteristic was applied to the bone bride, it meant that the “husband” couldnt hurt the “bride”, but the “bride” could now hurt the “husband”.

The reason why there was sexual cannibalism, in addition to the strong appetite of the female mantis due to hunger, also included some objective conditions.

One of them was that the female mantis was much larger than the male in terms of body size, thus it could also be said that the formers combat power was much greater than the latter.

To some female praying mantis, the male was not just a mate, but also backup food!

To be honest, the mantis version of the bride of bones was not ugly.

However, because its body was a combination of a human and an insect, it looked like a human that was not a human, which was even more terrifying than a monster.

And now, the teenager that was consciousness body 01 could feel the danger coming at him.


The white jade bone mantis, whose body was mainly pink and light green, was like a small mountain crashing down before him.

Its sickle-like legs were less than a foot away from the humans slender neck!

At such a close distance, it was as if it could hear the sound of fresh blood flowing in the humans blood vessels, and feel the warmth unique to warm-blooded animals.

If a piece of flesh was torn from the teenagers body, its cold white bones would probably be able to come into contact with the residual heat of the flesh more directly.

Suddenly, it seemed to have been bewitched.

The beautiful mantis version of the bone bride stretched its legs forward and was only a fingers width away from the teenager.

If it moved a little further, the reapers scythe would reap another life!

In fact, even if the mantis bride did not continue to move forward for this short two to three centimeters, as long as the drop of poison that had condensed on her front scythe fell, the teenager was destined to die!

At this moment, even the crackling sounds of the fire seemed to have been slowed several times.

Many held their breath and watched quietly in the dark.

The yin energy hidden in the dark void looked at the white bone mantis.

The latters mouth was ferocious-looking, and its sickle-shaped forelimbs had extremely sharp spikes.

Then, they looked at the human teenager who was standing opposite the skeleton, looking petite in comparison to the female mantis.

All of them were certain that the human would die without a doubt!

A light suddenly flashed in the eyes of the young man, who was being stared at by countless eyes.

It was as if his soul had returned.

He knew that the main consciousness body had returned.

At this moment, Chu Feng had already returned to the “audience seats” with the captured evil core.

On the other side, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the drop of poison suddenly fell! The venom streaked across the air, and even a straight line was corroded in the almost non-existent space.

The teenager immediately dodged, and the transparent droplet was about to miss him, but the pair of feelers of the mantis bone bride suddenly stretched extremely long, so long that they wrapped around the human and pulled him back!

At the same time, it flapped its front and back wings in unison, pushing the poison in the direction of the teenager.

Looking down from above, the teenager who was entangled by the long feelers and the tiny, invisible drop of venom seemed to be rushing toward each other.

It would only take a breath for them to collide!

At this moment, the evil energy that was watching the battle in the dark void could not wait to hear the screams of the teenager when he was corroded by the venom or to appreciate the miserable scene of the other party being raped, then eaten.

That would definitely be wonderful!

Monstrous evil intent spread out from the darkness.

The thick black that was filled with yin energy stained the white bones bit by bit, covering the skeletons jade-like body.

A breaths time was extremely short.

Just as the divine flame wanted to save the teenager and the teenager was about to save itself, they heard a heavy thud.


All the living beings immediately looked toward the source of the sound.

Then, an unusually intense sound wave was transmitted from the dark void.

Chu Feng, who had completely blended in with the yin energy, heard everything clearly.

“F*ck, the white bone failed at such a critical moment!”

“F*ck, its all because you guys sent too much dark energy over.

Those thousands of brides werent from the evil world, to begin with.

Rather, it would be strange if the skeleton didnt collapse!”

“Stop blaming each other, hurry up and think of a way!”

“Thats right.

When the main core supervisor comes here, hell scold us for not doing our job well!”

“What other way is there If theres a way, even I can be the main core…”

“… Wait, look!”


“This is great! The white bone has activated its invincible mass-killing mode!”

Under the continuous devouring of Taoties divine fire, the main hall and inner chamber had already revealed the original form of the white jade bone pond.

It was not even one percent of the size of the first time Chu Feng saw it.

In the white bone pond that was no more than a hundred meters in length and width, a human, a skeleton, and a fire were fighting.

Among the three, the mantis skeleton was mainly fighting with the divine fire, while the remaining human would occasionally use all kinds of max-level skills to assist the latter.

The teenager didnt think much about the bone brides sudden change.

He knew very well that even if nothing went wrong with the enemy, he would still be able to protect himself with his max-level mythical skills.

The teenager could choose not to care, but the countless “eyes” hidden in the darkness were having a heated discussion.

“The white bone doesnt seem to have suffered much stimulation just now.

Why did it suddenly lose its mind”

“Indeed, the dark energy alone doesnt seem to be enough…”

“Could it be the main core”

“Although Im not sure what exactly happened, Im sure that the supervisor took the initiative to intervene and control the battle! Otherwise, according to the white bones habit of hunting males in the past, it would at least leave a head and half of the body for the wedding before eating it.


They didnt know the truth, but Chu Fengs consciousness was clear about the cause and effect.

It was nothing more than the evil core finding out that the avatar it sent out had become someone elses captive.

After being enraged, it simply used the skeleton subordinate to show off its might.

Unfortunately, he was now in the evil space.

If he wanted to catch the main body of the evil core, just the evil core avatar in his hand was not enough!

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