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When he heard the words “its your turn”, Chu Fengs consciousness body 01 subconsciously thought of the bone brides panel.

The young man remembered that the beauty bone was made up of the resentment of thousands of brides from various races after their deaths.

It was said that no man would be able to escape from the temptation when they saw her, eventually becoming a dead soul in the hands of the beautiful skeleton.

In addition, after being married for 1001 nights and still being the bride every night, this made her simply another poisonous widow.

However, as the saying goes, a hateful person must have a pitiful side.

Combined with the fact that she “died in the hands of a male”, and how she had “demonized after her death and killed countless males”, added to her strong hatred for the wedding guests, the teenager could totally imagine the whole story.

However, all of this was not important in the battle! The truly important things were, of course, the factors that affected the battle, such as the skills on the interface.

[Bone Bride – Skills]

[Gentleness Over Roughness: When injured by a male, damage immunity is 50%.]

[Tender Affection: Capture the attack of a male or reflect it.]

[Complete Death Marriage: Before marriage, both sides will be hurt if they hurt each other; After marriage, both parties can not seriously injure each other and will share the damage.]

[Blind Marriage, Cross-cupped Poisonous Wine…]

[Beauty Bone – Equipment]

[Jade Bone Umbrella: Attack and defense combined]

[Thousand Males Bone Flute: Summon dead males to block injuries]

[Red and White Rose: Randomly obtain a red rose, mosquitos blood, white moonlight, or white rice]

[Thousand Wedding Dress: A wedding dress of the bride that has been married 1001 times]

[Death Marriage Shoes, Cross-cup Death Wine…]

The current situation was more or less like a card game.

The teenager and the bone bride both had many cards in their hands.

There were offensive, defensive, and support cards, as well as hidden cards that the other party had yet to learn about!

Chu Fengs consciousness body 01 was temporarily referred to as the “teenager”.

As it was a consciousness clone, so it could also use the hundreds of Max-level skills and the abilities of beasts that Chu Feng had.

However, due to the limitations that it was but a clone, even if the teenager could perform dozens or even nearly a hundred max-level mythical skills, the power he could mobilize was only one-tenth of the main bodys.

Yet, the bone bride before the teenager was an existence that even Chu Feng himself would have a headache facing!

The difference between the two was obvious.

If it was only based on the strength of an individual, the one who was at a disadvantage was clearly the teenager.

That being said, the situation was not that bad.

After all, other than the dozens of mythical skills that had reached the maximum level, he also had the divine fire that had been enhanced with Taoties devouring ability.

Other than that, there was another piece of good news for Chu Fengs side.

Due to the strange effect of the Complete Death Marriage, no matter if it was the teenager or the bone bride, they couldnt directly kill the other party!

The reason for the current situation was largely due to Chu Fengs action in choosing to separate a part of his consciousness after returning to the starting point of the evil space.

According to the evil cores expectations, as long as the bone bride could hold off the heaven-defying God Chu, no matter how strong the beasts outside were in bombarding the yin energy and evil spirits, it would eventually obtain the victory of this battle!

However, the reality was different from its imagination.

The amusing thing was that the evil core thought that it had seen through the illusion, but it could not see through the fact that the teenager that the bone bride had bound by marriage was actually just a clone.

Not only that, but in the moment of panic, it had even angrily stuck its head out and given an order! If it hadnt done that, Chu Feng wouldnt have been able to catch its shadow!

Looking at it now, the evil core seemed to be digging its grave.

Of course, what confused the evil core was the “urgent situation”.

Otherwise, even if the evil core only sent a split of its consciousness to observe for two or three minutes, it would have been able to tell the difference between the teenager in the wedding dress and God Chu who appeared in the game.

Disregarding the more complicated reasons and just considering the factors of “luck” and “timing”, the situation was thus as above.

Now, the one who was in control of the battle was not the evil core, but Chu Feng.

As one of the cardholders, the teenager lowered his head and fell into deep thought when he suddenly heard the sound of a raging fire.

What followed was a gust of wind that was slightly hotter.

“Whoosh!” Taoties version of the divine fire danced around the teenager in joy.

Then, the thousand wedding dress and death wedding shoes on the latters feet, as well as other existences that didnt belong to Chu Fengs consciousness form, all melted!

The white skeleton in the standard suit looked down at the torn wedding dress and wedding shoes that suddenly returned to its hands.

The green fire in its eyes suddenly fell like tears.

God knows what she was thinking about when she looked at the tattered objects, but she looked quite pitiful.

However, personal feelings had nothing to do with the outcome of the battle.

The teenager raised his hand slightly and touched the remaining flame on his fingertips.

In the next moment, the sea of fire surrounding the white bone pond that had now transformed into the wedding hall suddenly extended countless tongues of fire, licking the “little snack” in the middle.


Chu Fengs consciousness body 01 took out a skill “card”.

Max-level super skill, great wind, rise! The wind fueled the fire, and the fire set the whole place ablaze.

The raging fire rapidly and violently spread outwards.

In the blink of an eye, it spread from the ground to the dark void, burning the yin energy, and making them howl.

At this moment, it seemed that the entire evil space was shocked by the power of Taoties version of the flame!

The teenagers figure, the entire grand hall, and the stunned bone bride were all swallowed up by the blazing waves of fire.

Speaking of which, if the bone bride had wedded Chu Feng instead, perhaps it could have done as the evil core wanted and entangled him.

Then, they would both be reduced to nourishment in the white bone pond with the evil array.

In fact, not only the white bone pond, but every spot in the evil space had an evil array.

The only difference between these evil arrays was that their strongest effects were different.

However, the evil space was different from the underground game ground.

If a creature at the immortal level like Chu Feng stayed here for too long, there would be big problems.

“Crackle…” The divine fire continued to burn, and many things were burned clean.

Not long after, only a hall and an inner room were left of the originally dignified and luxurious place.

In addition to that were the teenager and the skeleton.

They were both inextinguishable.

The teenager stood calmly in the fire, looking at the bone bride who had been standing there for two to three minutes, his face revealing a thoughtful expression.

“The beauty bone is made up of thousands of brides.

Her thoughts might be very chaotic.”

Otherwise, how could the person who wanted to kill him just now forget about it in the blink of an eye As he was thinking, the bone bride suddenly changed its appearance.

With a bloody wedding dress on her, the beauty bone suddenly revealed an appearance that was more terrifying than a monster.

At first glance, that body seemed to be a little like…

“A mantis bride!”

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