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In the blink of an eye, the darkness in the sky turned into fire clouds.

When Chu Feng looked at the white bone pond again, he found that it had turned into a bright red hall.

The young man who was originally surrounded by the endless sea of fire, which was his consciousness body 01, had disappeared for a split second.

In the next moment, he was standing in the wedding hall in a red wedding garment, waiting for the wedding with a blank expression!

Chu Feng: “!”

What was even more terrifying was that the young man was wearing a womans wedding dress, and there was a beautiful skeleton in a red suit standing next to him.

Chu Feng: “!”

Shock, absurdity, confusion, and many other emotions rose in his heart, making him not know whether to laugh or cry.

Due to his shock, his consciousness which had merged with the burning clouds in the sky trembled violently for a moment and he almost showed himself in this wedding scene!

“Wait, isnt it a bone bride Why is she dressed as a man” A small man seemed to be berating the entire situation in Chu Fengs mind.

In front of the little man with a flushed face, another little man with a dark face replied, “Maybe shes worn the female wedding dress too many times, so she doesnt want to be the bride this time”

“Ahhh!” The infuriated little man suddenly stood up, “So why am I the one whos suffered a loss!”

Regarding this point, Chu Feng wanted to curse as well.

The main consciousness body drowned in the bright mist listened to all kinds of noisy sound waves and felt a headache.

“Haha, as long as its a man, no one can escape from the bone bride!”

“Guess how this human is going to die”

“Hes probably going to be poisoned to death while drinking the cross-cupped wine, or killed by those guests during the wedding.”

“Look at the pair of small shoes on his feet.

Hell probably fall to his death!”

“No, its obvious he would drink himself to death!”


The bone bride could be said to be a nemesis of male creatures.

Even though Chu Feng was extremely powerful, he still had a headache and did not know where to start.

An eye mask and chains had been unknowingly put on the young man in the death wedding shoes and the thousand wedding dress at some point.

He could not see clearly who was in front of him, nor could he say a word of resistance.

No matter what kind of person the other party was, he had to marry.

Even if the other party was a dead person, he still had to marry!

Chu Feng ignored the evil aura of death that was gradually spreading around him and the murmurs in his ears that seemed to be illusions.

Then, his eyes suddenly flew open.

At the same time, the teenager broke free from the chains and took off the blindfold, “Get lost!”

This was like a drop of water falling into a pot of oil, and the entire hall was in an uproar.

The guests who didnt seem to be anything strange instantly turned into monsters with only one eye, one mouth, and eight hands on their backs! They stared at the young man coldly, scolding the “bride” and shouting that they would kill him with the various weapons in their hands.

“You havent even been married into the family and youre already making such a scene.

You really are a damned cheap servant!”

“If you dont want the respect we give you, you should be stabbed to death with needles!”

“This kind of person cant get pregnant at first glance.

Why dont do the hit the bride ritual in advance to ensure she can give birth to a son”

“Uncle, what are you talking about Arent we doing it right now … Here, some hot tea with boiling water will definitely make her remember our family rules!”

“Hahaha, by the way, how many weddings did Third Brother Li go to this year If you have money, dont forget to share with everyone the way you earned it!”


More and more “people” surrounded the young man tightly.

The guests who were standing further away looked normal.

They couldnt see the scene inside clearly, but they could hear the continuous screams.

“Help! Stop fighting!”

“Uncle, its me! Youre f*cking hitting the wrong…”


Occasionally, some people would hear a voice that didnt quite fit the “brides” voice, but they would soon put their doubts aside.

After all, the shrieks, screams, and curses were all mixed together.

Even if the parents of those people who were beaten to the point of crying for their parents really came to the scene, they probably wouldnt be able to distinguish their children in the crowd.

Chu Fengs main consciousness was watching from high up in the sky.

He could also hear the malicious words of the yin energy that he had concealed himself from.

“Haha, he vomited blood again!”

“Hey, isnt that person too fragile And hes so cowardly, he didnt even fight back when he was beaten!”

“Tsk! Is such a piece of trash worthy of the supervisors attention”

“I was wondering how strong a Beastmaster could be.

In the end, hes just like this”

“The evil core is making a mountain out of a molehill!”

“The bone bride hasnt even made a move herself and this person is already on the verge of death!”

“At this rate, I think that young man will definitely die in the wedding hall.

Let alone the cross-hand wine ceremony, he wont even have a chance to drink a toast!”

The evil core who happened to hear the discussion of the yin energy felt something was amiss when it heard the conversation… No matter how weak that person was, he was still a human Beastmaster with true God-level beasts.

How could he be so weak that the bone bride didnt need to make a move

This doubt was resolved when the clone it sent arrived at the wedding scene.

Then, it flew into a rage, “To think you guys cant even see through an illusion.

Whats the use of having trash like you Bone bride, what are you doing Hurry up and go!”

The beings who were being scolded were all extremely shocked.

“F*ck, what the f*ck is this!”

“Since when can the bone bride tolerate a man stand safe and sound by her side”

“Damn, why is Gods worlds illusions also effective against us Even if an illusion array was set up here, it shouldnt have affected us!”

“We had been watching the show for nothing.

The beings who were beaten up were all guests!”

“This psychedelic… wait, it should be a magical illusion.

That Beastmaster seems to have used the evil array here as a reference!”

“With the bone bride here, we can just watch the show.”

Just as the yin energy was bewildered and shocked, the person being discussed had already made a move.

Chu Fengs main consciousness was pursuing the evil core.

His consciousness clone 01, the young man with the flame on his fingertip, also moved.

The bone bride who had been staring at the wedding guests suddenly snapped back to her senses when she heard the evil cores scolding.

Needless to say, the man and the skeleton who were just performing the wedding ceremony were daggers drawn in the blink of an eye! If such a scene was put on some other websites, it would be another clickbait.

[Shocking! Countless people are actually wishing they were dead at the wedding!]

Wanting to be alive and dead at the same time was an appropriate way to describe the group of guests who kept screaming and occasionally shouting “help”.

The teenager, who had been forced to marry before he was of age, looked at the bride with a blank expression.

Due to the restriction of the enemys skill that “if both parties hurt each other, they would both suffer counterattacks or even share the damage”, he could not take the initiative to kill the enemy even if he had not completed the wedding.

Otherwise, they would be reduced to the point of mutual destruction!


“Save me, quickly save me!”

“I dont want to die! Damn you, bitch…”


God knows what the bone bride did, but the inhuman and ghost-like guests were all turned into dried meat amidst their screams and wails.

The beautiful skeleton looked over and said to the young man, “Next, its your turn.”

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