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Countless drops of blood dripped from above.

In the blink of an eye, the entire white bone pool and even the white bones on the ground were soaked in blood.

Chu Feng looked thoughtfully at the countless white bones that had gathered into a giant monster in two breaths.

His expression didnt change as he casually pointed a right-hand finger and the giant white bone monster that was creaking was then crushed into ashes.

“Whoosh!” A gust of wind that carried yin energy suddenly blew and passed through the cracks in the mountain of white bones.


Sound like the wailing of malicious spirits rang out, reverberating in the space that seemed to have no boundaries.

The sounds were increasingly eerie.

The white bone monster that had been annihilated earlier was only made up of a mountain of white bones.

However, in this space filled with yin energy, there were a few mountains of white bones that were so tall that they seemed to be able to poke holes in the sky!

At this moment, Chu Feng suddenly raised his hand and made a hand seal.

In the next moment, the second seemed to be dragged out, and even the wails seemed to be dragged out.

While all beings in the dimension were slowed down by Mystics max-level domain, only one person was unaffected and was still moving at a steady pace.

Chu Feng did not forget why he was here.

He was here to find, or trap the evil yin core.

He had to destroy it, and completely end the monsters endless resurrection in this game ground!

As for the bones or other monsters, they were simply not important and could just be ignored.

An extremely powerful and vast divine power washed over the space, so powerful that it almost shattered the entire evil space!

Layers of deep space collapsed, causing a glimmer of light to shine in Chu Fengs eyes, who had originally planned to use some luring or forceful means.

Vaguely, he saw that in the unfathomably deep space crevice, a secret array and an ancient evil array were engraved on it!

The former was formed by countless arrays and had the effect of suppressing evil spirits.

After countless years, it was now dilapidated, and only less than one-tenth of its original powerful suppressing effects were left.

The latter was a resurrection array constructed by yin energy.

It was ancient and evil… Even though it was equally old as the former array, it could still make ones soul tremble with a single glance!

When his thoughts returned, these two short-lived ancient arrays had already disappeared.

The Beastmaster rubbed his chin, feeling that the matter wasnt as simple as it seemed.

Although his level had always been suppressed at the immortal level, his knowledge had long surpassed that of an ordinary true God by leaps and bounds! As such, even though he had only glimpsed the tip of the iceberg of the evil ancient array, he could still make a judgment in an instant.

“That extremely evil and ancient array is definitely not a product of Gods world! It should be a derivative of the evil world, just like the void blood pool.

As for the other ancient array that can suppress evil, it seems to be somewhat similar to the arrays of Gods world.”

Chu Fengs paid more attention to the evil ancient array.

Although he had only caught a glimpse of it, the array was so huge and ancient that one couldnt trace its roots had left a deep impression on him!

Thinking back to the scene just now, he raised his right hand slightly.

Following this, a vast divine power appeared again and swept in all directions.

However, the two ancient arrays did not appear again.

It was as if Chu Feng was in a dream inadvertently, and his soul touched a corner of another world across a distance of countless light years.

When he “woke up” from the dream, he came back to his senses.

His divine power had swept through the evil space again and again, but in the end, all was to avail.

“Sigh…” Faintly, there seemed to be a disappointed sigh.

This sound sounded in the void that was gradually becoming unstable before being soon drowned out by other sounds.

“Creak creak creak creak!”

Seeing countless white bone monsters suddenly rise from the ground, Chu Fengs expression was very calm, and he didnt want to say a word.

But when he focused and looked again, he abruptly found that there were two arrays here!

One of them was the increasingly powerless suppression formation, while the other was the evil ancient array that included the effects of summoning, resurrection, and many others.

These two arrays could be seen as a greatly reduced version of the two powerful ancient arrays he had seen earlier.

“Drip, drip!”

The blood mist that had inexplicably seeped out of the void in the sky gradually gathered into bean-sized blood, falling from high above.

“Drip!” The blood-red raindrops fell on the white bones, splashing in all directions.

Heavy rain poured.

Except for that one person, all the other beings were stained with red.

The blood rain was corrosive, and it didnt take long for the red lantern that Chu Feng had casually left at the side to completely corrode.

Even the relatively weaker white jade bones were corroded!

At first glance, it looked like the enemy was weakening his strength.

But that was not the case.

There were indeed fewer and fewer bones left in the space, and at the same time, the aura the yin energy emitted became stronger and stronger!

Furthermore, a faint trace of Samaels aura could be felt from the evil array!

“Sacrifice, soul refining, summoning, resurrecting…”

The human who had been bored just now suddenly felt that things were getting more and more interesting.

He found it interesting, but the existence hiding in the dark didnt think so.

Unlike the yin energy and evil spirits that were cannon fodder in the game, the evil core had the ability to think.

After all, it was a supervisor that the evil god Morcy had secretly placed on Samael.

In fact, the extraterritorial evil god had long discovered that the spirit did not belong to him! Among the many remnants of spirits that Morcy had sent out, the evil core behind Samael had the highest authority.

As such, when that avatar had died in the battle of possession, it was thrown into the evil array by the evil core that had higher authority in the next moment and turned into nourishment!

In other words, it was actually the evil core that was fighting against the human and his beasts in the game later on.

It was only because of this that the enemy was able to withstand the combined attacks of the invincible beasts!



As the blood rain continued to fall, the light that Chu Feng had lit up in the evil space was extinguished bit by bit.

In the darkness, countless eyes were peeking at that person.

The evil yin core, which had countless doppelgangers, glared at the only human in space, and the evil intent in its heart grew stronger.

“Become fodder just like Samael.

Whether you die a quick death by being killed by the killing array on the white bones, or become a sacrifice for the ultimate evil array, you would contribute greatly to the appearance of the great evil god… This is your supreme honor!”

Just as the fanatical believer was getting excited over the evil god, Chu Feng suddenly moved.

“Pa, pa!” After two crisp sounds, everything in the surroundings melted! Then, the darkness came again…

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