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“Awoo… Awoo… Awoo”

“Roar! Roar… Roar”

Even though the Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon were still huge after shrinking countless times in size, they still managed to squeeze their way through the “small” door.

As they had just come down from the battlefield, they were still unable to hold back their strength.

Chu Feng looked at the door that was still standing firmly in the door frame despite the damage, then looked at the concern that could not be hidden in the two pairs of eyes.

Although the corners of his mouth twitched, he still accepted the concern, “Dont worry.

Im fine.”

He glanced at the bear and the dragon and asked with confusion, “Is the Astral Spirit not here”

Lila, who had already gotten the answer from the Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon, started to explain, “The white mist of the Astral Spirits disaster happens to be at a critical moment.

Plus, we didnt feel that you were seriously injured at that time, so only big brother Wild Bear and Geer rushed here.”

Hearing that, Chu Feng couldnt help but frown, “The zombie plane consciousness in the dimensional dream didnt cause any trouble, did it Whats wrong”

Lila, who had a clearer understanding of the situation, shook her head and continued, “The plane consciousness didnt do anything.

Hera and the white fog arent facing any big problems either.

Theyre just having some trouble for the time being.

When we get back, they should be done.”

Since even Lila, who had always been meticulous in handling matters, had said so, Chu Feng naturally believed her.

However, he still worried and was thinking that he had to quickly resolve the matters with the game ground and the “grand escape” program team.

Then, he had to hurry back to the Blue Planet to see what was going on with the Astral Spirit.

Since the thought of “going home as soon as possible” arose in his mind, he naturally did not want to waste time staying in bed.

After saying a few words to the Wild bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Chu Feng got down from the bed, “My body has already recovered.

Lets fight together next.”

Lilas face was full of disapproval, and her eyes were full of worry, “But youve just recovered a little… What if during your battle later, the evil gods curse erupts again What should we do then Theres no room for mistakes in battle.

If something goes wrong at the critical moment, no matter how many lives you have, it wont be enough!”

The God of Life, who used to put on a cold and aloof expression in front of the plant creature believers, was now full of worry.

Even if she didnt speak, one could see the deep worry on her face.

Seeing that the person on the bed didnt nod, she didnt say anymore either.

She just stared at the person with her watery eyes.

Anyone worried about others would have thoughts of “what-ifs”.

Even Chu Feng didnt know how to persuade her.

Moreover, he couldnt say anything harsh to a creature who was worried about him.

The power of words was, after all, limited.

In addition, he had just experienced a slip not too long ago.

At this moment, no matter what he said, it didnt seem to have much credibility in the beasts heart.

The atmosphere in the room gradually froze.

The Mirage Butterfly let out a “Mi-meh” sound, flapped its wings, and flew away.

“Ill go outside to help Mystic.

You guys, do your best!”

Chu Feng, who originally wanted to ask Fei Nuo Sha for help to persuade Lila, turned to look at Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon on the other side.

His gaze seemed to be saying, “This is an emergency! If you dont help, you wont be able to see your bosss valiant and heroic appearance in battle in the future!”

These words were undoubtedly an exaggeration.

Lila was only splitting hairs for now.

In the end, she couldnt possibly stop the human Beastmaster from going to the battlefield… But Chu Feng wanted to start fighting now.

“How many tomorrows do we have If I dont fight now, Ill really be crippled!”

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon, who was also addicted to fighting, immediately expressed its agreement when it saw its Beastmaster showing such a “love for fighting”.

“Roar… Roar!”

After a few roars, the Wild Bear next to it knocked its head.

The dragons roar, which was originally full of fighting spirit, changed its tone in the next second.

“Roar” Why did its brother hit it

The Wild Bear ignored the dragon.

Instead, it looked solemnly at the Beastmaster who had been pinned to the bed at some point in time.

Both of its eyes had the word “worried” written on them.

“Awoo, awoo, awoo…”

It was saying, “Son, how about you stop fighting for now You see you still have the evil gods curse on you… Rest assured, even if you dont fight, with the universes strongest beast regiment here, you will certainly be the strongest in the universe in the future!”

The more Chu Feng listened, the darker his expression became.

He wanted to teach his beasts what the Chu familys rules were, but he also wanted to retort that he treated the Wild Bear as a comrade, but the latter actually wanted to be his father.

Besides that, he was simply speechless.

The dragon listened to the bears words, and its eyes lit up.

It also echoed, “Roar… Roar!”

It was saying, “Boss, dont worry.

If theres something for me, therell definitely be something for you.

Whatever the other Beastmasters have, you will have them too!”

As soon as the dragon said that, Chu Feng couldnt help but hold his forehead in speechlessness.

He wanted to be left in peace, but those two idiots were still talking in his ear.

The more he listened, the more ridiculous their words sounded!

Chu Fengs handsome face darkened as he chuckled.

Then, he casually conjured a feather duster from his memory and spoke to the two beasts beside him, “Since you guys think that I can be like some Beastmasters and not directly participate in the battle…” He paused for a moment, a murderous look suddenly appearing in his eyes, “Since I have nothing to do anyway, Ill teach the kids!”

After saying that, he abruptly jumped up from the bed like a carp jumping out of water.

This was followed by a huge fight.

The room, which had been relatively calm, suddenly became chaotic.

In the chaos, a skylight was opened and a hole was torn in the room less than two seconds into the fight.

Watching from the side, Lila gradually felt that something was wrong.

Her small face was sullen as she looked at the increasing number of holes in the ceiling and walls.

Then, her heart suddenly jumped!

“This is bad!”

At this moment, Chu Feng nimbly avoided the counterattack of the Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

Then, he turned around and lightly patted the wall that had been destroyed by the other two beasts countless times.

After a loud bang, a large hole that was just enough for him to break out of the house thus appeared.

Time was of the essence.

He had to leave quickly! The young man wriggled away nimbly like a fish.

A hint of craftiness flashed in his eyes.

“Of course, the more fights the merrier.”

“Chu Feng!” A shout with suppressed anger came from behind him.

Just hearing it was enough to imagine how furious the woman was, “To think you pulled such a stunt right under my nose… Be careful, youll feel terrible when the curse explodes! I know youre strong, but no one asked you to keep staying so strong.

Whats wrong with taking a break Its not like us beasts cant protect you, a single Beastmaster! Besides, youve trained us to become incomparably powerful.

Its not like youre using us as a vase, right Would it kill you to take a break!”

There was only one person who could make Lila act like this.

The long string of words was naturally taken into the targets heart.

Chu Feng paused for a moment.

He didnt look back, only transmitting his voice in that direction.

The young man, who had yet to reach adulthood, said, “I know youre willing to protect me, and you can protect me, but as a Beastmaster, it is only natural that I stand in front and protect you guys.

Its not just you guys.

I have a lot of humans and beasts that I want to protect as well…”

Therefore, he had to become stronger.

He had t be strong enough to crush all obstacles and achieve everything he wanted.

Of course, he understood his beasts worries, so he smiled, “Dont worry.

Ive already set up anautomatic mechanism.

At the very least, I can guarantee that the curse wont affect me anymore.

If youre really worried, then fight with me!”

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