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The blood leech was suppressed in the nightmare gods world.

After some time, it would be sucked into an existence that was weaker than an ant.

Of course, if Chu Feng wanted to, he could have the nightmare gods world “spit” it out before killing it.

However, the blood leech was not an important character at the moment.

There was no need to waste his energy on it and make a move again and again.

He could just let it gradually die out in the nightmare gods world.

With that thought, Chu Feng turned around and left.

Not long after, the young mans figure appeared beside the origin blood pool.

After the giant blood leech died for the first time, the blood in the blood pool immediately dried up.

When Chu Feng came to the side of the blood pool again, he did not see the pool of blood from before.

Other than a patch of nothingness, there was only a crystal-like bead the size of an eyeball.

Through the crystal-like layer of an unknown material at the outermost level, he could see the dark red liquid inside.

A beautiful light was flowing within.

“I dont know what it is yet, so Ill name it the blood pool bead.”

Although he did not find the small bead infectious, Chu Feng still used a special container to store it in his space.

Then, he took a step in a certain direction in the air, and his entire body disappeared with the wind.

“Cough, cough… Cough!”

After teleporting to the void where the avatar and several divinities were, the first thing he heard was an increasingly intense coughing sound… At the end of the coughing, it seemed that even the other partys internal organs were about to be coughed out!

Chu Feng frowned and turned his head to glance at the few true Gods at the side who were guarding.

Although these few true Gods were all transformed by the max-level divinities, they were somewhat different from each other.

For example, among the four divinities of the Wild Bear, namely strength, defense, speed, and soul, the weakest one was of course the soul divinity.

The Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragons divinities were better at fighting.

In terms of thinking, logistics, and support, they were slightly inferior to the Mythical Tree Lilas divinity.

In addition, Lila had the level 100 principle of creation, so her life divinity was far more agile than the other true gods that were created.

At this moment, seeing Chu Fengs unhappy face, the life divinity took the initiative to explain the situation.

About ten seconds ago, Samael looked normal in the cage.

But when he spat out blood again, the puddles of blood floating in the void suddenly attracted each other, and in the blink of an eye, they merged into a small pool of blood.

Moreover, there was a living creature wriggling in it! Combined with the previous battle, it was obvious that this living thing was what they thought it was.

After realizing that such a disgusting thing had appeared in his consciousness, Samaels face instantly turned pale.

God knows what he had done in secret, but it seemed to have stimulated the gangrene in his body instead.

Then, he began to spit out blood and cough blood incessantly.

Chu Feng listened quietly, and he gradually returned to being expressionless.

He did not know how the possession battle had become like this, but as the victor, there were some things that he did not need to know.

After all, no matter how important it was, it could not be greater than an invasion from the extraterrestrial region.

Samael, who was being sized up by the pair of cold, dark eyes, was currently feeling extremely uneasy.

The last time he possessed the octagonal tower, everything had gone smoothly… Although the blood pool that had appeared at that time was only of the lowest level that could not even count as the evil demon pool, such a possession battle was something the evil race was quite familiar with.

If it was just the blood pool, in most cases, as long as the evil race invaded the spirit sea of the “possessed”, they would be able to pull the latters consciousness into the evil races blood pool.

At that time, both parties would compete in absorbing the blood pool energy to determine the winner.

It would usually end with the “successful possession of the evil race”.

The cause and effect were very simple.

Since the blood pool was a holy item of the evil race, it would naturally lean towards them during the possession battle.

It was because of this that Samael was so joyfully surprised when he discovered the origin blood pool.

At that time, he even felt that he was already certain of victory in this battle where some accidents had occurred!

However, everything that happened next completely shattered that illusion! Until now, Samael was still coughing and vomiting.

He couldnt wrap his mind around the whole matter.

Why, why did it turn out to be like this!

“Thats my races holy item.

Why would it hurt me” While speaking, he vomited some more pieces of flesh.

He looked miserable and pitiful, even worse than the lowliest ant.

The other true Gods were indifferent to Samels miserable state.

The only immortal present was watching.

However, his eyes were cold and indifferent.

Chu Feng looked at him coldly for a while.

Then, he suddenly felt bored.

He raised his right hand and flicked his finger.

“Swoosh!” A dazzling golden light shot out like lightning.

“Boom!” In the next moment, the wisp of the extraterrestrial evil gods spirit shattered into pieces like paper and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Without the possessor, the possession battle naturally ended.

Then, countless cracks appeared in the void.

A crack appeared right under the feet of Chu Feng and the others.

Without waiting for the gods to react, they fell into the crack between the sea of consciousness and the river of time and space…

Then, everything went dark.

When Chu Fengs consciousness returned to his body, he could already hear sounds coming closer before he opened his eyes.





Chu Feng stretched out his hand to block the light in front of him, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly.

“The Wild Bear and the others are here” The person who wasnt sure how long he had blacked out asked with a smile.

“Yes, theyre here,” Lila, who was kneeling by the young mans side, wiped her face.

Her eyes were filled with tears, and she couldnt help but feel joy and late fear, “Chu Feng, youre finally awake! Thank God…”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly flew around the Beastmaster, seemingly mumbling “yes, yes, yes” while nodding continuously, as if saying “its good that youre awake”.

Chu Feng sat up from the bed and looked around.

He saw a rather elaborate safe house.

It seemed that his beasts had done a lot of things while he was unconscious.

He felt a sense of relief.

He rubbed Lilas hair and comforted everyone and the beasts.

“Dont worry anymore.

Havent I already woken up”

Lilas small face was sullen, and she started to get angry instead.

She silently started a new round of examination for the Beastmaster.

“How is it I should be fine now, right” As Chu Feng spoke, he wanted to get off the bed.

He couldnt wait to welcome the next battle.

Having just recovered and had yet to connect with his beasts, he couldnt help but think to himself, “Who is being bombarded outside by Mystic, Wild Bear, and Dark-sky Azure Dragon”


The house made of divine strength was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

The door slammed into the wall, then bounced outward.

Then, there was another bang.

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