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The battle was on the verge of breaking out, but it ended quickly.

Even though the extraterrestrial evil gods avatar, Samael, had once again raised his power to the supreme God Venerable realm with his secret technique, the battle came to an end in a few minutes, as expected.

“Damn it! Damn it… Damn the lowly beings of the inner terrestrial region!” The incompetent person was furious.

Even his eyes were bloodshot, making him look very strange.

At this moment, Samael had been pulled out of the blood pool by Chu Feng and confined in a certain space.

Various barriers were constructed, and when the creature trapped inside made abnormal movements, the corresponding alarms would sound in an instant.

At the same time, true gods casually constructed by the Beastmaster would capture the escapee and beat him up.

Strictly speaking, these true gods were more like tools.

They were born from the max-level divinity skills of Chu Fengs beasts, including the Wild Bears strength, speed, physique, and soul divinity; the Mythical Trees energy and life divinity; the Dark-sky Azure Dragons true dragon and elemental divinity; and so on…

Perhaps it was more appropriate to use the word “programming” to describe the actions of these true gods.

Of course, after having Lilas level 100 creation principle through the “Beastmasters Divine Heart”, Chu Feng was also able to construct a living true God that was no different from a living creature.

However, tools and whatnot had always ever needed to be handy.

In most cases, they would have to rely on the Beastmaster and his beasts, a topic which they wouldnt go deeper into.

Chu Feng felt the other partys voice simply ear-piercing and thus waved his hand to add an isolation array to the space that was restraining Samael.

In the next moment, the curses that filled the void came to an abrupt end.

After the surroundings became quiet, his state of mind gradually returned to calm.

The previous confrontation with Samael did not seem to leave a trace in Chu Fengs heart.

He lowered his gaze slightly and his attention fell on the blood pool.

This time, he did not hesitate too much.

Step by step, the young man walked over.

The closer he got to the pool of blood, the more he heard the tempting sounds.

All the words were trying to persuade him to step into the blood pool just like what Samael who belonged to the evil race had done earlier.

They were tempting him to let the blood seep into his bones.

“Snatch or destroy, devour or refine…”

A pair of large hands with distinct joints extended out.

Then, vast divine strength plunged into the blood pool, stirring up huge waves!

In the spatial cage not far away, Samael was terrified and furious.

He did not know what the mysterious man was trying to do.

That was a treasure that the entire evil world only had less than a dozen of.

How could he destroy it just like that!

“Is he crazy This is simply a reckless waste of Gods gift!” The ear-piercing voice was like a piece of chalk scraping across the blackboard.

The sound could even make some people lose their minds and go crazy.

As if he had faintly sensed something, the person in front of the blood pool suddenly stopped his actions of controlling his divine strength through the air and took a few steps back.

“Splash… Splash…” The sound of flowing water could be heard, and one could even hear the occasional “splash” sound.

It was a little like the sound of bubbles, but also like some kind of mollusk that had been stuck together and squirming suddenly separating, which allowed the air to successfully squeeze in… It was also like the sound of a naughty child spitting at a passerby.

The sounds were very disgusting.

Chu Feng frowned and stared at a strange bulge in the blood pool.

His face was as calm as ever as if he wouldnt find it strange even if the sky was falling.

On the other side, Samael, who was immersed in his thoughts, only felt that the human who didnt even want the origin pool was extremely stupid!

“Stupid human, you will regret it!” He shouted and tried all kinds of methods to get out of the cage.

After he got out, he would seize the blood pool and become a legend.

He hadnt even started to fantasize for two seconds before he was interrupted.

“Boom!” An explosion was heard.

A thousand-meter-tall monster suddenly emerged from the origin blood pool that Samael admired so much!

In just a blink of an eye, Chu Feng made his move, teleporting the entire cage and the divinities far away.

Since leaving them here would be equivalent to giving his enemy a free meal, they had better get lost.

His mind was scattered for an instant before retracting.

From a distance, Chu Feng looked at the blood leech formed by countless blood-sucking insects and he wondered if Samael, who just crawled into the blood pool, was vomiting now.

In the distance, the human figure in the cage was already puking his guts out.

When Samael finally realized that a portion of his strength had been sucked away by the “blood pool”, he felt even more regretful!

“F*ck… Damn it, all of them deserve to die!”

Even if they were born into the evil race, not all of them could accept such vulgar things.

Especially since that gigantic blood leech seemed to be formed from an extremely disgusting stench of blood… Could this be the truth behind the blood pool! It was just the blood leechs secretion!

If Chu Feng had heard this thought, he might have ridiculed, “Are you sure youre not blind Is this really the evil races blood pool”

Of course, even if he didnt know, the Beastmaster who had been on guard against this for a long time already had doubts in his heart.

In Chu Fengs opinion, a low-level deception like the blood pool could probably only be able to fool those fellows who always wanted to get something for nothing.

Perhaps, the blood leech had been attracted here by Samael.

“The creatures in the void here are very different from those in Gods world.

Theyre likely from the extraterrestrial region… Id better get out of this void as soon as possible.

Otherwise, who knows what kind of monsters will appear in the future If I delay, things might change.

I should finish this battle as soon as possible!” Just as the Beastmaster was thinking, the giant blood leech suddenly pounced over!

Chu Feng raised his right hand slightly.

A destructive divine sword formed from chaotic energy and the power of divinity instantly condensed.

He slashed down from top to bottom!

“Boom! Buzz!!”

The moment the sword was unleashed, even places extremely far away from the center of the battlefield were deeply affected.

“Pu!” Blood suddenly spurted out of Samaels mouth.

He looked into the distance in a daze, and all he could see was that terrifying destructive power, as well as that incomparably powerful power of divinity… Suddenly, his eyes widened like copper bells.

“Destruction divine sword… Could that person be the Saint of the god race! I suddenly remembered that he seemed to have used this move before, but at that time, my heart was filled with hatred.

I didnt care what kind of killing move the other party used, and only cared about reviving myself… But isnt he a Beastmaster When did the god race have a Beastmaster who is invincible at the same level!” Samaels consciousness was so agitated that it almost couldnt maintain its human form.

His mind was filled with shock, so much so that he didnt even notice that the pool of blood he spat out didnt seem right.

The few true gods squatting by the cage sent a message to their superiors.


The targets godly soul is trembling.

The reason for the effect might be…”

On the other side, there was only one person left in the center of the battlefield.

Chu Feng received the message and briefly checked it.

He did not pay much attention to it though.

“Bang!” The loud sound attracted the humans attention.

When he looked up, he saw that it was a giant blood leech that was one size smaller than the giant blood leech from before.

The young man frowned.

He was already a little annoyed by the “killing over and over again” game.

He crossed his hands slightly, and in the next moment, the max-level mythical world, the nightmare gods world, which originated from Fei Nuo Sha, was drawn out by him.

Nightmare gods world was vast and boundless.

Other than a long chain that was temporarily manifested, there was only a ball of gray mist.

Chu Feng flicked his finger, and the chain shot out rapidly.

Without waiting for the giant blood leech to react, the long chain that contained the power of the Nightmare God wrapped around the incomparably huge figure, then pulled the prey that was constantly struggling into the gray mist.

The whole process only took a few breaths of time.

Blood leech, game over!

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