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Before he arrived at the bright red spot, Chu Feng had a few guesses.

However, when he arrived at a place not far from there, all his guesses vanished instantly.

It was a bright red blood pool.

When one looked at it, one would feel that it was as small as a bowl of blood-colored soup, yet it also made one feel that it was deeper and wider than the ocean.

The most shocking thing was that even though it was a pool of blood that was produced from the abyss of sin, one would have the urge to think of it as pure and innocent when one approached it,

“Its just blood.

Which means in this world that can make people stronger isnt bloody People who lose their blood may not necessarily die.

Moderate blood loss can even help… Come on, only by sucking blood can a strong person become stronger! If you refuse, youll die.”

“…” Chu Feng frowned and stared at the pool of blood.

He was conflicted.

Should he go over

This damn thing had already begun to use a combination of threats and rewards before he even got close.

If he really went over, he would probably be sucked dry in an instant.

However, if he didnt go over, wouldnt the possession battle be in a stalemate

The youth hesitated.

Due to the lack of information, it was difficult for him to make the most appropriate decision.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Damn, damned human!”

Oh, it was a familiar “person”.

Chu Feng turned around and unsurprisingly saw a phantom image that was so solid that it was almost physical.

It was much more solid than the phantom images that he had encountered earlier.

It seemed that this was the avatar of the extraterrestrial evil god that resided in the body of the octagonal tower.

As for the phantom images that he had seen earlier, they were probably just fragments of the avatar.

In other words, the solid image of the evil god that he was seeing now was its real body.

“Damn it… damn it!” It was clearly an avatar of an extraterrestrial evil god, but at times, it seemed to act as if it was an idiot.

Chu Feng secretly ridiculed it.

He watched as the other party threw itself into the blood pool without even thinking, causing a huge splash.

“Diving points: 0.”

Speaking of which, Chu Feng had yet to come out of his “simulated void state”.

It was no wonder that he was completely ignored by the avatar that was weaker than him.

After all, in the other partys eyes, there was nothing else in the center of the void other than the blood pool.

Thinking of this, the person who was ignored could not help but start pondering, “How did that evil god avatar pull me in There were clearly many layers of barriers around me at that time… Under normal circumstances, let alone possessing me, even if it wanted to hurt me, it would not be feasible… Unless, it borrowed something that was originally in my body, or perhaps, it was the evil gods curse that was inflicted on me not long ago”

The more he thought about it, the more likely it was.

Chu Feng secretly nodded his head.

“Eh This is actually a source pool!” A voice filled with shock and joy sounded in the void.

Anyone who heard it would be able to tell that it was a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps it was just too pleasant, but the avatar could not help but ramble on, “Blood pool, evil demon pool, blood disaster pool, source pool… What Im soaking in right now is actually an SSS-grade evil race blood pool! This is a treasure that the evil race and the demon race have long been fighting over.

Even if its just a part of the main pool, a tenth pool still cant be found in the entire evil realm! The source pool can continuously nurture all kinds of extremely evil existences.

If I can completely absorb it, even if I dont find that kids divine soul later, I can still hope to break through to the supreme level! At that time, I, Samael, will be independent of the evil gods main body and obtain true freedom!”

Samael threw his head back and laughed loudly in the blood pool.

As he laughed, tears even flowed down his cheeks.

Ever since the day he was devoured by the extraterrestrial evil god, he had been waiting for this day!

“Morcy, when I become a sky god through cultivation, I will definitely let you experience what I went through in the past! At that time, I will make you, the high and mighty extraterrestrial evil god, become a dog wagging its tail and begging for mercy under my feet! Devour, slavery… And that immortal beastmaster.

Ill seize his body that has a high amount of divine source and cultivate it into an invincible body!”

The Beastmaster who had his body coveted by others was so disgusted that goosebumps appeared all over his body.

Ahem, this was an OOC move.

In fact, Chu Fengs mind was spinning rapidly as he listened to those long sentences.

First of all, this evil races blood pool seemed to be a treasure.

Moreover, it was a very high-grade and precious treasure.

Next, the avatar called Samael seemed to be at odds with the main body of the extraterrestrial evil god, Morcy…

Since it possessed such a strong sense of disgust and yearn for “freedom and independence”, the avatar did not seem to be a part of the extraterrestrial evil gods spirit.

Instead, it seemed to be an enemy that had been devoured by the latter.

It was like something that had not been fully digested.

After being split from the main body, it would pretend to be a flatterer in front of others.

Chu Feng thought for a moment and roughly understood what this avatar that had been crying out for “freedom” was thinking.

With a thought, he conveniently set up a concealment spell.

Then, he appeared in front of Samael.

The avatars current level was at most that of a supreme God Lord, so it naturally could not see through Chu Fengs disguise.

No one knew what it saw, but Samael, who was soaked in the blood pool, suddenly had a change in expression.

Then, he knelt in the blood pool and bowed respectfully, “Venerable one, you are here.”

Chu Feng did not say anything.

In an instant, countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

The avatar had been swearing just a minute ago, but in the next moment, it was kneeling and bowing.

It had to be said that its change of posture was quite skillful.

Obviously, it had been pretending for a long time.

Samael, who was kneeling and kowtowing to Chu Feng, was probably feeling guilty.

Before the “Venerable one” asked any questions, he took the initiative to report everything that he had experienced.

“Honorable evil God, the invasion plan that you told me about is still in progress.

However, I have found a body with high potential for you.

After I occupy it, even if there is a barrier between the universes, you will be able to spread more disasters…”

Hearing the “extraterrestrial regions invasion plan”, Chu Feng was secretly shocked, and his right hand unconsciously clenched into a fist, “Extraterrestrial region.

invasion, disaster… The seed of the evil god.”

“…The radiance of the evil god will eventually spread throughout the universe!”

“Oh, is that so” Chu Fengs body suddenly changed and returned to its original form of consciousness.

In fact, he had just removed the spiritual illusion.

The sudden appearance of a “third partys voice” caused Samael to instantly forget the commandment of “God can not be seen”.

It was because he had heard that voice more than once on the game ground! Samael abruptly looked up and when he saw the face of the person before him, he widened his eyes in shock, “How, how could it be you!”

The change happened too quickly and he was unable to come to his senses for a moment.

He muttered in confusion, “Where, where is the Venerable one…”

Chu Feng stared coldly at the avatar that was still kneeling.

His expression was indecipherable.

“Never mind all that!” Samael shook his head violently.

His eyes were filled with greed, “Since you dare to come and seek death, then Ill accept this unprecedented universe-level body of yours!”

Chu Feng, “You want to possess me In your next life.”

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