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Of course, the beasts would complete the Beastmasters instructions properly.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet sent out its mechanical scouts and put away the countless cannons that had popped out from the void rifts.

Then, it began to “work” with all its heart.

It was very important to guard the Beastmaster who was currently in a coma.

At the same time, it was also important to not forget to take control of the game ground, as well as the many nearby game grounds.

This was a rather tedious and complicated task for others, but just so-so for Mystic which had the max-level photon calculation and Virtual Light Brain.

“Mi-meh~” After confirming that the Beastmasters situation was good, Fei Nuo Shas originally depressed mood returned to normal.

She began dancing left and right.

Occasionally, she would even close in on the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet that had transformed into a large photon computer and take a look at what the latter was doing.

However, the numbers and codes flashed too quickly.

To an outsider, there was no difference between seeing them and not seeing them.

The game ground where the group of humans and beasts were located was even more thoroughly destroyed than war ruins due to the previous few battles.

Even the spatial barrier at the edge was destroyed like a broken wall.

To prevent foreign enemies from completely discovering their situation the moment they arrived, the Mirage Butterfly flapped its wings and tore down the spatial barrier while mending it.

With that, the spatial barrier, which had countless large holes, was completely restored.

In addition, the three principles of illusion, space, and spirit also played a role.

Together with the new and old max-level skills that she had already mastered, she gradually turned the game ground into home ground.

This time, even if that so-called extraterrestrial evil gods avatar was truly invisible, it would not be able to escape from the palm of the beasts!

By the time the enemy appeared once again, it was highly likely that it would be met with countless joint attack arrays.

Everything was being prepared, only awaiting the prey to enter the cage!

Rewinding the time to when the evil gods curse took effect in Chu Fengs body, the wisp of the evil gods spirit had taken the opportunity to enter the formers body at that moment.

Even though Chu Feng had set up many defenses around himself, the strand of the evil gods spirit still entered the body without any hindrance.

Soon after, as an immortal-level Beastmaster, he lost control of his body.

As his vision darkened and brightened from time to time, Chu Feng found himself in an empty space.

The front, back, left, right, above, and under were all empty.

Faced with a void, it was very difficult for anyone to truly be indifferent.

Even Chu Feng was at a loss for a moment.

His consciousness seemed to have been filled with the difficult questions of “who am I”, “where did I come from”, and “where am I going”.

For the past three centuries, countless people had filled in these questions, but in terms of these peoples hearts, spirits, and even their souls, they were extremely empty.

Chu Fengs mind was completely blank.

Other than “fight”, there seemed to be only the thought of “walk” left.

Therefore, he raised his feet and walked forward step by step.

The boring walk did not last for long.

The calm was broken at some point in time when a voice filled with malicious intent suddenly sounded.

“Hehehe… I want to eat you.

After eating you, I can once again obtain a body and freedom!”

The ear-piercing sound caused the young man to furrow his brows.

He raised his right hand slightly and shot out a dazzling golden light that carried a sharp sword intent.

The phantom image on the opposite was not the beings original body.

The moment it was hit, it scattered in the next moment.

Seeing this, the young man did not probe further.

He was like a body of consciousness that was like a walking corpse moving forward by inertia.

This meaningless action continued for seconds and seconds until at a certain moment, he was interrupted by a throb from the depths of his soul.

Without hesitation, he stopped.

At this moment, a voice rang out, “Boss, whats your current situation”

The young man let out a meaningless “hmm”.

Countless images flashed through his mind.

It was like a huge firework that could occupy the entire planet had exploded violently in his mind… His eyes gradually focused and his memories returned.

That voice originated from the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, the fifth beast he had bonded with.

As for him, he was the unprecedented Beastmaster of an unknown level.

His detached consciousness returned.

Chu Feng gave a brief account of the situation on his side, then began to make various arrangements.

In short, although he wasnt outside, what needed to be done still had to be finished.

Next, he would have to rely on his beasts to take care of matters regarding his body and the game ground.

The “Communication” from the beginning to the end didnt last more than a few sentences.

After cutting off the connection, he was still alone.

But this time, Chu Fengs footsteps were firm and powerful.

“Whoosh!” A black shadow shot over, very conspicuous in the slightly gray air.

The young man did not dodge.

Instead, he raised his right hand and clenched it across the void.

Immediately, the black shadow was fixed in the void.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a strange black creature that was constantly squirming.

It seemed to have realized that it was bound.

After a breath, the strange creature suddenly turned into a puddle of thick black “ink” that flowed and dripped into the void.


Chu Feng glanced at it indifferently and didnt make any unnecessary movements.

In the next moment, the space where the unknown black strange object was suddenly contracted… The strange object was compressed into a drop of black ink, then along with the small space, was annihilated into nothingness!

Chu Feng withdrew his sight, resumed his original speed, and continued to move forward.

After a few steps, he encountered another monster.

After finishing off several monsters in a row, Chu Feng decided to disguise himself as a void-like existence.

As expected, although there were a few strange things that appeared in the void, they did not come at him like before.

However, excluding part of the “accidental encounters”, there was another “thing” that was extremely annoying.

“Damn it! Damned human!”

It was the phantom image of the evil god that appeared when he was at a loss.

In terms of level, it was not even a God Marquise.

No wonder it was as weak as paper.

Chu Fengs gaze swept over it, and a rainbow light flashed in his black eyes.

Once the full-grade pupil technique was activated, it did not matter if the opponent was a human or a demon, he would kill the other party!

The phantom image shattered, and one could faintly hear a scream coming from a faraway place.


After destroying the annoying thing, Chu Fengs footsteps were still the same.

After that, he destroyed several phantom images.

The phantom images of the evil gods avatar were like ghosts, but every time, Chu Feng did not let the other party off.

As he moved forward, the screams in his ears became clearer and clearer.

It seemed that he was getting closer.

In the almost silent journey, time passed bit by bit… He did not know how much time had passed.

It could be very short, or it could be very long.

In short, the young man who was wandering in the void finally saw something other than the void, monsters, and phantom images.

It was a bright red dot in the center of the void, so red that it was extremely dazzling.

Chu Fengs consciousness couldnt wait to fly over.

He had a premonition that this journey in the void had reached its end.

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