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In fact, the eruption of the evil gods curse was secondary.

The most important thing was that the moment the poison erupted, the untraceable avatar suddenly approached Chu Feng and entered his body! The young man, whose expression had been looking bad because of the poison, suddenly began to spasm.

The empty game ground, which had been reduced to an endless void, once again returned to the deathly silence that had appeared not long ago.

This time, they had not seen the enemys specific actions, but their hearts were weighed down by countless large stones.

It was as if they had to use all their strength to even open their mouths to speak.

This was because the human who had always been their morning star, the one who had always been supporting and protecting them, had fallen under such a sudden situation.

Their hearts were shaken.

Luo Ya and Taotie couldnt care less about anything else and hurriedly ran out of the beast space.

The Beastmaster fell headfirst, floating limply in the void.

His lips were black and his brows were tightly furrowed.

His entire body was trembling uncontrollably.

In the next moment, his body which was floating freely suddenly stopped.

It was as if an invisible hand held him up.

Immediately after, the young man was surrounded by people who had rushed over anxiously.

Lilas face was pale.

She nervously checked Chu Fengs situation, anxiously checking his pulse, casting healing spells, and probing his heartbeat… Because she was so nervous, she even forgot that she could use “Communication” to contact the Beastmaster.

The Mirage Butterfly flew over and instantly constructed an invisible safe house.

It then used the power of space to lay the young mans body flat before stopping in the air and comforting the other beasts.

“Mi-meh… Mi-meh!”

Lila knelt beside Chu Feng, her hand tightly gripping the large and defined hand, refusing to let go.

She couldnt hear the sounds of the outside world.

Her eyes and heart were only filled with that one person.

“Drip, drip,” Without realizing it, tears fell on the corner of the Beastmasters clothes.

Lou Xiao and Qiluo also followed Taotie and Luo Ya out of the beast space.

They had just stood by Chu Fengs side for a while when they were chased into another space.

“I didnt expect that someone as powerful as God Chu would also fall…” A complicated expression appeared on Lou Xiaos face, and he sighed at the deep bond between the beasts and the Beastmaster that no one could wedge between, “That Goddess was so high and mighty when we first met.

I didnt expect that she would actually shed tears as well.”

There was also that butterfly, that fighter jet, as well as Luo Ya and Taotie, whom they had interacted with for a short while.

All of them really cared about that person.

“The bond between the beasts and their Beastmaster is very deep, to begin with,” Separated by a barrier, Qiluo couldnt help but feel her heart soften as she looked at the beasts opposite her, who had become orderly in just two minutes.

A trace of unconcealable envy flowed out from her eyes, “I heard that the relationship between them is even deeper than that of blood relatives in the secular world.

Even if one is alone, one can still have a family.”

Hearing that, Lou Xiao couldnt help but smile, “Based on your words, Beastmasters are like a snail with a shell.

Whether they travel or adventure outside, they can bring their entire family to roam the world!”

The two of them looked at each other.

Their worry and slightly tense heartstrings suddenly relaxed a little.

Lila, who had already recovered, happened to pass by.

When she heard the words “a snail with its shell is bringing its whole family with it as it goes wandering”, the corners of her lips subconsciously curled up.

“Isnt that right We chose each other as our family.”

“Mi-meh…” A familiar voice sounded, interrupting Lilas thoughts.

After giving a few instructions, the Mirage Butterfly flew out of the “safe house” and guarded it with the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet that was waiting outside.

After the initial chaos, the few beasts quickly came to a conclusion.

Combined with what the extraterrestrial evil gods avatar had said earlier, Chu Fengs sudden collapse was most likely related to the other partys attempt to possess him when the evil gods curse was activated!

At this moment, the curse that had just erupted from the Beastmasters body had already been resolved by Lilas max-level mythical skill of healing.

The evil gods curse was different from other curses.

Each time it erupted, it would show different symptoms.

Fortunately, Lilas manifestation of life could remove all negative effects, so whatever illness erupted, it was unable to pose a threat to Chu Feng for the time being.

In addition, Mystic quickly used the connection between the beast core and the Beastmasters core to “Communicate” with the Beastmaster, so the group of beasts didnt panic.

One had to know that the max-level “Communication” allowed unimpeded communication! And how could the connection between a Beastmaster and his beasts only be physical

Inside the safe house, Taotie had a serious expression.

He recalled the communication he had with the other beasts not long ago and asked, “In other words, we just need to keep the backend running smoothly and wait for the boss to come back and lead us to invincibility, right”

Luo Yas heart had only relaxed a little, but she still nodded her head heavily, “Yes, yes.

Boss will definitely defeat the bad guys!”

The Beastmaster, who had the unwavering trust of his beasts, was not in a good or bad situation.

After chatting with his beasts for a while, he took the initiative to cut off the connection.

After all, the mysterious evil gods avatar was still around.

It was better to just forget about chatting.

Faced with such a sudden situation, Chu Feng couldnt help but be glad that he had already maxed out the Communication on his beast core interface.

Otherwise, there might have been problems when he lost contact.

Now, although the current difficulties were still there, at least he didnt have to face external problems and be worried that his body would be taken away by the game ground.

This wasnt to say that the beasts would abandon him when he was unconscious.

It was just that no matter what kind of creature it was, it was very likely that they would make a mistake in their panic that could have been avoided.

At the moment, the hearts of the humans and beasts in the game were united.

Even if the program team were to cause trouble later, or if the underground dark net were to send someone to interfere, they wouldnt be able to break through in a short time!

The reason why he said “the hearts of the humans and beasts were united” was naturally part of Chu Fengs calculations.

Although he hadnt known Qiluo and Lou Xiao for a long time, they still had some trust in each other.

Taking a step back, even if the two joined forces with outsiders to cause trouble at this time, it would be impossible for them to completely avoid the perception of the beasts… Once they were discovered, Mystics cannon fire and Fei Nuo Shas spatial blade would show no mercy!

As his thoughts spun, Chu Feng wandered into the vast void.

Compared to other things, he was more concerned about whether Mystic had already begun to do as he said.

Did it encounter any problems during the operation

“If I can hide the underground game ground and successfully connect it to the illusory world… At that time, I will have a foothold in the underground dark net and the illusory world at the same time.

The strategic significance is even greater than defeating a beginner God Venerable!”

After all, there was a high possibility that a supreme existence was stationed at the very end of the underground world and the illusory world respectively! In short, this was a plan related to the follow-up plans.

If the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet could not achieve his wishes, then even if he sent the Astral Spirit to refine the place later, it would probably only alert the administrators at the back!

As thoughts flashed past, Chu Fengs mind gradually approached the center of the void.

In the center was a bright red spot.

“What is that”

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