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The duration of this battle was a little too long.

Even though he could watch it as a show, it still made him feel bored.

An impatient expression appeared on Chu Fengs face.

He suddenly stood up from his throne, turned around, and left.

After he left this space, the table, chair, and teacup that had existed for a while now all disappeared in an instant, as if they had lost some kind of strong support, and were unable to withstand the aftershocks of the battle.

Almost at the same instant, Mystic and Fei Nuo Sha noticed the Beastmasters movements.

Taotie and Luo Ya were a little slower, but they quickly sensed it as well.

The slowest to respond to the change was naturally the “back-to-back duo”, who were fighting in a group of countless tentacles.

Lou Xiao unintentionally raised his head, and suddenly saw a black shadow smashing down from an extremely high altitude, like a meteor falling from the sky… Below that meteor were countless tentacles baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

“You dare to be distracted on the battlefield If you want to die, then scram!” A cold voice suddenly sounded.

Just hearing it made one think of ice and frost.

Lou Xiao was frozen by that voice for a second before quickly withdrawing his mind to continue his battle.

At the same time, he didnt forget to explain, “I was just too surprised just now.

I didnt expect that there would actually be a meteor in this damn game ground.”

“Are you blind Were underground, how could there be a meteor”

Hearing this rebuttal, Lou Xiao also felt that something wasnt quite right.

He muttered to himself in confusion, “Could it be… a human”

In the next moment, a deafening sound rang in his ears, “Bang!!”

The sound was was of a dull thud as if a solid ball had crashed heavily onto the ground from an extremely high altitude.

Even though they hadnt seen the actual scene, they could already imagine a huge string of red damage numbers [-999…] floating on the game ground.

Of course, imagination was just imagination.

When there was a huge commotion around them, Lou Xiaos attention couldnt help but be diverted to that side.

Whatever he saw made his pupils constrict, “F-F*ck… Its God Chu! Hes so strong!!”

Hearing that, Qiluo, who only cared about cutting tentacles, also spread her spiritual power curiously.

She couldnt help but grumble, “Is it that…”

Before she could say the word “great”, she “saw” the situation in the distance clearly.

Then, a shocked expression appeared on her face as well.

She was so shocked that she began to doubt her life, somewhat at a loss.

“Isnt this too ridiculous! Even if the two of us joined forces, we could only fight to a draw with the surrounding sea of tentacles.

Yet, he was able to break through countless tentacles and even penetrate the flesh at the bottom!” Lou Xiao added with a look of shock, “Moreover, God Chu doesnt even seem to have used any skills.

Hes just falling!”

Hearing this, Qiluo felt even more terrified, “To think he can cause damage to the embryonic form of disaster with only just falling.

His strength should be able to compete with a God Lords.

Looking at his bone age, hes clearly a young man who hasnt even come of age yet… Indeed, since ancient times, heroes are born young!”

Lou Xiao, who was standing next to Qiluo, felt a little sour when he heard the string of praises directed at God Chu.

But very quickly, his attention shifted elsewhere.

A point that he had overlooked earlier suddenly flashed across his mind.

The man exclaimed in surprise, “Isnt God Chu a Beastmaster But he seems to be stronger than his beasts by a lot!”

Although that fighter jet and the butterfly could continuously break through the tentacles and attack the flesh beneath, they didnt seem to be able to do it as easily as their Beastmaster.

However, in the five divine regions, the vast majority of Beastmasters were weaker than their beasts! Ever since Qiluo had been stimulated and hit in the head by Chu Feng, she had more or less recovered some of her memories.

At this moment, she answered as she fought, “Dont you know that the Human Lords inheritance has a second talent of comprehension Its because he has the power of twelve divine beasts that the Human Lord was known as the invincible true God.”

Hearing the word “Human Lord”, Lou Xiaos eyes lit up, but immediately dimmed, “Speaking of which, when I was young, I used to idolize the Human Lord.

Its a pity that I didnt have the talent to be a Beastmaster…”

A hint of bitterness appeared on his face, “If they had a choice, Im afraid that not many in the universe would refuse to become a Beastmaster, right”

After all, that was an existence invincible at the same level!

“Its said that the Human Lords true God inheritance only appears in the illusory worlds inheritance zone.

Ordinary people wouldnt have the chance to come into contact with it even if they spent their entire lives,” Lou Xiao looked at the immortal beastmaster in the distance with a complicated gaze, “God Chu is indeed extraordinary.”

Qi Luo could hear the dejection in his words and couldnt help but raise her brows, “Youre very envious”

The man nodded heavily, “Yes.”

In this world, probably everyone would be envious of someone young and promising, right

Hearing that, the womans brows relaxed, “Thats bad.

I can see that his potential is very shocking.

Im afraid that hell be on equal footing with your idol in the future.”

The man was stunned for a moment, unable to react, “… Huh”

“With his monstrous talent, he might even reach the supreme level in the future.

Brat, its too early for you to be envious!” Qiluo smiled brightly, “In the future, he will achieve much more that you will be envious of!”

Lou Xiao was shocked, puzzled, and in disbelief, “What nonsense are you talking about Unrivaled true gods and supreme existences are existences that can not be found in the entire Gods world! Existences like them, at the very least, have reached the eighth realm of origin!”

“That is far from being as simple as you say! Never mind within ten thousand years, even in tens, hundreds, or even tens of millions of years, there might not even be a single one who has reached that realm!” The more he spoke, the more he felt that the other party was making fun of him, so he simply cast a protective barrier and stopped the battle.

He looked at the woman up and down suspiciously, “Have you even recovered yet I feel like youre talking like an old lady sometimes.

How much of your memory have you recovered”

Noticing the Beastmasters curious gaze, Qiluo narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“Not much, just a little bit,” She stretched out her right hand and showed a gesture with her thumb and index finger.

A crafty glint flashed in the womans eyes, and she casually changed the topic, “Lou Xiao, since you dont believe that God Chu can become an invincible true God in a short time, do you want to make a bet with me”

“Oh, what bet” The young man, who had been the topic of their discussion for a long time, suddenly appeared beside them.

Seeing that the protective barrier was about to be broken, he kindly added his power to it.

In the next moment, the rustling sound Lou Xiao had heard while he was talking to Qiluo disappeared.

Even though countless tentacles were attacking the barrier outside, the barrier was still very stable.

Seeing this, Lou Xiao couldnt help but feel even more envious.

When he had joined forces with Qiluo earlier, it was already much easier than when he had fought alone.

But even so, they still couldnt rest in the face of a group of tentacles attacking them.

However, as soon as God Chu came over, he simply casually set up a barrier, and even the barrier that kept sending him signals of “I cant hold on much longer” seemed to have been replenished with some sort of energy.

Moreover, it actually wanted to offer itself up to God Chu.

It was simply unreasonable…

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