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After teleporting away the other humans and beasts along with the protective barrier, Chu Feng and Taotie stayed where they were.

Without needing any instructions, the young boy instantly turned into a hurricane.

“Whoosh!” The sound of the wind lingered and merged with the natural elements that had just been left outside the barrier.

With that, the storm abruptly expanded and enveloped a large area of the surrounding space within its control.

Being in the midst of the hurricane, Chu Fengs clothes didnt flutter.

It was as if the small space he was in had some sort of wind-calming pearl.

Even if a breeze blew past, it would only be a light breeze.

Even if all sorts of attacks came at him, he was still calm and composed.

The corners of Chu Fengs lips curled up slightly, “Octagonal tower tool spirit, youre finally not hiding anymore.”

At this moment, there were a total of three beings in the storm.

One of them was the only immortal Beastmaster present, while the other two carried the aura of the octagonal tower tool spirit.

One had a thicker aura, while the other had a lighter aura.

They were an old man and an old woman respectively.

The old man was about sixty years old and looked rather thin.

He had been forced out by the hurricane formed by Taotie and had thus fallen in the void, looking very miserable.

The old woman was about seventy or eighty years old.

She was leaning on a walking stick, and her teeth had all fallen out.

It seemed that the avatars that the octagonal tower tool spirit had brought over this time had almost been used up.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have sent out the elderly.

The octagonal tower tool spirits transformations were different from that of the Thousand-changing Beast and the blood lotus God Venerable.

It used avatars produced by the underground game ground.

The avatars that they had met earlier had all turned into “candy beans”.

After the old man got up, he kept shaking his horsetail whisk at the young man opposite him.

His face and eyes were filled with malice, “Damn you, youre going to die soon! …Kneel down to your grandfather this instant!”

He was cursing non-stop.

The many profanities he spewed were quite in line with the underground audience.

Occasionally, one could hear the various moves mixed in with the curses, “Disillusionment palm… Mount Tai killing technique… heaven-destroying sword, dementia fog!”

What sounded as well were the echoes of various attacks, “Clang… bang… Boom!”

However, no matter what kind of attack it was, it was useless.

The old man, who had used many moves in a row, realized that no matter how hard he tried, he could not hurt a single hair of the person on the opposite side.

With that, his old face turned red with anger and he stretched out a finger as he began to curse the other partys parents, “… You will die a horrible death! Ahhh!”

A skinny finger fell off, accompanied by blood and screams.

Chu Feng smiled, “An old man who has no respect shall be punished by cutting off one of his fingers.”

He glanced at the octagonal tower tool spirit, which was rolling around in pain, and thought, “Maybe this old man is not his real body.”

Since they were not on the same level and he had already revealed his strength in front of the camera, Chu Feng was no longer interested in fighting a God Marquise while restraining himself.

As such, Chu Feng snapped his fingers.

The sound that should have been made unintelligible in the chaos was successfully captured by the Taotie, who had transformed into a hurricane, and he flew over to take over.

“Whoosh…” The gentle breeze that twirled around the Beastmasters finger suddenly transformed into a terrifying storm, sweeping toward the octagonal tower tool spirit in its old man form, which was obviously much stronger than its other clones.

Halfway through, the hurricane intercepted the attacks, including the heavenly lightning and the sea of flames and knives array, and returned them in full.

“Bang Bang… Bang!!”

The octagonal tower tool spirit fled with its head held in its hands, looking extremely pathetic.

However, no matter how miserably it screamed, it would find an opportunity to attack in less than two seconds.

Clearly, the octagonal tower tool spirit despised Chu Feng to the extreme!

The Beastmaster waved his hand and set up a small isolation array around him, then ignored the crazy old man.

How should he put it Hearing about one wasnt as good as just meeting the other party.

The octagonal tower tool spirit, which liked to hide, was far from being as strong as he had imagined…

To be more precise, it should be extremely weak.

Thinking of one of the octagonal tower tool spirits male clones from before, Chu Feng shook his head indiscernibly.

Well, it wasnt necessarily that the tool spirit was really weak.

It was just that this old man seemed to like to spew profanity, so nobody could be bothered by his foul mouth.

The only immortal in the area took two steps forward, but he could still hear the curses behind him.

He was speechless.

Without turning his head, he flicked his finger backward, and a sharp golden light flashed.


After the sound of something whistling through the air was heard, the curses stopped abruptly.

This world was much quieter.

The octagonal tower tool spirit covered its mouth and collapsed weakly into the void that was gradually transforming from “nothing” to “nothingness”.

A terrifying killing intent surged in its eyes.

Unfortunately, the scolding that could ease its emotions the most had to be swallowed because it had lost its tongue.

The old man was extremely aggrieved.

At the same time, he was also extremely terrified.

Taotie, who had transformed into an invisible hurricane, did not care about what the other party thought.

It bore its fangs and began to devour.

[Ahhhh, I dont want to die!]

Incomparably intense thoughts struggled on the game ground, but whether it was the beings inside or outside the ground, most of them chose to ignore it.

“Tsk, this old man is weak!”

“Is that really the octagonal tower tool spirit Why do I feel that something is wrong It cant possibly be possessed, right”

“Most of the living tranquilizers are not good at fighting, but they are very good at using all kinds of supporting techniques.

Seeing that he has thrown out dozens of different things in a row, it should be the octagonal tower tool spirit.”

“Arent the avatars produced by the underground game too inferior Why do they even have old men and old women”

“I have read about their business.

It seems that they can not only produce the men, women, and children of the human race, but also some special races and fantasies!”

“The slogan on the advertisement seems to be “we have everything you want”.

It is said that they can help to train or change the initial settings of the avatars.”


I will try the succubus some other day!”

Some were indifferent while some were very concerned about the octagonal tower tool spirit.

The staff behind-the-scenes of the grand escapes program team had been receiving continuous messages and calls.

The director, who hadnt paid much attention at first, immediately asked someone to show the octagonal tower tool spirits life signs and monitor them in real time.

“Green light, pass.”

“… Ask the person in charge of the teleportation passage to build it quickly, and dont let anything go wrong again!”

“Check the level detector again… add more sensors to the most popular immortal.”

“Quickly gather information on the newcomers at the casino.”


In the game, the old man had fallen into a deep sleep.

However, in the program teams test, the life indicator was still green.

Obviously, this “life indicator” didnt have much to do with the characters in the game for the time being.

In fact, most of the underground audience who knew something about the “living tranquilizers” knew about that the resurrection rights of the octagonal tower tool spirit were far higher than that of ordinary star players.

Even if it died in this match, it would resurrect in another match.

Of course, this did not mean that the living tranquilizers could necessarily live to become a “player”.

It was said that a thousand years ago, a living tranquilizer had been annihilated because its opponents spiritual power had been too strong!

That match had been sealed in the black vault until now.

It was said that both sides suffered heavy losses.

Chu Feng watched with interest as the old woman drew with sand he did not know where she got from.

As the sand flowed down, the funnel on the chessboard gradually revealed the bomb inside.

No one sensed that the pupils of the old man, who seemed to have fainted, were gradually changing color under his tightly shut eyelids.

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