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The oppressive atmosphere lasted for a whole night.

The next day, when Chu Feng pushed open the courtyard door and saw the worried faces of the crowd, his heart could not help but soften, “Why are you all here so early in the morning”

Zhong Hen circled him twice and saw that his aura was stable and in good condition.

He then said in relief, “Senior Monica sensed that something was wrong so we came over to take a look.”

Wu Yu went forward and patted Chu Fengs shoulder, saying, “Its good that youre fine.”

The crowd chatted for a while and soon left, chatting and laughing.

The Flower God Luo Lis brows were tightly furrowed.

She went into the door that was pushed open and stepped into the small courtyard that was rumored to be mysterious.

The Tree God Sheng Yi followed closely behind, a little surprised when she saw the interior clearly.

Other than the large space expansion, this courtyard could be said to be plain.

However, when her gaze inadvertently fell on a pile of crystals, even the Tree God, who had never been interested in anything, had her pupils slightly dilated.

“That, those are royal sky divine crystals!”

Ever since they started to help Chu Feng manage various matters in the center of the Solar System, the Tree God and the Flower God had come into contact with many precious resources that they had never heard of before, as well as various extraordinary treasures.

Especially after the annihilation of the wild regions Slave Chamber of Commerce, due to the enormous amount of treasures, they had no choice but to build many new treasure troves in the Solar System and the Blue Planet.

The collector rat, who also worked in the center of the Solar System, was extremely happy to see this.

Even if the treasures had nothing to do with him, just seeing so many treasures being collected into the troves every day was enough to make him happy.

Although the territories under Chu Fengs name now were only the sky region, the wild region, and the uninhabited galaxy.

But if one were to count carefully, he had at least ten to twenty territories!

Unfortunately, Chu Feng didnt seem to have many thoughts about expanding his territory, allowing those small and medium-sized factions to seize the opportunity and benefit as local despots.

However, that wasnt entirely the case.

After all, the treasures of the Slave Chamber of Commerce, Dark Mystical Palace, Sun Island, Gu Sect, and Hehuan Island that they had accumulated for tens of thousands of years had all been gathered in Chu Fengs hands!

Since he had gotten most of the resources, there was naturally no need to pay too much attention to the remaining scraps.

Among the many resources and treasures that he had collected, those like the royal sky crystals that would bring great benefits to beast spaces would mostly be sent to the Blue Planets treasure trove.

A simple analogy was that they were equivalent to strategic resources.

The royal sky divine crystals were a thousand times more effective than the royal sky crystals.

If converted, a thousand royal sky crystals would definitely not be able to exchange for a single royal sky divine crystal!

The reason why this was the case was partly that there were more royal sky crystals and fewer divine crystals, and partly because the beast space could only absorb a limited number of royal sky crystals, while it could absorb limitless royal sky divine crystals!

The immortal level and true God level Beastmasters desperately needed royal sky divine crystals.

Chu Feng hadnt even been at the immortal level for two months, but his vast divine aura was already very close to the true God level.

All the living beings who paid attention to this young man knew that Chu Feng would definitely become a god!

God-level Beastmasters demand for the royal sky divine crystals was extremely high.

As a result, many on the Blue Planet were paying attention to the collection of space-type resources and magical treasures.

The Tree God had seen all kinds of suggestions for alternatives that had been submitted.

However, she hadnt expected that the problem of the royal sky divine crystals scarcity seemed to have been solved unknowingly by the magnate again.

“Yes, its the royal sky divine crystals,” Chu Feng answered absent-mindedly and casually sat on the chair.

Seeing him like this, the tree God could not help but look at the mountain-like pile of crystals again.

She was very shocked.

“Sovereign, in all the treasure troves of the Blue Planet and even the Solar System, there arent even ten royal sky divine crystals.

You, where did you get so many…”

Even though Chu Feng had confiscated several major powers in a row, including the Dark Mystical Palace and the wild regions Slave Chamber of Commerce, both overflowing with wealth, he had only collected nine pieces of the royal sky divine crystal.

Even if they were all piled up, they would not be able to form a small hill! What was going on with the things in the courtyard

Could it be that Chu Feng had seized them when he robbed the rich for the poor Many thoughts instantly flashed past the Tree Gods mind, but when she thought about them in detail, she felt that it was impossible.

“If Chu Feng wanted space-type resources, why would he send the royal sky crystals and those nine pieces of royal sky divine crystals to the center of the Solar System He would never do such a superfluous thing.

These royal sky divine crystals seem to have been piled up overnight… Could it be related to last night” Just as the Tree Gods thoughts were scattered across the sky, a cry of surprise interrupted her thoughts.

Chu Feng frowned and looked in the direction of the sound only to see the Flower God standing there in a daze, her right hand pointing forward in surprise.

Two young men and women, who looked to be thirteen or fourteen years old, were holding hands and smiling at the crowd.

“Luo Li, Dont you recognize us” The little girl could not help but stand on her tiptoes and poke the dazed Flower God.

After a while, the person whose face had been poked regained her senses and slapped the other partys hand away.

She said in surprise, “Youre Luo Ya”

Strictly speaking, this sounded like nonsense.

However, a familiar child had grown from a child to a teenager in one night.

This change was shocking.

Even the Tree God, whose mind was filled with the thought of “why does the sovereign have so many royal sky divine crystals” was extremely shocked.

Everyone sat and ate as they chatted.

They quickly understood.

It turned out that Luo Ya and Taotie had an accident last night when they ascended to the immortal level.

After Chu Fengs help, they returned to normal.

However, because of that special accident, they had become teenagers now.

On Luo Yas side, other than the faint purple light around her, there was nothing unusual.

Taotie was different.

He now had a second mouth and a third eye on his back.

In addition, there was an extra hand on his right shoulder.

Sometimes, the second mouth would run to the palm of the third hand, while the third eye would occasionally move to the back of the hand, or to the forehead between his eyebrows.

Because it was different from the myths he knew, Chu Feng wanted to change the other partys name.

But after thinking about it carefully, it didnt seem to be necessary, so he just let it go.

After understanding Taoties ability, the Tree God said in surprise, “So, you guys were the ones who converted the pile of royal sky divine crystals in the courtyard”

The Flower God, who was paying full attention to Luo Ya and Taotie, only then noticed the pile of shiny crystals in the corner.

In an instant, there was another frozen figure in the courtyard.

Taotie nodded at the Tree God and Luo Ya explained, “Its all because of the boss that Xiao Tie and my skill can produce a powerful effect that far surpasses the level of the skill.”

Suddenly, the Flower God snapped back to her senses and she immediately blurted what was on her mind, “F*ck, so many royal sky divine crystals.

Chu Feng, youre rich!”

These words sounded vulgar, but they were also extremely true.

In fact, with Chu Fengs current strength, it was actually not difficult to make money.

Because of this, when he heard these words, he only smiled casually, “Its just some crystals that can be used to enhance the beast space.

Its not really a matter of whether Im rich or not.”

Hearing this, the Flower God and the Tree God looked at each other, both speechless.

A moment later, they were chased out.

“Taotie and I have other things to do.

Sorry for not sending you off.”

The words were plain ordinary, but for some reason, they made people feel a chill down their spines.

Perhaps, someone was going to be unlucky.


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