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Just like humans, not every beast could fully develop its potential.

Most creatures would only repeat what their ancestors had done, following the guidance of their bloodline, environment, and others day after day, year after year.

When humans were controlled by their instincts and subconscious, they would usually stop trying new things or innovating.

As a result, they lost the possibility of discovering that they were better at certain aspects.

Whether it was humans or beasts, most of them would choose their path of development from the few options they were currently in contact with.

For example, 99% of the humans on the Blue Planet were Beastmasters.

Even if their talents as Beastmasters werent that great, most of them were still walking towards the same goal.

To become stronger than before, until they became the strongest Beastmaster! Even Chu Feng had yet to break free from this path.

The beasts were influenced by their Beastmasters, and the Beastmasters were influenced by stronger Beastmasters… No matter who it was, they would always be influenced by the stronger experts.

For example, Luo Ya and Taotie.

Everything they had encountered in the past had shaped them into the beings they were today.

When everyone, especially the authoritative figure who had the greatest influence on them, said to them “you cant do it”, over time, most creatures would really think that they couldnt.

However, in reality, those who were beaten until they couldnt get up had merely lost their confidence.

Only by not fearing failure could one reach true success.

Chu Feng investigated some things in the illusory world.

When he returned to reality and heard a sentence from the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, some thoughts in his heart became even firmer.

“Boss, a guy who seems to be the eldest son of the Mountain God has appeared at the underground auction…”

At the same time, some others were sent out by the Black Flood Dragon Gang.

However, based on the follow-up results, they could directly or indirectly determine that those people did not match the target.

After rounds of elimination, only one potential target was left.

“Eugene, a star player in many dark series programs.

He has an elemental talent and skill and is nicknamed the Sickly Killer.”

Chu Feng looked intently at Taotie, who was playing with the Astral Spirit in the beast space, and said casually, “Tomorrow, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Luo Ya, and Taotie, lets go to the underground auction in the wild region to have some fun.”

Hearing the Beastmasters voice, the two newly contracted beasts nodded in agreement.

They didnt have any objections.

Just in the short while when Chu Feng left, they could sense that their strength had soared without any side effects.

They naturally trusted the expert who had boosted their strength greatly.

“Can you sense your other talent skills now” Chu Feng asked.

Luo Ya and Taotie nodded, looking very obedient.

Chu Feng smiled, “Alright, then Ill continue to enhance your skills to the maximum level.

If you feel uncomfortable, tell me immediately.”

After receiving an affirmative response, the Beastmaster moved both hands simultaneously, pouring in divine source points.

Luo Yas intermediate skills that had been obtained through lottery were all upgraded to the maximum level, but couldnt be further enhanced.

On the other hand, the super skill of lottery, mutant breeding, energy-consuming link, blueprint guaranteed, and best customization all produced corresponding myth skills, greatly changing the effects of the skill.

The lottery had changed from once a month to once every day, and the range of items in the lottery could even be specified!

Mutant breedings probability of success had succeeded.

Even if it failed, it would only consume 10% of the resources poured in.

Overall, it was a 100% guaranteed profit.

The energy-consuming link was basically still the same, but while energy was consumed, it would be fed back to the other party at the same time.

Other than the fixed products produced from the skill “blueprint guaranteed success”, derivatives that werent too different would also be produced, as well as mutated versions that were more suitable for the current world and the people who used them.

For example, from interstellar mecha to bionic armor, from magic guns to laser guns… Best customization also received a huge upgrade.

Combining the abilities of both beasts, they could even create buildings with special effects!

If one added the spatial ability of the Mirage Butterfly and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets max-level time domain, they could even duplicate a cultivation field that had a different time flow from reality.

At that time, the creatures of the Blue Planet would have another way to increase their strength and cooperation in battle while still remaining in reality.

Of course, those were matters of the future.

To Chu Feng, regardless of whether the beast was a combat-type beast or not, he hoped that the other party would have the ability to protect themselves.

However, this kind of thing couldnt be rushed.

Luo Yas lottery pool was so big, and now that she could draw once a day, she was bound to get the best draw.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng didnt start the lottery immediately.

Instead, he turned his gaze away to the beast interface of the Taotie.

With devour as the core, the skills of energy supply link and universal production were all enhanced to the maximum level and produced a few mythical skills as well.

[Devour: Taotie is a glutton.

(currently at the immortal level, able to devour ordinary true Gods.)]

[Extraction: Extract the origin particle from any being that has been devoured.

The origin particles can be used to supply energy to the other end through the energy supply link.

The origin particles can also be converted into materials or quantitative cultivation values that can be fed back to the related parties.]

[Production: With the origin particles as materials, together with the blueprints, any object can be forged together with the other party.]

After their skills had reached the maximum level, the aura on the two beasts rose steadily.

In just a few breaths, they had crossed over from the overlord level to the totem level and became immortals!

Screams of pain tore through the night.

Monica, a local immortal on the Blue Planet, immediately sensed that something was wrong.

Not long after, Wu Yu, Zhong Hen, Monica, and the other important people whom ordinary people could not even see once, gathered in Tianyu City, outside Chu Fengs small courtyard.

Even though the layers of protective barriers had weakened the aura, a faint but terrifying aura still penetrated through, almost suffocating people.

What exactly happened in there

The question was floating in the minds of everyone present.

The Flower God faintly sensed Luo Yas aura here, and her heart suddenly tensed up.

If not for the Tree God blocking her way and the others surrounding the door, she might have barged in and questioned Chu Feng on the spot.

Naturally, they could sense the thoughts of the two children.

Due to Chu Fengs past formidable battle achievements, as well as his swift and decisive actions in the recent massacre of the wild regions Slave Chamber of Commerce, almost everyone admired him.

Therefore, if Luo Ya andTao tie could really be contracted by Chu Feng as beasts, it would undoubtedly be a great thing!

The three SSS-grade Beastmasters on the Blue Planet were all magnates of the human race.

After Wu Yu and Zhong Hen restarted their cultivation, their growth rate could be said to have improved by leaps and bounds due to all sorts of cultivation enhancements.

Of course, the growth rate could still not be compared to Chu Fengs monstrosity.

Magnate Wu Yu was now an overlord-level Beastmaster.

After restarting, he only languished for a while before starting to cultivate crazily.

Now, he had contracted four beasts, and it was said that he had already come into contact with the mermaids in the uninhabited space zone.

Zhong Hen, on the other hand, was wholeheartedly focused on creating mechanical beasts.

Through Mystic, he obtained a lot of knowledge on the mechanical race from the illusory world.

Although the mecha beast he had recently created was not as powerful as the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, in terms of combat power, even ten totems could not compare to his overlord-level beast!

Now, the third magnate of the Blue Planet, multi-region sovereign Chu Feng, had finally contracted his seventh and eighth beast.

But it seemed that the situation was not optimistic.


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