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The air would rise and become clouds, while the turbid substance will sink and turn into land and sea.

What was more surprising was that countless gold fragments emerged from the space and condensed into a “Sun” in just a short while, emitting a scorching and gentle light.

[I didnt expect that the person who helped me to create this plane would be an immortal that hasnt even reached the supreme level.]

[Kid, do you have anything that you really want I can bring you anything.]

When the voice sounded, Chu Feng immediately realized that the other party was the planes consciousness.

This promise was somewhat like a gift after helping the plane solve its big problem.

However, no planes consciousness had ever dared to say that it could give anything he wished for!

In addition, the other party had called him “an immortal who hadnt even reached the supreme level”, which made him deduce a very likely conclusion… The existence of a supreme being was nothing to the plane consciousness.

In just a few short breaths, countless thoughts flashed through Chu Fengs mind.

Then, he said, “I want to retrieve the Astral Spirits skill, the disaster white fog.”

As soon as he said that, the consciousness let out a surprised “eh” as if it was extremely confused.

[You can already guess that my background is extraordinary, yet you ask for this only]

[Dont you want to become stronger Why dont you wish to become an overlord who can dominate all regions Even if you dont care about power and influence, what about cultivation treasures, cultivation manuals, countless Gods world crystals… Dont you want all of these]

Hearing the words “Gods world crystal”, a thought flashed through Chu Fengs eyes.

A single virtual currency was equivalent to 10,000 universe dollars, but a single Gods world crystal could be exchanged for at least a few thousand to 10,000 virtual currency.

Every Gods world crystal was a priceless treasure in Gods world!

And now, to think a plane consciousness that he had just met wanted to give him countless Gods world crystals.

Yet, the reason was that he had let the Wild Bear destroy this world.

What was the difference between this and a free gift falling from the sky or winning the lottery Everything in the world had a price.

There was only a difference in order and size.

It was impossible for there to be no price at all.

Even when parents fed their children, it was also because of the need for their children to support them in their later years.

There had never been love, hate, and giving for no reason…

Chu Feng collected his thoughts and said with a smile, “I must say that I havent done anything big.

Its enough that I can find the white fog.”

[Are you sure you want to miss this great opportunity]

Chu Feng nodded, “If I need anything, I can fight for it myself.

Theres no need for you to worry about it, senior.”

[Very well, then you can go.]

A tattered door covered in red and black blood suddenly appeared in the air.

The Wild Bear and Lila returned to the space, leaving Chu Feng to choose.

Should he simply leave or stay Chu Feng smiled calmly and summoned the Astral Spirit out of the beast world.

He walked towards the door, “Lets go.

Well go pick up the white fog.”


Soon, the human and beast disappeared from where they stood.

Following that, the plane door that appeared out of thin air also disappeared.

If Chu Feng was still here, he would definitely be surprised to discover that the plane that had only been the size of a planet before had suddenly expanded to become even larger than a divine region in the blink of an eye.

What was even more eye-catching was that in the space that unfolded like origami, it had countless layers of hard shells!

In the void, a faint sound could be heard, as if sighing and complaining.

After stepping through the door, Chu Feng and the Astral Spirit arrived at the zombie plane.

Without the zombies, the plane seemed to be dead, without any living aura.

Also… he felt that something was wrong.

Chu Feng released his vast immortal divine strength and extended it out to investigate.

After a while, he revealed a look of realization, “Its different from the last time I came here.

The zombie plane now is only half its original size.”

Chu Feng didnt really know much about planes, but he had never heard of one shrinking.

“Why did this happen” Just as he was thinking about it, the Astral Spirit suddenly let out a cry.

Chu Fengs pupils constricted.

Just as he lowered his head to ponder, a gray figure appeared less than a hundred meters away from him!

When he thought of the white fog disaster that had been snatched away, a hint of killing intent flashed across his eyes.

An invisible sharp blade shot out, and the gray figure instantly turned into nothingness.

A weak cough sounded between Heaven and Earth.

[Although I didnt discuss it with you beforehand, Im shouldnt deserve to have my soul destroyed, should I]

Chu Feng chuckled, looking unusually cold, “Youre a scum who can even take a cub, so what if I kill you”

After saying that, a destructive divine sword with the power to destroy the world appeared in his right hand.

Ordinary immortals would be shocked by the sharpness of the sword, and their souls would probably be shaken… When such a sword was pointed straight at the sky, even the plane consciousness would be terrified.

Moreover, the plane consciousness of this zombie plane was about to die, and there wasnt much time left.

The voice shook slightly, and it took the initiative to admit defeat.

[Please dont make a move, your disaster just ate a lot of my treasures, and now its still digesting the regions treasures in its sleep…]

Chu Feng said coldly, “Youre the one who said that you wanted to destroy the disaster, and youre the one who kicked us out of the plane.

Now, youre talking about it digesting treasures.

Only ghosts would believe you!”

[I can see that your strength is almost touching the ceiling of an ordinary true God.

You should be able to sense the state of the plane, right I dont have many days left to live.

Why would I lie to a little kid like you]

At first, the consciousness of the zombie plane did want to nip the future disaster in the bud with the price of its old life.

But later, its thoughts changed again.

The lives of tens of thousands of beings were precious, but that didnt mean that those who committed evil deeds and specialized in killing were inferior to the former.

Many lives and one life werent a simple matter of addition and subtraction.

If it did as it thought, to a certain extent, it would be trampling on life.

Chu Feng used his extremely powerful immortal divine strength and 19 level 100 elemental principles to silently feel it.

At this time, Hera also nodded, “Dont worry, the white fogs condition is indeed very good.”

Hearing the words in his mind, Chu Fengs cold gaze softened a little.

Seeing that the youth in the air was no longer filled with killing intent like before, the voice of the plane consciousness relaxed.

[In this world, countless planes are operating.

Every minute and every second, there are planes born or dying.

If I were to describe the types of planes in detail, it could take three days and three nights! For example, the planes born from human literature are countless.]

[Just like the bottlenecks that cultivators encounter in cultivation, there are also bottlenecks in upgrading planes.]

[When zombies completely occupied this plane, I thus lost the possibility to upgrade.

Because of this, this plane will definitely face doom.]

Chu Feng didnt understand, “Is there no other way besides death”

[ ahem… Kiddo, you dont need to know so much.]

[In short, you can come here and take the infant of disaster away in three days.

Dont massacre creatures for no reason in the future.

Otherwise, you will suffer!]


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