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Luo Ya and Taotie left dejectedly with a small gift from the Astral Spirit.

To be honest, they had thought about it for a long time before they set their sights on Chu Feng, who was the strongest and the best.

It was a pity that their idol seemed to have other concerns.

It looked like they wouldnt be able to soar to the skies in a short time like the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, who was once trash in cultivation.

“If I can bond with such a powerful Beastmaster, Ill definitely become incomparably powerful… what a pity.”

Other than Luo Ya and Taotie, other beast races also wanted to bond with Chu Feng.

After all, Chu Feng still had six beast slots in his hands.

In fact, when he was on his way back from his secret trip to the uninhibited galaxy to see the various beast races, he had been surrounded by a few sharp-eyed humans and beasts.

It was said that the grand finale of the wild regions auction was a pair of twin supreme-grade cauldrons.

However, to the man and his six beasts, they were nothing but trouble.

Chu Feng didnt feel that he needed to absorb the strength of others in order to become stronger.

Moreover, certain methods were simply too dirty in his eyes.

Whether it was abusing slaves or beasts, it was unacceptable.

The mermaids, devouring Kuns, elves, and other beast races were indeed good, but in their current state, they werent suitable to sign a contract with a Beastmaster.

Even though they had the advanced immortal-level bloodline and were welcomed by human Beastmasters, Chu Feng wasnt very tempted.

If an extraterrestrial sky demon with a natural advanced true God-level bloodline appeared in front of him, then perhaps his seventh beast might be decided.

However, how could he encounter an extraterrestrial sky demon in Gods world

“Yiya!” After entering the dream, the Astral Spirit lay on the Beastmasters right shoulder as usual.

As for the left shoulder, that was the position of the Mirage Butterfly.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet sent out a few smaller fighter jets to explore the surroundings, while the other beasts returned to Chu Fengs beast world.

The place they were currently in wasnt the few level S planes they had explored yesterday.

Instead, it was an unknown plane they had entered after entering the galaxy space-time ship.

All they could see was darkness.

There was no movement around them.

It was frighteningly quiet.

But soon, the silence was broken.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Countless cannons were fired at a certain space.

However, five minutes had passed, and still, not a single hole had been opened.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet retrieved the machinery that it had released earlier and began to report the situation.

“…Other than the land below that has a special pulse, the spiritual energy that fills the planets surroundings, and an unknown material at the outermost circle, there is nothing else.”

This dark plane seemed to only have one planet.

The surface of the planet was covered with an immortal-level spiritual energy sea, and the outermost circle was a rock layer that was even harder than the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets body.

It made one wonder what material the layer was made of.

To think it could actually withstand a God Lord realm attack.

Even the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets ever-successful quantum detection was cut off.

There was no way to determine what was behind the rock layer.

They were now in a very passive situation and Chu Feng could not help but frown.

He waved his hand and conjured a huge sword, trying to break through the outer layer of the hard shell.

“Rumble!!” A huge vibration reverberated in the sealed spherical space, stirring up one sound wave after another.

The aftershocks of the vibration combined into a certain sound, as if mocking their extremely weak strength and asking them to stop doing useless things.

The Astral Spirit used its max-level source origin spirit power and instantly dispersed into countless bright spots of starlight.

The starlight particles pierced through the sea of spiritual energy and the land, but they couldnt penetrate that layer of the hard shell.

“Yiya…” Hera withdrew the origin power that had filled the spherical space in an instant and returned to the form of the young Kylin beast.

She was a little dispirited because that layer of the hard shell was unbreakable.

There were no cracks at all, not even a relatively weak spot.

Chu Feng landed on the ground with his beasts.

Perhaps it was because he was getting closer to the center of the planet, but the pulsing under his feet was even stronger… This feeling was very familiar.

It felt like a heartbeat, a pulse.

If he sensed it from another place, the first thing he would think of would be a living creature.

Chu Feng began to give orders.

“Hera, use the method of refining planets to sense the land again.”

“Fei Nuo Sha, absorb all the spiritual energy.”



After responding, Heras origin spirit energy carefully scanned every part of the planet, and there was nothing special.

However, when the spiritual energy on the surface of the planet was reduced to 50%, there seemed to be a shadow of light at the center!

At the same time, the sea of spiritual energy surged crazily.

Hera invaded the core of the planet, while Fei Nuo Sha absorbed the spiritual energy even faster.

A strong wind raged in the sky as if something had been provoked.

A light flashed in Chu Fengs eyes, and together with Mystic, they attacked the hard shell.

“Hum!” The moment the Astral Spirit approached the light at the core of the planet, an invisible light shield suddenly shot out, blasting the man and his three beasts out! The hard shell was still the hard shell, but only one-third of the spiritual energy sea was left.

Chu Feng changed his strategy and had the other beasts return to the beast space.

“Wild Bear, come out!” A moment later, a giant with its head above the sky and its feet on the ground appeared in the dark plane.

The giant fell from the sky, crushing the seemingly indestructible light barrier.

With a bang, the light barrier shattered into countless pieces.

“Awoo!” Wild Bear roared excitedly, shaking both the sky and the ground.

“Boom…” Suddenly, the ground under its feet moved.

It was like an earthquake, but not just an earthquake.

In the darkness, red, yellow, and even golden-white lava shot up into the sky.

As the earth and the mountains shook, one second, there was still a rock under their feet.

The next second, it was scorching hot seawater.

After that, lava…

The Wild Bear stepped out of the planet.

The holy bloodline and chaos demon god bloodline in its body were simultaneously stimulated.

Wounds split open on the entire bear.

Every punch it threw was extremely terrifying.

Punch after punch, the ferocious planet monster shattered and recovered time and time again!

Every time the monster recovered, the energy sea would also become thinner.

Since the Mirage Butterfly could absorb spiritual energy, Chu Feng, whose second talent was at the supreme grade, could naturally do the same.

He teleported into the energy sea and began to absorb it.

The terrifying absorption speed made the planet monster roar in anger.

However, it was unable to escape because of the Wild Bears attack.

At that moment, Lila flew out of the beast world and waved her divine light in the void.

“Awoo!” The wounds on the Wild Bears body quickly healed, and the battle intent in its huge eyes intensified.

Its already enormous body expanded again.

It even sat on the planets monster as it bombarded the latters head and chest!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” At first, the monster could still struggle, but after losing the sea of energy, it soon lost all its strength.

It was obviously bigger than the Wild Bear, but it couldnt withstand the violent attack of the other party at all.

Layers of the planet monsters body were blown away, and it gradually became smaller and smaller.

Chu Feng said calmly, “Lets end this.”


With demon god sky splitter, apart from Chu Feng, the Wild Bear, and Lila, everything else was blasted into the most basic particles.

At this point, there was no planet nor a hard shell… What was left was only the pure air that was moving up and the turbid substance that was sinking.

In the past, Pangu split Heaven and Earth, but now, the Wild Bear had broken a plane!


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