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On the Dimension Traveler, the original Level S, now LevelC zombie plane 1 was locked, unable to enter.

In the real world, the human and six beasts expressions darkened.

For a moment, they didnt even know what to do.

The silence only lasted for a short while before Chu Feng brought his beasts into the dimensional dream again.

In the initial plane, the rusted merchant had improved by one level.

Now, he no longer stuttered.

When the merchant heard the sovereigns question, he seemed to have a hard time answering.

In the end, he could only suggest going to another Level S plane to take a look.

There were countless planes in this world.

The size of each plane and the direction of the civilizations development were all different.

For example, Gods world that the Blue Planet was located in was formed by the five divine regions and was a universe-class plane.

The civilization systems within were all different.

Some specialized in technology, some played with magic, and some were cultivators, gods, and beasts… All in all, the different paths varied.

The largest dimensional dream that one entered through the Dimension Traveler that had currently been explored was only a plane territory formed from multiple worlds.

It was far from the size of a universe.

For example, the level S zombie plane was at most the size of all territories of the Black Flood Dragon Gang combined.

If it wasnt for the continuous production of zombies and the fact that the zombie emperors evolution-type talent skill, the dimension definitely wouldnt have reached obtained a level S evaluation.

Of course, if an ordinary God King or God Lord entered, it would take at least half a month for them to wipe out the zombies inside.

Considering that they didnt have the disaster body to fight against the zombie virus, it wouldnt be long before the plane would be filled with endless zombies and a new zombie emperor would be evolved again.

Chu Feng had a vague understanding of this matter.

Therefore, he didnt understand why the willpower of that plane would attack the white mist that was the avatar of disaster.

“The planes arent completely isolated islands.

Just like the stairway to heaven in the cultivation plane and the path of reincarnation in the mortal plane, there are passageways to other planes.

However, most of the time, these passageways are hidden and ordinary people wont be able to find them,” The merchants words seemed to ring out once more, “You have a Dimensional Traveler and are an immortal sovereign whose strength is comparable to a true God.

If you go to a few other level S planes, you might be able to discover something.”

Thus, the human and his six beasts wandered through several level S planes.

As a result, they obtained many dimensional coins and various specialty products, such as the star source stone mineral vein with extremely high energy content, the red smelting fruit that had body tempering effects, and a bitter array that allowed one to become as strong as the pain one endured…

In those strange planes, there was even a level S plane where cooked food walked the earth, and the living creatures cooked each other to keep themselves fresh.

If the Taotie entered that plane, it might be able to devour the milk river, chocolate mountain, drumstick tree, and other natural sceneries.

Speaking of which, the reason why Chu Feng felt that the boy wasnt like the legendary Taotie was mainly because he seemed to only eat various things that could be classified as food.

Yet, legend had it that Taotie could eat anything.

When it got hungry, it would even eat itself until only its head was left!

In just a short day, Chu Feng fought battles alongside his beasts again and again.

Even though they had Lilas max-level myth skills to recover from the battles, they couldnt help but feel mentally exhausted…

Unfortunately, no matter if they went up into the sky or down into the sea to search, they couldnt find any traces of the plane passage.

In contrast, various materials and secret treasures had been sent to the Blue Planet Research Center in batches.

The next morning, the man and his six beasts prepared to enter again.

“Knock, knock…” A knock sounded on the door, and those in the courtyard in Tianyu City couldnt help but be stunned.

Chu Feng pushed the door open only to see two familiar humanoid beasts.

Without waiting for him to take the initiative to ask anything, Luo Ya was the first to speak, “Boss, why dont you bond with us”

“Werent the two of you at the center of the Solar System with the Flower God and Tree God Why do you suddenly want to find a Beastmaster”

Taoties two hands were clasped together, his face slightly red, “I only know how to eat, so I feel like Ive caused boss a lot of trouble.

If you can bond with us and make us your beasts, perhaps we can become stronger and help you…”

His voice was filled with uncertainty as if he also felt that this reason wasnt very tenable.

Chu Feng secretly shook his head.

He didnt intend to contract the other party as a beast.

In his opinion, he had already plundered countless wealth from the Dark Mystical Palace, the Slave Chamber of Commerce, Sun Island, and other factions.

Let alone Taotie, even if he added the residents of more than twenty regions, he could still afford to feed them!

In the short term, there was really no need to delve into consumption with a cub.

Chu Feng said calmly, “If you only want to look for a Beastmaster, I can set you up.”

As for him, he had yet to meet any subdued beasts that he was interested in.

Perhaps, after the Solar System celebration ended, he would go to the Autumn Water Citadel to look for Elder Wan Qing and find an auspicious beast among the extraordinary beasts, but that would be a matter for the future.

Hearing that Chu Feng was going to help them look for another Beastmaster, Luo Ya became anxious, “Xiao Tie and I have a special innate skill.

We have to be bonded with the same person at the same time to bring out the most powerful effect of our talent.

If you miss this opportunity, youll definitely regret it in the future!”

He had never seemed to have heard of such a saying in Gods world.

It was something like a twin beast… Chu Feng brought the two into the courtyard and sat down to think with his head lowered.

Ever since the Astral Spirit couldnt get in touch with her friend, she had been moody.

However, now that she saw the two children, she was slightly interested, “Yiya, yiya… ”

What exactly was their talent skill Why was it so mysterious

Perhaps it was because they were both beasts, but Hera could communicate smoothly with Luo Ya and Taotie.

As a result, Chu Feng, who was at the side, heard the whole conversation.

To summarize it simply, the two humanoid beasts talent skills were to draw lots and devour.

As for the combined talent skill, it was still unknown.

However, Luo Ya and Taotie faintly sensed that it was probably related to creation.

Strictly speaking, lottery and devour were similar to the Astral Spirit races Planet Refinement Derivative Ability, which was also its core skill in the skill group.

Devouring did not need to be explained.

However, Luo Yas “lottery” made people quite concerned.

Chu Feng could not help but ask, “What race are you from In this universe, there has never been a race with a similar talent skill.”

Luo Ya let out an “ah” and only replied, “I seem to be a mutant.”

Then, she stopped talking.

It seemed that she was very concerned about being different from the members of her race.

Seeing this, Chu Feng changed the topic, “If thats the case, then what have you obtained from the lottery before”

Luo Ya counted with her fingers, “There were materials, food, weapons, skills, talismans, blueprints… They were either eaten by Taotie, or I sold them in private for food.”

“What were the skills”

“Some allowed me to disguise as other creatures, some allowed me to listen to others hidden thoughts, and some allowed me to block detection…”

Chu Feng paused and raised his eyebrows, “Hidden thoughts”

“Yes,” Luo Ya nodded, “But at the moment, we can only hear the thoughts of totems.

We cant do anything to those of higher levels.”

After a moment, Chu Feng still shook his head, “I cant give you an accurate reply now.

I hope you two can go back and think about it.

Dont act rashly.”


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