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Chapter 43: A Sudden Increase in Wealth


The supervisor took out an anonymous card without a password.

He was reluctant to give it, but there was nothing he could do.

They felt the current loss was bearable compared to Chu Feng harvesting all the ferocious beasts in the misty training realm.

It would impact the training hall if Chu Fengs act spread.

Chu Feng kept the card and left the training hall.

The supervisor asked in a low voice, “Should we tell the other two training halls about this I think he will go there.”

The supervisor rolled his eyes.

“Are you stupid Telling them in advance wont do us any good!”


That day, Chu Feng went to challenge the training halls of the north and south cities again.

The fees of the three training halls were the same, each charging 100,000 admission fees.

Chu Feng was straightforward every time.

He paid eagerly.

Every time Chu Feng entered, the receptionist would open the misty training realm and send him in with a smile.

When he came out, the supervisor and manager would send him off with a smile.


Wild Bear was excited.

He wanted to know how much he had earned!

Chu Feng smiled.

“A total of 16 million.”

Chu Feng was in a good mood.

He had earned more than 10 million in a day.

No matter who it was, they would be happy.

However, Chu Feng also knew that he would not be able to use the same method to earn money anymore.

The three training halls would undoubtedly put him on their blacklists! The three training halls might even want to post Chu Fengs photo on their doors if it werent because they wanted to care about their reputation.

Chu Feng laughed.

“Its already worth it to earn so much even if it were only once.”

If they were in the wilderness, even if there were extraordinary-level ferocious beasts, their strength would be different.

Moreover, if they went on a killing spree, they might attract even more powerful ferocious beasts.

Rumors said that if they killed ten sovereign-level beasts, they would lure the commander-level ferocious beasts.

If that happened, it would be terrible.


When Wild Bear heard the money it had earned, it immediately jumped up in joy!

Yay! It didnt have to perform on the streets anymore.

What made him even happier was Chu Feng could turn the resources into enhancement points.

That was the most important thing!

Chu Feng patted Wild Bears head and smiled.

“After passing the heritage ruin in the exchange competition, Ill give you more points.”

Wild Bear nodded.

Only an extraordinary level beast could participate in the exchange competition and the heritage ruin.

It would become an overlord-level if Chu Feng added more points to it.

It would be a huge loss if it lost the opportunity to participate in the exchange competition and challenge the heritage ruin because of the enhancement points.

Chu Feng smiled as he returned to the residential building in the competition area of the participants from Diming base city.

An Shuisheng came out of his room and asked in surprise, “Brother Chu, where did you go Why do you look so energetic”

Chu Feng answered casually, “I went to challenge the misty training realm.”

Surprised, An Shuisheng asked, “Brother Lin, how much money did you earn”

He knew well that one could earn money from misty trial realms.

But one had to be powerful, especially at their level.

Chu Feng smiled and said nothing.

An Shuisheng was curious and tempted.

He immediately went to the Central City Training Hall.

When he walked to the entrance, he heard Beastmasters discussing something excitedly.

“Do you guys know about this A Beastmaster came today, and his name seems to be Chu Feng.

First, he earned five million in the Central City Training Hall, then he went to the other two training halls and earned several million each.”

“Of course, I heard about it.

Chu Feng had killed almost all the fierce beasts in the extraordinary-level misty training realm.

Later, they had to get new fierce beasts for their realm.

They even sent more than ten sovereign-level Beastmasters to capture them alive in the wilderness outside the city.”

“Over ten million a day Awesome! Wont his beasts stamina be insufficient Under normal circumstances, wont they run out of stamina after a battle with someone of their level”

“Chu Feng must be a genius Beastmaster.

He is amazing.”

An Shuisheng was in a puzzle.

Hearing these discussions, he felt his mind was fuzzy.

He was sure that the Chu Feng they gossiped about was the Chu Feng he knew.

“F*ck! I never knew that Brother Lin is so powerful.” 1


When An Shuisheng came out of the misty training realm, he could not believe what he heard.

Even after constantly using his A-rank beast tamer talent, Dragon Blood, the Dragon Butterfly had only killed a dozen of awakening high-level beasts.

Moreover, An Shuisheng and his Dragon Butterfly had almost passed out due to exhaustion.

An Shuisheng didnt understand how Chu Feng managed to challenge three training halls in a day and kill nearly a thousand extraordinary-level beasts.

In his opinion, even if those beasts didnt move, it would still be tiring for his Dragon Butterfly to kill them.

He couldnt help but sigh.

“Ten thousand entrance fees, and Ive earned only a little more than ten thousand.

Whats the difference between this and not earning anything”

When he returned to the competition venue, he saw Liao Xuanxuan chatting with Chu Feng in Chu Fengs room.

Liao Xuanxuan said, “I heard about what happened in the training hall.

With your strength, theres a high chance of you obtaining the victory of the Extraordinary-level Group.”

Chu Feng smiled and said, “Dont worry, Ill win.”

Liao Xuanxuan nodded.

She said seriously, “This time, there are a few participants from the extraordinary-level who are powerful.

I heard that your talent is nurturing-type.

So, you might be at a disadvantage in battle.

Those participants all have various types of A-rank combat-type talent, such as strengthening-type, weakening-type, or interfering-type.”

Chu Feng frowned.

“Do you think theyll join forces against me”

Beastmasters talents, especially combat-type talents, were beneficial to their beasts.

Some powerful combat-type beast tamer talents, such as mind control, flame control, and so on, could even help their beast fight those who were higher level than them.

However, crossing the realm was almost impossible.

Liao Xuanxuan said, “Similar things have happened in the past exchange competitions.

After all, the heritage sites in Diming base city were valuable.

If the heritage sites didnt appear in Diming base city at that time, there would be no way for Diming base city to own the heritage sites.”

Chu Feng asked, “What about you guys”

Liao Xuanxuan said, “We will probably get targeted.

They want the heritage sites, and the exchange competitions will target us almost every time.

Only a genius like Sister Wan can win regardless of the pressure.”

The wealthy families in Diming base city had all sorts of connections.

Liao Xuanxuan knew Wan Wanqing, and they were close.

They probably had a pretty good relationship.

Moreover, their personalities seemed to be quite similar.

Wan Wanqing was someone with a cold temperament, while Liao Xuanxuan was like that because of her beast tamer talent.

An Shuisheng walked in and asked, “Sister Xuanxuan, what do you think of me”

Liao Xuanxuan said, “You… just try your best.

Try not to fight head-on.

Just stay low-key.” 1

An Shuisheng was speechless.

He felt that they had hurt his feeling so many times that day.

After the two of them left, Chu Feng could not help but ponder, “The other base cities in the seven cities will target the Diming base city in the exchange competition.”


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