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Night fell.

The slaves of the various major factions had spent a day that was not much different from before.

Some of them could not even find peace at night.

Tonight was a little different from usual.

It was unknown when it started, but the surroundings gradually became quiet.

Even the “masters” who were usually about to come over to torture them did not push open the door and walk in.

In the darkness, rustling sounds could be heard, but it somehow brought a sense of security.

The sufferers who were curled up in the cages gradually closed their eyes.

Illusory seeds sprouted, grew, and bloomed in places that all living beings could not see…

Invisible connections were placed between the strongholds of the Nvhen Kingdom, Sun Island, Gu Sect, and Hehuan Island.

Even shallower than these connections were the gray lines between the enslaved beings, flickering at times, changing unpredictably.

In the end, this huge web formed by countless connected dream lines all led to the same central intersection point.

Some of the gray dots on the spider web-like dream realm line would occasionally fall back to the physical reality, some would continue to rise, while others would give up…

Among the few forces, the slaves the Nvhen Kingdom bought were the first to give up.

Clearly, they didnt have a deep desire to leave this place.

As for the slaves on Sun Island and Hehuan, their slaves were somewhat similar.

The former occupied less territory and was thus more inclined to buy fewer slaves to repeatedly torture.

Within the palm-sized territory, many evil spirits were nurtured through monstrous resentment and countless God slaves were still incubating.

The Slave Chamber of Commerce used their money to order the gods as their slaves, while the Sun Island countries had other secret methods.

When they were at their peak, they had even ordered ghosts and Gods as their slaves with boundless glory.

Even though they had declined, they still shouldnt be underestimated.

Because of this, even though the countries of Sun Island only occupied a small territory, they could still rank in the top few of the stronger factions around the wild region.

Their strength was built on the sins of mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

The female slaves who were climbing up from the base of Sun Island were like malicious ghosts seeking revenge!

Chu Feng plucked the dream line, and the power of the countless victims on Sun Island instantly increased.

Along with the evil spirits and enslaved Gods who acknowledged the perpetrators as their masters, they turned the entire Sun Island upside down.

The strength of Sun Island didnt lie in itself.

When the power that was once completely under their control started to bite back, they couldnt even resist.

After all, even the powerful true God-level islanders of the countries could only be compared to immortal region lords in terms of their power.

Sun Island immediately sent an emergency request for help to the Nvzhen Kingdom, their neighboring country.

However, as it was late at night, and all kinds of natural and man-made disasters were confined to that island only, the other continents werent affected…

The Empress, who was lying in the middle of a group of male concubines, smiled and said three words after a while, “Theres no rush.”

First, it had nothing to do with her, and second, the other party didnt offer her enough benefits.

To ask for help with such meager things, Sun Island was simply treating Nvzhen as a beggar.

On the other side, the prime minister who had been rejected immediately pulled a long face and cursed, “Damn that shameless b*tch.

In the future, youll have to beg me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, bad news came one after another.

“Prime Minister, Dongguan has fallen!”

“The east capital building has been surrounded by a bunch of crazy people.

They all want an explanation from the prime ministers office…”

“According to Lord Yamamoto, the nine-tailed fox demon, house gods, green heron lantern, peach demon ghost lotus, and other immortal-level enslaved gods that were previously controlled by the aristocratic families have all broken away from their control and started killing people on the island.”

“XX television stations authority has been snatched and is now under the control of the eastern witch and other evil spirits.

They said that they want divine authority.”

“… Negotiations have failed!”

“Oh no, even the nations most precious treasure is unable to suppress the gods!”

“…Sir, run quickly.

The capital… has fallen!!”



The Empress of the Nvzhen Kingdom, who had just woken up a little late, was speechless as she looked at the divine fire burning on the island that could not be extinguished even if it was watered down.

“In less than twenty-five minutes, the countries of Sun Island are gone”

The female official beside her was also speechless.

She didnt expect that the island, which had once been on par with the Nvzhen Kingdom, would be destroyed in just one day…

The destruction of the countries came too quickly.

Even if they were witnessing it, it felt surreal like a dream.

After a long time, the Empress sighed, “Its a pity that those peerless treasures were destroyed by this hell-like furnace.”

When they returned to the palace, a guard came to report, “Your Majesty, the official in charge of managing the inventory just now did a daily inventory of paintings, calligraphy, and other cultural relics.

She discovered a new batch of treasures with unknown origins in the warehouse.

Some of them coincidentally matched with the precious cultural relics displayed on Sun Island earlier…”

The Empress waved her hand, thinking about the invisible threads that she saw in the raging fire earlier, and understood some things.

“It looks like a big shot has made a move.”

At the same time, Hehuan Island and Gu Sect were not at peace either.

However, compared to the Sun Island countries that were on the verge of destruction, their luck was not too bad.

Hehuan Island lost the thousands of cauldrons that they had carefully nurtured, and most of the treasures in the warehouse were also gone.

In addition to the great change in the upper echelons, they did not change much.

As for Gu Sect, they had also lost their slaves and money.

Madam Gu who had escaped back to her headquarters with great difficulty had died as well.

The night seemed as ordinary as usual in other places.

To some large forces, it was like Heaven and Earth had been turned upside down! To those humans and beasts who wanted to escape hell on Earth day and night, it was like a new life had been bestowed.

“Where, where is this” A cat-eared girl who was injured coughed and stopped where she was in surprise.

Behind her, many humans and beasts who were numb or shocked continued to rush out.

Their footsteps were a little unsteady as they looked at their surroundings in disbelief.

“Was I not dreaming Why do I feel like Ive really come somewhere else…”

“Dream You were dreaming too!”

“Are you talking about that dream that questioned my heart I remember that I seemed to be moving upwards.”

“Eh, Aunt Mo Werent you bought by the Gu Sect Why are you here”

“We seem to have been saved…”

Just as everyone was discussing in bewilderment, some who seemed to have suffered a lot suddenly walked over.

Their gazes met…

The humans of the uninhabited galaxy saw familiar sights on those who had just arrived.

They couldnt help but think of the state they were in a few days ago.

They hurried over to comfort or send the wounded to other places to recover.

The humans and beasts who had just come out of the alternate dimension met the bright eyes of the other side.

Suddenly, tears fell from their eyes.

“We… We really escaped”

“Dont cry.

After suffering comes happiness, our good days are ahead of us.”

At an inn near the wild region.

“The slaves all had the same dream, then what happened”

“Then, some people disappeared into thin air, while others stayed where they were and continued to be slaves…”

“Speaking of which, it seems that the factions related to the slaves all suffered a great calamity.

The Slave Chamber of Commerce was destroyed, the Dark Mystic Palace was annihilated, Sun Island was almost destroyed… Gu Sect and Hehuan Island are also in great turmoil.”

“Could it be that as those ordinary people who cannot cultivate said, those factions are suffering retribution”


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