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The Karu family was destroyed and those who were close to the planet said that they had seen a God descending from the sky.

It was the great kindness of God to destroy the family and save people!

After that, the Zelda, Yamazaki, Matsumoto, and other families were also destroyed one after another.

The ones who did the deed were ghosts, a huge Wild Bear, mechanical cannons, an army of treants… There were many forms.

The residents of the wild region didnt know the details, but many people guessed that the people of the Slave Chamber of Commerce had done too many evil things, and that was why they were punished.

The reason they thought so was simple.

The evil deeds of the Slave Chamber of Commerce were exposed to the public.

Many couldnt help but curse and feel that the Slave Chamber of Commerce had committed a great sin.

At the same time, the news of the Dark Mystic Palaces destruction spread to many territories near the wild region.

The sky region, which was close to the wild region, had also heard about it.

Rather, not only had they heard about it, but some of the sky regions totem soldiers had been sent to the unmanned galaxy.

The desolate galaxy had unknowingly been modified to be more suitable for humans and beasts.

If disregarding wounded creatures, it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that the place was a paradise on earth.

Some of the wealth taken from the Slave Chamber of Commerce was sent to the wounded.

Unfortunately, the living were always in the minority.

The physical and mental injuries they received could only be appeased by the passage of time.

The number of humans and beasts that were sent here was equal to half of the population in the sky region and wild region combined.

These humans and beasts werent all kidnapped from the same place.

Many couldnt even tell which galaxy they came from.

They only knew that they had been in cages for several years.

When the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet filtered for useful information, it found that less than one-tenth of them knew their exact origins.

Most of them who did had lost their home planet.

In other words, they had become true interstellar wanderers.

Every planet that was used as a slave production center was marked on the map with red dots.

In the end, the dots were densely connected into a large area.

Just looking at it made ones hair stand on end!

Chu Feng frowned, “How many can be sent back to their hometowns”

Mystic, “The ratio is about 2.37%.”

Chu Feng lowered his head and sighed.

He then said, “Then let the Mirage Butterfly send those people whose home planets are closer to the wild region home.”

Ever since toying Kante, Nash, and the others around until their spirits collapsed and their souls were destroyed, the Mirage Butterfly had been feeling quite bored.

In fact, it wasnt just Fei Nuo Sha.

The Wild Bear, Mystic, as well as the Astral Spirit and Dark-sky Azure Dragon who had flown over from the sky region werent too satisfied with the recent battle.

They were eager to have a satisfying battle.

Chu Feng returned to the sky region and completed some resource transactions while he was at it.

He also received a portion of the strength from the dimensional dream.

At this moment, he was getting closer and closer to the critical point of his realm.

As for Luo Ya and Tao Tie, whose races were unknown, they had been sent to the sky regions solar system.

However, probably because had seen the changes between the Dark-sky Azure Dragons skills before and after it had been enhanced to the maximum level, their gazes towards Chu Feng were now slightly different.

When Chu Feng once again came to the wild region, the place had undergone a huge change.

In just a few short days, the once ubiquitous slave markets were gone.

At the very least, on the surface, no one was involved in the slave industry anymore.

The Dark Mystical Palace, which was rumored to have long been destroyed, began to research projects that were beneficial to the peoples livelihood while suffering under the torment that they could not get rid of day and night.

Unfortunately, the results of their research were not good.

Chu Feng did not care about this though.

In any case, the main reason he gave these people trouble was that he did not want them to live too happily.

Only when they saw a glimmer of hope to escape, could they despair again and again.

Currently, the ones in charge of the wild region were mainly the Dragon God, Desolate God, and Water God, all still spiritual slaves.

The fifth realm immortals who had once sailed on the wild regions ship with the intention of selling the Blue Planet people as slaves, Alan and Belina, had followed in the footsteps of Yunad Karu, truly vanishing from this universe.

The wild regions annihilation of the Slave Chamber of Commerce stirred up a heated discussion in the surrounding regions.

Some clapped their hands in delight, while others secretly hated the sovereign for meddling in other peoples business.

Many regions like the sky region had not been strong enough and were thus reduced to the slave-producing areas of the wild region.

When the residents of those regions learned about the news, they finally had a good nights sleep after so many years.

In particular, some of the residents cried hard when they saw their old friends who they thought were dead.

“Mom, it was the sovereign of the sky region who saved us this time.

Otherwise, I would have definitely died…”

“Yeah, yeah, its good that you came back alive.

Its great!”

Even though Chu Feng hadnt shown his face from the beginning to the end, the people who had been saved wouldnt be able to forget this favor.

Sending the enslaved people home wasnt a one-off case.

Many humans and beasts had heard about it.

Gradually, the residents of the other regions who learned about the lives of the sky regions residents through various channels had a faint hope in their hearts: If Chu Feng could become their sovereign, that would be the best!

Their sovereign naturally knew some of the thoughts of the territorys residents, but they turned a blind eye to it.

Let alone the residents, even they themselves hoped to obtain the protection of such a powerful expert.

After all, that was an invincible expert who could even kill a God King in an instant!

Speaking of which, if memory served, that experts mother planet seemed to be holding a “Solar System celebration” recently.

This might be an opportunity…

Many sovereigns who were weaker and did not care much about the name of the sovereign began to prepare gifts.

“If I can rely on such an expert, the benefits will far outweigh the disadvantages!”

Of course, some scoffed, thinking that it would be better to rely on the Black Flood Dragon Gang and other factions than to rely on an underage sovereign.

But before they could do anything, the sky turned upside down again.

At a corner of an inn at the borders of the wild region.

“Hey, have you heard”


“Something big seems to have happened in Sun Island, Hehuan Island, and Gu Gate!”

“They are not the top factions like the Black Flood Dragon Gang, Dark Mystical Palace, or the Nvzhen Kingdom, what could happen to them…”

“You still think the Dark Mystical Palace is a top faction Two days ago, a madman ran out and said something about the place being destroyed.”

“Dont interrupt! Dark Mystical Palace, Sun Island, Hehuan Island, and Gu Sect.

Everyone should know about the fact that these factions consume a lot of slaves, and that the wild regions Slave Chamber of Commerce has been destroyed, right”

“Hmm… are you saying that these two things are related”

“First, the Slave Chamber of Commerce was destroyed, then the Dark Mystic Palace was destroyed.

Soon after, Sun Island, Hehuan Island, and Gu Sect were also destroyed.

All these are definitely related!”

“What happened to those three factions that cant compare to Black Flood Dragon Gang and the Nvzhen Kingdom”

“I heard that ever since the wild regions auction stopped accepting slave and beast auctions, the slaves in the wild regions slave market had mysteriously disappeared!”

“Then Can you get to the main point”

“The main point is that most of the slaves in Sun Island, Hehuan Island, and Gu Sect had suddenly disappeared!”

“After that, someone interrogated those slaves who were still alive, and all of them said that they had a dream.”

“The strangest thing was there were so many of them, but they had the same dream!”


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